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Rune Knight's Relatiation

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Rune Knight's Retaliation

The citizens of Fiore have entrusted us with their liberty, and we will defend it with honour and glory. It is our duty to repel the forces that seek to take our rectitude away from us. These forces that threaten us today are none other than those belonging to the guild of Phantom Lord. Those boys over at Oak feel intimidated and challenged by the brave mission conducted by your fellow Knights. They seek to diminish our standing in Fiore and shake the trust our citizens have in us. Do not let this opportunity go to waste. We must once and for all show them that we are the ones in charge, and that they have only succeeded in their meagre existence for so long because we have allowed it. But no longer! We are Rune Knights. We don't fall prey to fear or indolence. When they come to prick your pride and steal your tag, defeat them and show the world that you are worthy of being a defender of justice.

Event Conditions

  • The user must be a member of the Rune Knights faction.

  • The user must adhere to the regulations when invading the topics of Phantom Lord members.

  • The user may not fight a Phantom Lord member more than once.

  • The user may only fight a Phantom Lord member who is either one rank lower, the same rank, or one rank higher than they are.

  • The user shares the amount of experience gained from defeating a Phantom Lord member should they do so with multiple Rune Knights in the topic.

  • The user may not fight their own Phantom Lord alt to claim the reward.

Event Details

  • The event lasts till March 1st.

  • The event can only be participated in with a single character per person.

  • The event rewards will be granted in the first week of February for the month of January, and in the first week of March for the month of February.

Event Rewards

  • D-Rank Member: 3000 XP
  • C-Rank Member: 6000 XP
  • B-Rank Member: 9000 XP
  • A-Rank Member: 12,000 XP
  • S-Rank Member: 15,000 XP

You may submit your victories here in a list to get it reviewed for rewards. You may keep updating your post. Submit a date behind each link that you provide in your list to ensure you are promptly rewarded in February and March.

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Ren Liath

Rune Knight's Relatiation  BWhZdfi

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Ren Liath has been rewarded.

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