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Daiko Flayme

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#1Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme


Name: Daiko Flayme

Age: January 3rd X767

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual/Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Savannan

Ethnicity, Mother: Savannan

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: A-rank

Guild: Lamia Scale

Tattoo: On the back of his neck - Pitch-black

Face: Kyoya Tategami - Beyblade Metal Fusion/Masters/Fury


Height: 5’10 / 179 cm

Weight: 143 lbs / 65 kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark-grey

Overall: Daiko is a solid yet relatively slim built character, yet with clear-lined muscularity. His hair is the easiest to notice from close-up or far away in the middle of anything else, and it’s likely the most eye-catching due to its extremely strong contrast and spikyness. His skin is quite dark-brown with a few birth marks on his right shoulder.
He usually wears the same garments; a dark-grey t-shirt under his long, green jersey, combined with a pair of sand-colored pants and sturdy shoes with smooth spikes beneath them. His choice of wear for hunting the wild. Sometimes, he dons a sleeveless jacket and reverses the colors between t-shirt and that for social occasions. He always makes sure to wear a pair of reddish gloves, though, with leather around his wrist as an accessory; on top of that, he wields an iron necklace with a feather-like insignia.

Extra: Daiko’s hair acts unusual due to his affinity with Fire Magic. Depending on a bursting emotion from him, his hair will burst out in a harmless fire with a unique color representing his present emotion. He also carries an unfinished world-tree tattoo on his left wrist on which he adds on depending on his present level of hunting skills.


Personality: Daiko sucks at hiding his emotions. It’s clear whenever he’s angry, sad, happy or just bored. Those feelings usually erupt from his face as center as a way to establish communication between him and someone else. Because of his self-awareness, he is also good at reading the atmosphere at times, choosing the specific actions for the specific situation. He used to suck at that too, but fortunately, he got better at it overtime. His magic does him justice; he’s a living wildfire who rarely appears as the calm, cool dude type even when sleeping. Almost everything he does just has this slight, energetic spirit in it, which is oblivious and uncontrollable by himself. Despite efforts, he never got any results of lessening that… guess that’s going to stay.

Either way, when something big and important happens, he’s usually heading there. Adventurous and eager to see the world, he would love to attend festivals, parades or the good-old hunting season. His hunter spirit used to make him one-track-minded and only capable of focusing on few things at a time - he can now create a bigger view on things around him without pinpointing every, single thing one at a time. But no matter the situation, cracking a joke can always help a little…

In combat, he’s still left with one plan of attack; attack. His fighting spirit leans on the offensive side of the spectrum, so he enjoys close-combat as well as long-range; any incinerating magic duel excites him to the top of his lungs and the center of his heart. He doesn’t have the favorable ability to strategize a thousand steps ahead in the middle of combat, but he usually just tries his best to be aware of what the opponent throws at him. Either that, or he relies on instincts stacked through years of fighting, killing and seizing as a Lamia Scale Wizard with plenty of distinctive, variating opponents who have all given him a broad experience about the world of magic and what it holds in store for him in the future.


  • Raw Food: Nothing better than fresh meat from a slain prey in the middle of the uninterrupted forest... his stomach is able to digest it just fine; pure heaven for him.
  • Animals: He's daily close to the life beyond humans, and it's succeeded in finding a way to his heart and becoming among his dear likes of this life.


  • Lizard-like Creatures: If he was ever to be asked about the animal that he dislikes the most, then it would definitely be this type. Their tough scales make him cringe a little...
  • Too Sweet and Delicate Food: As a guy of the wild, luxury food is considered a disgrace to the way of life that he lives in. Despite that he eats stuff like this in occasions, he would always favor the raw food directly from nature than this spoiled meal...


  • A Good Life: He doesn’t find it very likely that he’ll become the strongest wizard in the world. Perhaps he won’t even come close to the strongest Fire Wizard. But he will make sure that he, someday, wishes to press the repeat button on his life when it’s over, so that he can enjoy all its good times once more. He treasures life.


  • Dragons: He still hasn’t gotten over his fear of dragons. Again, it’s mainly because of the countless stories from his childhood about the merciless monsters. It has become quite the phobia for him...
  • Things That Don’t Burn: He rarely gets in the water, keeps his distance from honey, and completely despises the lack of oxygen in a place. Things need to burn, but that doesn't mean that he's a pyroman. He just sees it as a reality; that things can burn.


Magic Name: Fire Magic

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: Well, it’s Fire Magic. The user can manifest, hone and bend the body of fires in various ways, using this very damaging element in mostly offensive ways and fashions. Skilled enough users can also augment items or even themselves in fire, making them the very embodiments of wrath incarnate as this element is often associated with. Because of its alignment with the natural bodies, it’s very strong against Ice Magic, but in return falls to Water Magic.


