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Red Hades' Peddling

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Red Hades' Peddling

Hello my lovelies! Today I, Laubentine, bring to you something very special that I and a few buddies of mine 'acquired.' It is happiness bottled in a small vial, the ecstasy of a lifetime concentrated in a drop. Now, now... We should not be selfish and keep this special elixir to just ourselves. It is our duty as well-meaning citizens to share this with every other soul in Fiore and that is exactly what we will do. We will start in the east, where I expect the least resistance against our trade. Dahlia hardly poses a threat and we all know that those pests at Fairy Tail are not capable of the subtlety it would take to stop us. To make sure that remains the case, we will set up bases within the homes and properties of the residents in east Fiore, so even if they wanted to take us down, their usual tactic wouldn't work. Needless to say, I don't expect your aid solely from the kindness in your hearts. Every success will be handsomely rewarded, so go out there and earn your cut.

Deal: A new recreational drug is taking traction in East Fiore. Red Hades is trying to make access to it easy while seeing a little profit for themselves. Convince the locals to try the new drug and sell it to those who are already addicted to it.

  • Create a topic in Dahlia or Magnolia.
  • The topic title should have the tag ‘[Peddling]’ in it, and the first post should have a list of all the Red Hades members participating in that topic.
  • Once the last Red Hades member has posted in the first round, they must wait 24 hours to allow Fairy Tail members to invade. After the 24 hours, they may finish the topic without waiting, but can still be invaded.
  • In case no Fairy Tail member invades the topic, the Red Hades members must write 2000 words to complete the dealing.
  • The word count of the first round does not count towards the total word count requirement to complete the topic.
  • If Fairy Tail members invade the topic, the Red Hades members must try to defeat the invaders to complete the dealing successfully.
  • You can only be part of one dealing topic at any given time.

Secure: Members of the Fairy Tail guild have been spotted sabotaging the drug stashes of Red Hades both in Magnolia and in Dahlia. Invade the topics of Fairy Tail members trying to confiscate the stashes, and protect the goods by defeating them. The topics in which Fairy Tail members are attempting to sabotage the drug cartel will have the tag ‘[Expropriation]’ in it.

Event Conditions

  • The user must be a member of the Red Hades guild.

  • The user must adhere to the regulations when invading the topic of a Fairy Tail member.

  • The user may only invade the topic of a Fairy Tail member who is either one rank lower, the same rank, or one rank higher than they are.

  • The user may not invade their own Fairy Tail alt’s topic to claim the reward.

Event Details

  • The event lasts till March 1st.

  • The event can only be participated in with a single character per person.

  • The event rewards will be granted in the first week of February for the month of January, and in the first week of March for the month of February.

Event Rewards

  • Successfully dealing or securing grants 50,000 J and 5000 Experience.

  • An unsuccessful dealing or securing attempt grants 5000 Experience.

  • At each reward period, the total number of successful dealing and securing by Red Hades members are tallied, and if this is greater than the total number of successful sabotaging and intercepting by Fairy Tail members, then all Red Hades participants will receive 10 points to any one Attribute they choose.

You may submit your victories here in a list to get it reviewed for rewards. You may keep updating your post. Submit a date behind each link that you provide in your list to ensure you are promptly rewarded in February and March.

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