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Name: Requiem

Age: July 7, X769

Gender: female

Sexuality: bi

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: hunter

Race: Nekomata

Rank: C-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: palm of the right hand

Face: Hinata Hyuga- naruto shippuden


Height: 5'2", 157 cm

Weight: 100 lbs., 45 kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: grey

Overall: slim build, penchant for wearing neutral  colors with a grim reaper motif. She is a bit on the short side and has pale skin with scars around the back of her neck from the procedure that happened when she was little. Her main casual outfit a a grey and lavender dress that reaches her ankles while her combat gear is a black shirt and pants with brown hardened leather cuirass along with leather greaves and bracers hidden under pants and sleeves. Her eyes are cat like and she has black cat ears. She has started to wear less utilitarian clothing though her 'fancy' clothes are also relatively plain.

Extra: has the kanji for her name on the underside of her right forearm. Minor burn scar around it. Has piercings up her ears which she claims help her.


Personality: Quiet polite, and reserved around most people, she is often called antisocial or timid though those who have gotten to known her better understand that she is simply uncomfortable around people in general. However, she loves children and on her off days can be found working at a nearby orphanage.

Despite her seeming passiveness, Requiem can be rather vindictive towards people who make very wrong choices including herself. Sometimes going to disturbingly violent extremes in the name of justice. The exact reason for this behavior is unclear, but it appears to be something ingrained into her from her past. She often punishes herself severely for even the most minor of infractions at one point trying to burn her tattoo off her arm.

For those who manage to look past the extremes of her personality and tendency  to swing between them sometimes with little to no warning find a deeply confused young woman trying to find her sense of self. Requiem has is rather possessive of her friends and has a hard time trusting new people unless someone she knows well has introduced them. She has made progress in becoming more trusting, but old habits tend stick in odd ways, such as she won't tell someone where she lives before thoroughly investigating the person or the time she stalked someone because she thought he was trying to stalk her.

One major improvement to her is that she's more in control of her self harmful impulses. Where she used to injure herself for some perceived offense, she is much less likely to do so. She has also become more open and much less reclusive though someone with an overwhelming personality can still cause her to retreat into her shell. She's become more driven than ever to forge her path to becoming a holy knight. As a result, she has come to accept failure as a part of her which in turn has helped temper her self harm. However, this has also led her to being afraid that one day she'll lose her self identity.

On a side note, Requiem has discovered she is a bit of a pervert and has started collecting romance novels.


  • Children: For whatever reason, she loves children and has never shown any anger or disappointment towards them. She is rather particular to orphans.
  • Stargazing: Requiem is found breaking curfew almost every night to get on a high roof and just stare at the sky for hours.


  • Bad People: She utterly detests those she defines as bad, dark mages, petty criminals, megalomaniac emperors hell bent on global domination. She hates all people who fall into this category with a passion that sometimes scares others.
  • Spicy Foods: They make her very sick so she goes to great lengths to not eat them


  • Holy Knight: Requiem wishes to become a holy Knight like the man who had saved her all those years ago. She doesn't care about the honor and prestige that comes with the title, she just wants to emulate her hero and prove that he was right to save her.


  • Losing Sense of Self: Requiem has started finding her sense of identity and self worth. She has come to accept that failure is a part of who she is. That said, she is now completely terrified that who she is and wants to be could be taken from her.

  • Becoming What she Hates:Requiem doesn't understand her power and as such, is afraid that one day she'll turn into what her abusers wanted in the first place.


Magic Name: Azrael's Magic

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Description: Azrael Magic is a type of Shadow Magic that allows the user to call on the power of the archangel of Death and retribution to control shadows. Because of its nature, it often requires the user to toe the line between good and evil and forces them to see the darkest evil in themselves and brightest good in their enemies.

Often referred to as a combat magic, however it's much more utilitarian and proficient users can augment their attacks and defenses with darkness. They also posses the ability to take on a shadowform which can augment their speed and/or strength.  Azrael Magic possesses a wide range of offensive abilities.


History: Requiem doesn't remember her parents. Maybe she never had any. Her earliest memory was being forced to learn how to fight and having experiments done to her. The day that the bad people said was her seventh birthday was the day she finally ran. The bad people didn't like that and chased her down to get their lacrima back.

She somehow managed to reach the village down the road and desperately begged for someone, anyone to help her. The villagers, familiar with their neighbors, refused to help her except for an old priest.The man stepped up and fought off the bad people. She showed her gratitude by disappearing and spent the next several months stealing from everyone.

She was finally caught when she made the mistake of robbing a Rune Knight and was chased into the catacombs under the church. In the months that she had been living down there, she had been cleaning the place and making the final resting places of the inhabitants look nice. The Rune Knight would've taken her away had not the old man once again stood up for her and adopted her. That was the day she finally got a name other than "hey brat".

Requiem spent the next five years happily living with the priest who taught her how to use her magic as well as everything else needed to be a functioning member of sociaty. The man she came to think of as her father died and she was once again alone in the world. While packing his stuff to move out so the new priest could move in, she came across items that could only belonknights Holy Knight. Further digging through his stuff revealed that the man who had protected her was much more than he had led everyone to believe.

The next day, Requiem stood at her father's grave and swore she would make him proud and join the Holy Knights. She reached Era Town and worked hard while studying so she could join the Rune Knight and become one step close to becoming a Holy Knight.

As the previous year progressed, she made a few friends and several enemies. Most disconcerting though are the occasional rumblings of something familiar, burned into her mind and soul. However these rumblings faded almost as quickly as they came right before she took part in an attack on Phantom Lord.

In the aftermath of the attack, she was ambushed by someone claiming to be her sister. Now thoroughly paranoid about a past she thought was finally gone, Requiem seeks to strive for her future....

Reference: n/a

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My pain will never ruin my smile
And my darkness protects my light
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Code:Select Content
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic:  NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand:  NA
  • Head:  NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race:  Reclaim (neko)
  • Companion: Refund (100,000 J)

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 28

  • Strength: 3
  • Speed: 10
  • Endurance: 5
  • Constitution: 5
  • Intelligence: 5

Other Changes


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My pain will never ruin my smile
And my darkness protects my light
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#3Akira Shimada 

Requiem Empty Sat Dec 29, 2018 4:32 am

Akira Shimada
Hey Requiem, glad to have you back with the RK, a few quick changes:

  • Can you give your height and weight dimensions in the units of cm and kg as well?
  • You are C rank not D, please edit your app to reflect that.
  • Please expand on your overall and personality sections to meet the required word count.
  • Magic does not augment equipment etc, so please remove that part from your magic description.
  • You may leave the reference section blank, if you have no one to list there.

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Bump bumpity bump

My pain will never ruin my smile
And my darkness protects my light
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#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Hey, almost there! App looks good.

About the refunds, Momo is a common companion, which should have cost 100,000 Jewels for you. You're asking for only 25,000 J as refund, was there a discount involved in the purchase? If no, then please edit it to 100k J, if yes could you just list the discount here too for clarification?

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Fixed it, I think it was just a brain far moment x.x

My pain will never ruin my smile
And my darkness protects my light
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#7Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
This character application has been approved.

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