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Phantom Lord's Overture

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Phantom Lord's Overture Empty Thu Dec 27, 2018 7:05 pm

Phantom Lord's Overture

What's a more suiting way to get back at those Rune Knights for showing up at our doorstep? They must be out of their minds over there at Era if they think they can get away unscathed from that. It's time to show them our power and knock some Rune Knights on their heads. Don't misunderstand me. I'm not trying to make you all murderers here, nor do I bear any ill intentions towards every Rune Knight out there. Some of them are quite nice to be honest. I got a drinking buddy in the Council actually, you won't believe it, and I'm quite sure he won't admit to it in public. Upholding his honor and whatnot, I guess. We're going to hurt them in a different way. We're going to hurt them financially. I want you to go out there and steal the tags of Rune Knights after defeating them in battle. It's a blow to their ego and their treasury. I'll give you a reward for each tag that you collect based on the rank of the tag. Let the tag theft begin.

Event Conditions

  • The user must be a member of the Phantom Lord guild.

  • The user must adhere to the regulations when invading the topics of Rune Knights.

  • The user may not bring in the tag of a Rune Knight they've defeated before.

  • The user may only collect the tag of a Rune Knight who is either one rank lower, the same rank, or one rank higher than they are.

  • The user shares the amount of experience gained from stealing the tag should they steal it with multiple Phantom Lord members.

  • The user may not fight their own Rune Knight alt to claim the reward.

Event Details

  • The event lasts till March 1st.

  • The event can only be participated in with a single character per person.

  • The event rewards will be granted in the first week of February for the month of January, and in the first week of March for the month of February.

Event Rewards

  • Page Tag: 3000 XP
  • Apprentice Tag: 6000 XP
  • Seated Tag: 9000 XP
  • Lieutenant Tag: 12,000 XP
  • Captain Tag: 15,000 XP

You may submit your victories here in a list to get it reviewed for rewards. You may keep updating your post. Submit a date behind each link that you provide in your list to ensure you are promptly rewarded in February and March.

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