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Holy Knight's Call

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Holy Knight's Call

Fellow believers, I am Daicles, a Supreme Holy Knight serving the Illuminian Church, and one of the Holy Knights in charge of leading the subjugations versus the Demon, for the rifts have opened once again. We must give answer to our sacred call of duty and protect Mankind from these wretched Demons while trying to find a way to return them to the Abyss. We are not alone in this battle, everyone on Earthland shall be protecting their homes, but we as Holy Knights have been trained for this cause. Grab your arms and fight alongside your fellow believers to the death to show them that our faith is stronger than their claws, and our wills mightier than their fangs.

Event Conditions

  • The user must be a member of the Holy Knights faction.

  • The regulations of the Demonic Incursion event applies to this event as well.

Event Details

  • The event lasts till March 1st.

  • The event can only be participated in with a single character per person.

  • The event rewards will be granted in the first week of February for the month of January, and in the first week of March for the month of February.

  • The event will result into more Demonic Incursions to participate in than other users.

Event Rewards

  • Minor Demonic Incursion (D/C)
    4000 XP, or 6000 XP if a hidden boss appears.

  • Moderate Demonic Incursion (C/B)
    6000 XP, or 9000 XP if a hidden boss appears.

  • Major Demonic Incursion (B/A)
    8000 XP, or 12,000 XP if a hidden boss appears.

  • Great Demonic Incursion (A/S)
    10,000 XP, or 15,000 XP if a hidden boss appears.

  • Monstrous Demonic Incursion (S)
    15,000 XP, or 25,000 XP if a hidden boss appears.

You may submit your victories here in a list to get it reviewed for rewards. You may keep updating your post. Submit a date behind each link that you provide in your list to ensure you are promptly rewarded in February and March.

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