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Prince Kyam Malia

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Name: Kyam Malia

Age:  April/24/X766

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Savannan

Ethnicity, Mother: Savannan

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: C

Guild: Lamia Scale

Tattoo: Pelvis | Black

Face: Tyki Mikk - D Grayman


Height: 6'3 | 190.5 cm

Weight: 210 lbs | 95 kg

Hair: Dark | Black

Eyes: Gold

Kyam is a handsome tall young man with wavy, long, dark  hair that reaches down his back. Kyam being a Savannian naturally has a darker complexion than his peers. His hair is a source of his pride and is almost always worn in a ponytail. He also has an additional, large stigmata has on his neck. Highly fashionable, He usually dresses in a normal Savannian attire although his arrival in Fiore has allowed him to explore different clothing. Sometimes he likes to dress down and wear a tuxedo, as if he is a common business man. Mostly because it's his way of fitting in which is important for his own personal goals. Usually he is seen in white fitted clothing, a form of clothing warriors of Savannah wear. His most prized possession in his golden chain which was given to him by his mother before she died. He has has often been seen wearing a other swaggy things just because he enjoys fashion. After leaving Savannah Kyam hasn't been the same, he cares less about his hair and clothes but more about money since now he doesn't have to look like "a presentable prince". His eyes are golden, like most of the members of the Malia family. Across his forehead is a tattoo which consists of a total of 6 diamond connected by a band. Kyam also has tattoos all over his body.

Extra: Tattoos all over his body | Tattoo across his forehead, a crown with diamonds that go from ear to ear. (each diamond represents on of his brothers, and his father with the diamond in the middle representing himself)


Kyam was once a young and innocent kid...a child with dreams of adventure and a big happy heart. At one point Kyam actually did care about his family. Now, he truly only cares about himself. His father's choice was what knocked a few screws loose in Kyam's head. No longer was he that caring kid, he was now nearly the exact opposite. He learned that he was the black sheep of his family and no longer had faith or much love for any of them. In his eyes, they are all his enemy. Kyam's goals are probably the only thing he really cares about at this point. Anything he does will probably contribute to his cause because he is that dedicated - and has no problem striking down anyone that dares to stand his way.

Because he is always out and about either getting stronger, doing missions, networking or just minding his business it's not rare for guildmates to wonder where he is. Although his ways are a bit darker than most light guild members and his aura is colder,  Kyam has a very alluring personality, making it easy for him to communicate and making it even easier for him to lie. Since he's easy to get along with, one of his greatest skills is his ability to lie. Of course this was something the prince of a great kingdom needed to know how to do because lying to the public was something they were taught to do. Although the Savannian isn't exactly a fan of doing it, Lying is something he feels is required in order to reach his goals. This isn't to say that he lies to the people important to him... those he trusts should expect nothing but honesty from Kyam.

While very well-spoken and secretive, he is also a very respectful man - but only for the elderly, he can get very defensive when it comes to the elderly. From a young age he was always taught to respect the Savannian Elders.  

Kyam has a hard time sugar coating things. His advice is blunt. Sometimes he rudely blurts out the truth to people, well aware that they would get upset - but not having a care in the world. He hates arguing with people, but for some reason he does enjoy frustrating others. Chaos is something he enjoys, even if its just a little. It's Kyam's version of "Dark Humor" (this is more than likely a side effect of his naturally evil magic.) Chaos, violence, death, all of it makes him happy. Kyam can be too humorous sometimes, like during serious tasks it's not uncommon to hear him crack jokes, or just outright laughing at things that aren't funny otherwise. Oddly enough this makes him dangerous. He's a young man that doesn't take anything that doesn't revolve around his goals seriously. Even his own goals are just games that he's obsessed with winning. However, when it is time to get serious about things, the young prince has no issues "flipping the switch". Naturally he has good self control, which is the only reason his magic hasn't completely ruined his mind yet.

After two years of being with Lamia Scale nothing much has changed. Of course as of late he has become a bit more patient and relaxed but he is still quite the cold-hearted asshole who's very much interested in violence and death. Now though, he himself doesn't wish to cause harm upon people unless they stand between hi and his missions or goals. Fiore has also introduced him to drugs and alcohol so he has grown fond of Fiorian parties.


