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Name: Ianthe

Age:  August 14th, X766

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

Ethnicity, Father: Savannan, Deceased

Ethnicity, Mother:  Savannan, Deceased

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: C-rank

Guild: Red Hades

Tattoo: Middle of the back

Face: Hassan of Serenity - Fate Grand Order.


Height: 5'6"

Weight:115 lbs

Hair: Violet

Eyes: Amethyst

Looking at Ianthe one could see her dark skin a sign of her Savannian blood, her rich violet locks that fall to her shoulders. One could take in her bright eyes that match her hair color, holding a careless gaze under thick lashes.  Standing at five feet and six inches she is neither too tall or too short and would be seen as average in most cases. Her body weight sits her a little on the lighter side as she weighs in at one hundred and fifteen pounds. She is a fragile thing and her body is more lithe and holds very little muscle mass that one could see with the naked eye. Her subtle curves and delicate features would have most take her for nothing but a female.

Her clothing choices vary but most of her outfit choices come in a black color and cling to her skin. She appreciates that her wardrobe allows her to move around unrestricted and chose to wear things based on that. Even when the weather calls for it she would rather wear things that she can move in easily but will never ignore whatever the current weather is. She dresses for comfort and fashion, or at least whatever can catches the most eyes.

Extra: N/A


Much has changed from the past days of the scared and ignorant woman-child that was Ianthe. Over these past two years she has learned much about the world yet still hungers to know more, her thirst for knowledge and secrets almost insatiable.  She no longer cowers or fears pain but embraces it. Her heart has twisted from a well to do meek woman who would only want to help others like her, to something hardened and guarded. Ianthe places herself first above most and does what she must to get ahead, having no more sympathy for those who cannot do for themselves.

Ianthe has shed her old self like a butterfly shedding the cocoon from it's body. She is confident in herself and uses whatever means in her arsenal to get what she desires. She cherishes pleasure and happiness above all. A risk taker, she throws caution to the wind and enjoys life as it comes. Ianthe is as fleeting as the wind, one moment there another gone hardly anything ties her down to one place to long. As stated before Ianthe is not so naive as she used to be, but she plays it so well that it has become advantageous to her. Using her old self to get over on others, playing dumb when needed, all of these tricks and tactics help her survival in this world.


  • Carnal Pleasures: Ianthe has learned to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, something she had always had an irrational fear of. But she sees now that indulging in these things are nothing but good...Well for her at least.
  • Making Jewels: Jewels make the world go round, it makes weak men strong and gives power to those who don't have it. Jewels can buy happiness, and Ianthe likes that very much.


  • Losing Jewels: Just as much as she likes making Jewels, she hates losing it as well. It becomes a problem when her Jewel flow stops because that means she is losing resources that would otherwise be funding the things she needs.
  • Being Alone: Something she has always disliked, something that has not changed. Though she thinks it's not for the same reason, deep down she cannot stand being alone, it bothers her, puts her on edge at makes her uneasy.


  • Making A Family: For all the debauchery and hedonistic acts she takes part in, Ianthe really just wants to make a family and settle down and for once be truly happy. She wants someone she can truly love and trust and a child to raise and shower with affection.


  • Returning to Slavery:It was bad enough being a slave, but tasting freedom and then having to go back is something that shakes her to her core. She doesn't know what started slavery and how it ended so abruptly, but it could probably come back as easily.

  • Claustrophobia: For a good chunk of her life she had to be in small spaces. It never did sit well with her and when she cried to get out she was beaten before being put back in. Having to go through that would be a major mental strain on her.


Magic Name: Black Garden

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description:
Black Garden is a simple magic that allows the user to create, shape, and manipulate nature (plants, grass, trees ect) , it's strong against light spells but weak to darkness spells It's a magic that is superior in debuffing, with average abilities in offensive and supplementary capabilities, and inferior in healing and defensive spells.


Ianthe was born in Savanna to a native woman and man. The union of her birth was more or less forced and the only good thing that came out of it was her. When she was born her given name was Johari and she was loved greatly by her mother even under the circumstances of which she was born. Her father on the other hand didn't care for the child as he wanted a boy to bring back to his home land. He tried to get another child out of Johari's mother but she would produce no more children. This angered her father and she found that her mother was usually on the wrong side of his anger and she was forced to hide away until it was over. Life seemed ok for Johari, it could have been worse but she was still a child so she only knew what the world offered her, but she would soon see the world was not so kind.

Johari's father grew to resent his daughter and the woman who bore her. He decided the way out of this relationship was to get rid of the child, then with nothing attaching the two he would leave. Paying some slavers he had them kidnap the child and honestly didn't care where they took her. Johari of course was frightened. It was her seventh birthday and she was being thrown into a dark box and taken away. The trip was long and she was only let out of her confinement twice a day until they reached their destination. They called the place fiore but Johari didn't know where she was. On the very first day she learned fear as she was passed off to a group of people who beat her daily and made her hit rocks with an axe all day long. They called her  " Dirt " or " Garbage " which she would respond to or else be beaten and forced a collar on her that would cut off her magic, something she didn't even knew she had. Her days were long and hard and her nights were filled with fear as she heard screams of others and often times her own. She slept in a boxed shaped room that was so small she had to sit in it to fit. It was a miserable life that she lived for eleven years until she was finally free.

She could remember the day when men busted into the area where she was and she was told slavery was no more, that she could live freely. Not knowing what that meant anymore the men whisked her and the others away so that they could be reintroduced into the world. She was told she could pick a new name if she couldn't remember her old one and truth be told she couldn't. So she picked the name Ianthe because she heard a lady call a flower by that name. The life she lived before traumatized her greatly and she was given much assistance to help her make a better life for herself. Ianthe found out she could use magic, healing magic at that and was offered to join a guild. There were three should could join or she could join the rune knights. She found that it was all just a bit too confusing and instead decided to take a chance and try to figure life out for now..


  • After parting ways with Constantine, Ianthe traveled around Fiore for the better part of six months. She earned and saved Jewels while learning all she could about her homeland and how to get there. Once she had gotten enough money and knowledge she left fiore and made her way to Savannah.

  • Arriving in Savanna she spent nearly a year there searching for her family. She learned that her father had died but her mother was still alive. Upon meeting her mother she learned that the woman was very sick, blind, and dying. Ianthe was happy to see her mother but was sad that the woman would never recognize her before her passing. Ianthe did not wait to see her mother die and left back to Fiore.

  • Back in Fiore, Ianthe continued to work and do odd jobs until she ran into a particularly dangerous group of people. She ended up doing drugs and all other manner of degrading acts which caused her to hit rock bottom in the worst way. It was at this point she found herself joining the Red Hades guild and it was at this point she cleaned herself up enough to be in control. She learned so much being in the group and to this day she continues to be a member.


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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon:  NA
  • Off-Hand:  NA
  • Head:  NA
  • Body:  NA
  • Relic:  NA
  • Race:  NA
  • Companion:  NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 41

  • Strength: 5
  • Speed: 5
  • Endurance: 10
  • Constitution: 10
  • Intelligence: 11

Other Changes



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This character application has been approved.

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