Daiko was born in a little society out in the forests of Worth Woodsea where immigrants from Savannah resided. Rather Aztec and Indian-like in nature, this society stood out from the ordinary Fiorian town. Living in stone houses and with a primitive way of life in comparison to their Fiorian neighbours, this small amount of people inhabited Worth Woodsea as their home.

As worshippers of the Phoenix, they went to quite the extremes in order to satisfy it. According to the elders, the bird of fire demanded a sacrifice to let them live so far away from their homeland where its influence was strongest, and the infant Daiko was chosen as the sacrificial object. His mother stepped in and put a stop to it, reasonable in nature and with a love for her son that overcame any occult matter.

... And thus, an incident rendered the village into two survivors; Daiko and his mother. From that point on, they coped with their lives, and as young as Daiko was back then, his memory doesn’t remember these events. All that was left burning in his mind was the wrathful embers roaring in his ears.

X768 - X783:
Therefore, in his own conviction, he was simply born and lived in a cottage living in peace with nature with his mother. Since Daiko has never met his father, his mother had taken care of him during his childhood and raised him on her own, nurturing him when he was sick, feeding, collecting and preparing food for him (which included hunting) as that huntress of a mother that she was. She also told him stories once in a while, in which Daiko developed his love for the bird of fire, the Phoenix, and his fear of dragons. In the end, Daiko always relied on his mother back then, until a certain incident happened. Young Daiko found his mother’s blood in the doorsteps and followed it, leading to her cold body. Since that experience, Daiko has grieved over his mother’s sudden death, which was undoubtedly by natural causes; more specifically, she was likely hunted down by a huge predator. The big ones always used to hunt the small ones, just like he hunted weasels and doves. He learned about his humble position in this world through that event and promised not to belittle his prey next time. The only thing he had left from his dear mother was a necklace that she’d given him a long time ago...

Years passed by, and he got used to the lone life in the forest. He was with nature all the time, and he never considered visiting any of the great cities in the mainland. Although, as he slowly made his daily life, something caught his interest one day; the news of magic. Being a total outsider, a Fiore Tarzan, this was new to him, and it didn’t take long before he was all about trying to master the arts of magic himself. Without help from any others, he slowly adapted into the magic power that dwelled within him, and his very person manifested itself in the body of fire. Such a magic was very useful for him as he relied in bonfires once in a while, especially when he was hunting. Besides, he could cook food much easier now, and he could also incinerate bone structure and get some bone meal for various purposes; however, he still had to realize a lot more about the origin of the magic within him and every other mage…

One day, he decided to train in a certain place where spirit activity was at its highest in Worth Woodsea. There, he randomly came across the previous Guildmaster of Lamia Scale; a proud and prosperous man who favored inner and outer strengths as equals and elevated hardness and all those military-like attributes that Daiko had a chance to hone. It wasn’t long from when he met him ‘till he was accompanying the lively man to Orchidia, the home of Lamia Scale.

X783 - X787:
Daiko’s career as a guild wizard had started. With the guild crest emblemed on the back of his neck, he sought various challenges and missions to express his pride as a Lamia Scale Wizard. During his countless encounters with Rune Knights - he wasn’t in trouble, don’t worry - he temporarily extinguished his fear of serpents by cooperating in the coast defense from a huge water serpent that wreaked havoc in Hargeon Town. He also made sure to excel in his Fire Magic more and more, being able to release bigger and hotter bursts of flames from every part of his body like it was natural to him. His life wasn’t all magic and fighting, though, as he attended beach parties, amusement parks, Halloween festivals and more. From examining a cave to save a household from a cursed glove to smashing down ogres, goblins, rats, demons and ghouls, he’s been on his fair share of adventures… but the best was yet to unravel on his journey. Stay tuned!

Reference: N/A

Daiko Flayme EBm9FQq
Main Theme - Tribal Theme - Natural Theme - Sheet
#2Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: Refund Flame Emperor Magic [1.200.000 Jewels]
  • Weapon: N/A
  • Off-Hand: N/A
  • Head: N/A
  • Body: N/A
  • Relic: N/A
  • Race: N/A
  • Companion: N/A

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 141 (+60 from Human Perk as A-Rank)

  • Strength: 26
  • Speed: 30
  • Endurance: 30
  • Constitution: 15
  • Intelligence: 100

Other Changes

Epithet: Firebird
Guild Level: 2

Count (232):

Daiko Flayme EBm9FQq
Main Theme - Tribal Theme - Natural Theme - Sheet

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This character application has been approved.

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