  • Money: Who doesn't? Money is the source of everything in this world. Considering he was born rich, Kyam is almost addicted to it.
  • Chaos: Destruction, chaos, explosion, fights, parties, riots, all of it is beauty in it's own right. His magic dwells on it.Sex: What is there to explain?
  • Power: Power is the key to everything. More power, more life. Life is a test, a contest to see who can obtain the most power. Power, power, power.
  • Killing: Watching the life leaving a body is a form of beauty. Although he doesn't do it often, he likes watching things that involve people dying.


  • His Brothers: While he loves his sisters more than even himself, his hate for his brothers cannot be put into words. They are the very reason he was banished.
  • Arguing: It's hard for him to argue for long, he'd rather just kill you.
  • Losing:Ever since he was younger he was a sore loser, he can't stand failing.


  • Becoming King of Savannah: As cliche as it sounds, Kyam feels robbed of his fate and aspires to become strong enough to take his throne, even if it's by force. Becoming King isn't an entirely selfish motivation. His goals are to plunge the Malia kingdom into an era of strength and truly wants to protect it by all costs.
  • Becoming Immortal: This goes hand in hand with his dream to become king. With immortality he'd essentially be the king forever.
  • Joining the Magic Council: His primary reason for joining the council is to help him get closer to his goal of becoming king but being apart of the council puts him in a ruling position which is fueled by his love of power.


  • Losing Himself: Utilizing chaos magic is gambling with your mind. The stronger he gets, the harder it is to control himself.
  • The Destruction of the Malia Kingdom:By right, especially currently, the Malia kingdom was his to claim. With the Kingdom now being ruled by his younger brother, he fears that horrible things will happen to it.


Magic Name: Chaos Control

Magic Element: Chaos [Fire]

Magic Description: Chaos manipulation magic is a magic that draws it's power from violence, negativity, and chaos everywhere. As long as Chaos exists, this magic will exist. The magic's abilities are said to come from demons and the users are supposedly the vessel of said demons. Kyam's version utilizes black flames that at first sight don't even look like flames but instead look like darkness. However, that it is all it is; black fire still weak against the element of water.


Savannah. The home to Savannians, the land of golden and bronze people. Ruled by kings and protected by warriors with strong magic. One of those kings would father 5 brothers and 3 sisters, one of which would be Kyam, the third oldest of all his brothers.  It was no secret that Kyam was indeed the king's favorite son but the other brothers couldn't stand knowing that. During Kyam's birth an eclipse was present which meant one of two things to Savannians. One was that he would grow to be the destroyer of worlds, pure chaos and destructions a human possessed by demons. Or it could have meant that he favored by the Savannian gods. In truth, this only meant that he would be important to the world somehow. Afraid yet excited for what he would become, the King made sure that Kyam was treated the best out of all his siblings, trained the hardest and was taught good morality. While his other brothers were naturally treated like royalty, they didn't receive the same level of treatment as Kyam.

Kyam however, grew up a very curious and mischievous boy. He was always sneaking around places he wasn't supposed to be, always bothering his brothers but never got in trouble. It was true that he was a spoiled brat but he wasn't rude or disrespectful, just a kid who wanted to have fun. Towards his sisters he was an angel, in fact they were his weakness. His sisters could get him to do anything just by asking because he loved them that much, but not his brothers. As children this only increased the hate his brothers had towards him but under the protection of the king, Kyam didn't mind the hate. After all his father was set on him becoming king one day even before his eldest brothers. Kyam would always spend his time exploring, becoming very liked amongst the people of his kingdom since he was always out and about.

The Malia Kingdom was one of the most powerful kingdoms in Savannah. The current king being King Issa Malia, the most progressive king of the Malia Kingdom. Malia quickly jumped from one of the lesser kingdoms to one of the most powerful kingdoms thanks to Issa. As such, the children of the king were expected to behave a certain way. Kyam was the complete opposite of what that was supposed to be. He didn't "act" like royalty at all. He was a humble kid who didn't care much about his fate, he was fine with just being a rich spoiled brat. His lack of interest in his duty as prince and his need to explore instead would eventually get him in trouble.

