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Midnight Cult's Ritual

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Midnight Cult's Ritual

Hear me, brothers and sisters. SHE has granted me a vision and given us a new purpose. We are to build a shrine to HER, but not one in the eyes of the people like those of the disgusting Illumin. No, HER shrine will be one built in secret, hidden from the world beneath my own establishment, accessible only to those who know of it, giving us the privacy to worship HER as SHE decrees it. However, this will be no easy task as our devotion, and our power, must be tested. We are required to collect ingredients: powerful talismans that will increase our connection to HER.

Testing Our Faith: The shrine requires three items to increase its potency. First, the bone of a Lich, willingly sacrificed. Second, the feather of a Nephilim, inconspicuously stolen. Finally, the blood of a human, forcibly taken. The more we collect, the stronger SHE will make us.

  • The user may either collect the items from any random NPC they create or collect it by invading the topic of another user.
  • If collecting from an NPC, the user must write at least 1,000 words to complete the collection. The topic title must contain the tag '[Ritual]'.
  • The user may collect the items from NPCs up to a maximum of 8 times for each item. There is no limit to collecting from other users.
  • If the user collects the item from another user, they receive 2 of the items they are collecting from that topic.

Event Conditions

  • The user must be a member of the Midnight Cult guild.

  • The user must adhere to the regulations when invading the topic of another member.

  • The user may only invade the topic that includes a Human, Nephilim, or a Lich. The Midnight Cult member need not make the thread Orange to collect the required items.

  • The user may only collect once per topic.

  • The user may not invade their own alt’s topic to claim the reward.

Event Details

  • The event lasts till March 1st.

  • The event can only be participated in with a single character per person.

  • The event rewards will be granted in the first week of February for the month of January, and in the first week of March for the month of February.

Event Rewards

  • Each bone, feather, and vial of blood collected grants 3,000 Experience.

  • If the member collects 10 of each of the three items before the event ends, they are granted an additional 10,000 Experience.

You may submit your victories here in a list to get it reviewed for rewards. You may keep updating your post. Submit a date behind each link that you provide in your list to ensure you are promptly rewarded in February and March.


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Human Blood (0/10):

  • None

Nephilim Feathers(1/10):

Lich Bone (0/10):

  • None

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