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Eryll Wyrm

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Name: Eryll Verdance Wyrm

Age: 20 | June 2nd X767

Gender: Male

Sexuality: homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Stellan

Class: Spellsinger

Race: Wood Elf (purchased by Pyre)

Rank: B-rank Scoop thread (Scoop of Pyre)

Guild: Lamia Scale.

Tattoo: lavendar, located just below the right knee

Face: Dantalion Huber- Devils and Realists



Weight: 150lbs/68kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: red-brown

Overall: Eryll is tall with spiky black hair. His hair isn’t unruly, but comes together too look nicely tousled. Eryll typically wears jackets and boots because he travels so much and the hardier materials help keep him safe. Eryll’s resting face is majestic. He tries to show his elven beauty with prestige. He also tries to show this kindness in his eyes which always have a beautiful vibrancy to them. Eryll's pointed ears can easily be seen poking outside his head and in between his strands of hair. Eryll is a well shaped man with a nice physique and striking elven beauty.

Extra: Pyre has a black crescent moon centered on his lower back.


Personality: Eryll gives off a somewhat removed feeling. He can give off the idea that he is watching something other than you. Eryll can be described as a lawful good. He believes that nature should be preserved at all costs and that is his law. And as a result of that, Eryll is a nature freak. But then again, he is a wood elf. Eryll enjoys conversing with people, regardless of race or origin. Eryll considers himself more of globalist person. He will fight to protect people but he will always promote peace over war. Eryll fights in the name of good and thus does not fall to the level of evil, he holds himself to his personal code.

Eryll is a naturally friendly person, he tries hard not to come off as aggressive or rude. When he is rude or aggressive he is truly angry about something. When Eryll is aggressive or unfriendly to someone for some unknown reason his tongue is sharp and his comments are mean.

Overall Eryll likes people and nature and wishes to help an protect people. Doing more good for the world in his life than bad.


  • Nature: A natural part of being a wood elf is Eryll's love for nature. He was always nurtured by it and nurtures it back. Eryll has a very deep connection with nature like most of his elven family.
  • Towns: Especially the small ones. Towns are just big families. They all have their own inner workings and Eryll loves to observe them and how they act.


  • Borders: Borders separate people, causing wars. Being proud of where you were born is okay, but being angry at other people for being from a different spot of birth is something Eryll finds disrespectable.
  • Darkness: Both the emotional and physical kind. Eryll does not enjoy it. He his hurt by darkness as a wood elf, and as a person dark emotions are volatile to relationships.


  • Bettering Society: Eryll wants to help everyone, where they are from or who they are. Everyone has an equal chance at living a life and society should work towards making themselves the best they can be.


  • Major Injuries: Eryll is not an adept healer, he is cared how a major injury would affect the wanting of his to help the world.
  • Imprisonment/restraint: Eryll does not like to be kept from moving. He feels helpless and will struggle to try and escape.


Magic Name: Lunae Nexum

Magic Element: water

Magic Description: The moon controls the tides and if one grows close enough to it and communes with it long enough, they can develop the magic Lunae Nexum. With a new connection to the moon the caster is able to cast water based spells. Whenever a spell is cast, the users pupils turn silver, this adds no special effect to the spell, it simply shows the connection to the moon.

A spell singer is able to cast superior other buff spells. Normal supplementary and offensive. And inferior defensive and healing.


Eryll was born in Stella to his mother Willora and his father Gairuun. The earlier part of his life in the country of Stella was a happy time for Eryll. After his tenth birthday his parents joined wizarding guilds in Fiore. This resulted in Eryll moving to Marigold with his parents. Both his parents were wizards for different guilds, which began to drive a stake between his parents. As Eryll grew up he began to notice this fact and began to spend more time away from home, away from his parents. He spent quite a lot of time in the local library until he turned 16 and left for a boarding school in Astera. Eryll wanted far away from his parents, as their bickering had grown quite bad.
There in Astera Eryll flourished. He developed his connection with nature as a whole, not specifically the forest. Eryll spent quite a lot of his free time in the ocean with his friends. As Eryll continued his studies at the academy he began to develop his globalist peace ideas.
The Year Eryll was to graduate his parents called him home. Eryll arrived home with full knowledge of what was going to happen. Their announcement was that they had decided to split up, his mother was going to return to stella and his father was gong to return to his home in Worth Woodsea.
After Eryll graduated he joined a guild and began his studying as a wizard, using his connection with water as his basis for magic.

Eryll began to spend quite a lot of time training. While making sure he kept up with his parents. His father began his dissent into his future alcoholism. Eryll chose not to speak to his mother of this fact because she had chosen to keep her life and his permanently separate. Eryll still chose to help his father, he would constantly visit him and try to ween him off. He was helpful sometimes, but most of the time he would fail and his father would slip into his alcohol filled worl quickly. Eryll had vowed that he would help his father. He hired another wood elf by the name of Killoua to take care of his father in his absence. Killoua had been his only friend before he went off to school. He visits his father every once in awhile to check up on him. Eryll worries that his father will eventually drink himself into a state in which he cannot recover.
Outside of his time taking care of his father Eryll lived his life. Discovering himself and working for his guild being the best person he could be. He traveled all around. Even to his place of birth in Stella to talk to his mother. His mother never asked about his father and was once again living in the prime of her life.
Outside of that, Eryll spent time with his love interests over his time as he trained. He continued to become an adept magician. Eryll himself was in no hurry to push himself into a relationship. He did not want to hurt a child by divorcing the kids father. His parent's toxic relationship had affected his life, Eryll wanted his kids to have loving parents. For the time being Eryll had focused on growing his magical prowess. Making the occasional enemy along the way. One of those enemies happened to be the wizard known as Raveth.

Reference: Pyre scoop


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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: N/A
  • Weapon: N/A
  • Off-Hand: N/A
  • Head: N/A
  • Body: N/A
  • Relic: N/A
  • Race: N/A
  • Companion: N/A

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 120 (from scoop and ranking)

  • Strength: 24
  • Speed: 26
  • Endurance: 23
  • Constitution: 23
  • Intelligence: 24

Other Changes


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This character application has been approved.

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