There was one day where the young Kyam had been running around the chambers under the royal castle. It was forbidden for them to go there until they were of age, but being a 9 year old kid, he couldn't help it. The chambers were told to hold some extremely dangerous secrets to Savannian magic and the prince wanted to see for himself. Sneaking in wasn't too hard since he knew when the guards switched shifts, the problem was getting caught. The chambers were much more than simple rooms of magical knowledge. They held weapons from warriors of past wars, masks and armors from their enemies and even weird creature like beings- but what really caught the young prince's eyes were the black and purple butterflies in a clear box all the way in the back. Curiosity was his biggest mistake. Kyam rushed over to the glass box before placing his hand on it, and that's when it happened. His hand fell straight through the box, as if the box was some sort of portal. One of the butterflies began to swarm around his hand. At first it was a beautiful sight for the kid but things took a terrifying turn when the butterfly began to dig itself into the boy's wrist. There was absolutely no pain, but still he put his hand over his mouth and screamed. He couldn't scream too loud because he'd get caught so instead he screamed in fear into his hand before snatching his arm out of the box. Quickly he left. If he told anybody about this there was no doubt that he'd get in trouble so the secret was his to keep.

About eight years later,after intense physical and magical training, it was finally time for him to test with his brothers to see who would be the next King on the throne. Seeing as king Issa was sick and dying, his time coming to an end. It was no secret that he wanted Kyam to be the next king, but law had if the oldest prince wasn't going to sit on the throne, he had the right to challenge whoever was next in line after him. The test was simple, it was a mission that required the three brothers to find an ancient temple in Savannah and retrieve the book of miracles. Kyam didn't have the ability to utilize magic - at least not yet so his brothers had the advantage. The test was long and hard but alas the brothers had all met up at the same time in front of the ancient temple. While the eldest brothers fought each other, Kyam was the one who snuck around and found the book of miracles. Out of jealousy, the brothers used their magic to literally destroy it before Kyam could officially win. This was a crime equivalent to killing a member of the royal family. Both brothers quickly reported back to their father, being faster and stronger than Kyam he was simply out of luck. Before Kyam could get back to tell the King what happened, the brothers blamed their younger brother for the destruction of the book.

It was the word of two trusted son's over one trusted son. At first Kyam was confident that his father wouldn't believe his brothers because he and Kyam had a much better relationship, but to the Prince's surprise his father disqualified Kyam from the event. None of it made sense to him. The Savannian prince was angry, disappointed and embarrassed - not because he didn't become king, but because his beloved father didn't take his word for it. In fury, Kyam blacked out and had awakened the forbidden magic known as chaos magic, nearly destroying the entire royal castle out of pure rage. Finally the truth was out. 8 years ago, that butterfly was a harbinger of chaos and now Kyam was a harbinger. The Harbingers could only posses royal blood so one of them was lucky enough to possess Kyam.

The people of the Malia Kingdom were shocked. The love they once had for Prince Kyam was in question at that moment. Even Kyam was shocked at what he had just done. From then on Kyam was named the "Demon Prince" or the "Royal Harbinger" amongst Savannians. Once he had realized what he'd done, he knew he had to escape because now he had a bigger problem on his hands now. For days Kyam travelled through Savannah, hiding himself and escaping bounty hunters. Days turned into weeks, and weeks quickly turned into months.

During his travels through Savannah, he finally found a way to leave the country. Whether a bounty was placed on his head just yet wasn't clear to him but he wanted to escape before finding out. Kyam made his way to another country called Fiore thus beginning a new chapter in his life.

Year One

Kyam had stumbled across a guild known as Lamia Scale after what felt like a long journey of traveling through the entire country of Fiore. Of course considering he was a native of Savannah, he wasn't familiar with the language of this new Country so it was hard for him to get help from the citizens- though it's not like he wanted help anyway. Lamia Scale was the first Fiorian guild he had ever come across. Off rip the people helped him but when they found out he wasn't familiar with their language they immediately brought him to their guild master, Shahrbaraz who took the time out to get to know Kyam. The two were both foreigners and that alone was enough for Kyam to open up to him a little bit. Of course there were things he couldn't tell Shahr because he didn't know Fiorian but after a few days he began to grow fond of Shahrbaraz who even began to teach him the Fiorian tongue.

Around the third day, Kyam finally revealed his magic to Shahrbaraz. It was obvious that Kyam was weak and so the training began. Although Kyam was proved to be troublesome already, getting into fights with many of the members for being an asshole, Sharbaraz still seemed to want him around. Around the guild master of the guild, Kyam was a bit warmer. Perhaps it was because the both of them weren't natives of Fiore, or maybe it was because yam had absolutely no-one. whatever it was it, it was the only reason Kyam had stayed in Lamia Scale, that and he was learning the language of the country.

A couple of weeks passed and Kyam seemed to make progress but only magically. His physical abilities lacked. The guild master had a plan though. During one of their training sessions Shahrbaraz snatched Kyam's necklace. It was a necklace very important to him given to him by his mother before he died. Shahbaraz told Kyam that he would never get it back unless he took it by force. Angered, the young Savannan did just that. It all began in Orchidia where The prince tried his hardest to fight Shahbaraz and take his necklace back but days went on on and the two traveled through Fiore fighting through the streets while yam attempted ti get his necklace back but none of it worked. Kyam wasn't a fool. He knew that this was simply a method to get him stronger. At first it began with him trying to take the necklace back but weeks went by and it became about simply finding a way to beat his mentor at his own game.

There were points where Kyam stopped trying and allowed Shah to teach him techniques involving spears but ultimately the goal was to take back the necklace. A total of four months passed and Kyam was still unable to take the necklace, instead, Shah ended up giving it back to him when he felt like Kyam had become much stronger than when he first met him. What shocked the guild master is that the necklace no longer had meaning to Kyam, in fact he had forgotten all about it at one point because he was so focused on getting stronger. The training session took a total of 6 months and by the time the two had returned to the guild Kyam was stronger than ever before and was pretty good at English too.

For the rest of the six months he did nothing but quests and missions for money, simply living his life and partying like the younging he was. It was safe to say that by the end of the year the young Prince had almost forgotten the goals that were waiting to be accomplished.

Year Two

Year two was the year of progression for Kyam. Now that he had a better understanding of his magic and he was fluent in Fiorian he could now finally began to do things. He realized that he slacked longer than he needed to and began to get better connected with the Magical Council. First it began with doing jobs to stand out, helping around not only Orchidia but other towns as well no matter what it was. Then he began to speak to any rune knight he ran into, introducing himself as Kyam but not actually revealing his last name for obvious reasons. Whenever he could, he helped the country of Fiore though he wasn't exactly strong enough to do anything major, he was still putting himself out there. His goals consisted of taking over the Council so that he could utilize them when it was time for him to take his throne in Savannah. His goals were farfetched but there to him, nothing was impossible it just required to dedication. So to the outside world he was a growing hero, a man from Savannah who had a pure heart and wanted to fight for Justice.

Things don't always go as planned though. One night the young Lamia Scale mage had been walking through Orchidia when 4 people suddenly approached him. There was no speaking, no waiting, they attacked him but them alone weren't enough for the young prince. The fight ended quickly with their demise but when Kyam took of their masks he was surprised to see that it had been four Savannians. Quickly he pieced two and two together realizing that this was the work of one of his brothers who'd be the current King of Malia. That attack was the first out of many though. The Savannian hunters came from out of nowhere when he least expected them to, attempting to take his life. Under such circumstances the young Prince couldn't continue to do things to impress the Council. Now he had his own problems at hand which meant that he had no space to continue with his other plans. He couldn't allow his guild master or the government to find out who he truly was so now he had to figure out how to deal with these bounty hunters alone.  

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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon:  NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: N/A
  • Race: N/A
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 68 [48 + 20 extra for C rank human]

  • Strength: 11
  • Speed: 20
  • Endurance: 15
  • Constitution: 11
  • Intelligence: 11

Other Changes: Starting with above basic spear mastery | Permission granted by Jyu

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