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Fibi Hoenheim

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#1Fibi Hoenheim 

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Fibi Hoenheim


Name: Fibi Hoenheim

Age: 18
April 13 x770

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Boscosi

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Lamia Scale

Tattoo: Burgundy colored, back of neck.

Face: Gumi - Vocaloid


Height: 1.62m (5'4")

Weight: 53 kg (117 Lbs)

Hair: Green

Eyes: Viridian

Overall: Fibi is someone who is easily spotted for her hair color and eyes, most notably how they glow whenever she is in a body of water (Her hair will have the veins reminiscent of leaves inside of it while in water). Normally she wears clothing that reveals at least one limb, a fan of asymmetrical outfits, and fashionable clothes. Her attire will change based on the season, often layering up more in the cold seasons. Fibi also has a bar code printed on the back of her neck, magical in nature that she chooses to cover up with her guild tattoo, in order to hide it.

Extra: Hair has the smell of leaves and grass naturally in a non-pungent aroma.


Personality: Fibi tends to try and keep to herself mostly, not out of any anti social disorders, but rather, out of fear of those around her being connected with those she is on the run from. Conversely, Fibi yearns to make connections with people she can come to trust, and confide in them, but, is too terrified to try and bridge that gap normally.
On the surface, she tries to act brave and aloof, though deep down she can easily be stressed by certain circumstances, such as anything dealing with Bosco or money. She wants to be brave on her own, without pretending to be.
With those she can call an ally, she puts her confidence in and steels her reserve to try and match up to them, and with those that she can call friends, she will reveal more about herself to.
After stressful situations, she will normally overreact and seek out any form of catharsis in the form of one of her hobbies, excessively.
To those that she is at odds with or enemies, she normally plays cat and lion, running away scared, or moving overly cautious, but on the turn of a dime, will turn about and put on her bravado for the sake of just getting the stressful instance over with out of annoyance.
She relaxes around fresh water, but tends to act annoyed around salt water.


  • Puzzles: As a hobby, Fibi likes to collect puzzle boxes, even make some of her own to give to those she likes (even though she tends to make hers frustratingly hard that can cause most to question whether it was a gift for a friend or an enemy). Any other puzzle is fine, but, she likes to collect puzzle boxes.
  • Gardening: She can't explain why, mostly because she doesn't know about her heritage fully, but, Fibi finds gardening with anything cathartic, calming, and worth the time to see small plants grow big.


  • Bugs: Fibi isn't a fan of bugs that bore in to plants, arachnids she can deal with. But termites, ants, anything that eats in to wood, she just finds unnatural.
  • Organized crime: Dark guilds, random bandit gangs, mob families, Fibi isn't a fan of anyone that would go so far as to willingly commit a crime, and go even farther to plan it ahead of time.


  • Wipe away her debt, get some peace of mind: If you were on the run from three crime families that held debts over your head of over one billion jewels, wouldn't you want to get them out of your life? Fibi wants to get rid of her debts to avoid being sold off herself, or to actually have a life of her own thanks to her grandfather's antics.


  • Her time limit: With her debt's time limit to default and be signed away as an asset herself, Fibi is utterly terrified of not making enough money to get away from her debt.
  • Fire: Any sort of uncontrolled fire causes Fibi to be paralyzed in fear, if only for a short while. This stems to fire magic, for some reason, she just feels an unnatural fear toward any sort of flame that cannot be contained.


Magic Name: Wood Make

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: A form of Molding Magic, which requires the user to strike up specific poses and handseals, allows them to create a wide variety of items, weapons, or creatures out of their element. Wood Make magic in particular is known for being quite sturdy, and often users of this magic can practice static make (the art of creating non moving items or weapons or the like), and dynamic make (the art of creating seemingly sentient structures resembling animals that can move freely).


History: Fibi was born in Bosco, to a loving family that cared for her. A family of merchants, a family that was well established as being lucrative enough that nothing bad would be happening to her as she grew up right? If only stories like that happened more often than not. But, as all things go, nothing like that lasts. It started thanks to her grandfather, Finn Hoenheim. A man who, despite meaning well, never knew when to stop when it came to gambling.

She was able to live happily enough with her mother and father, and the rest of her family was kind, caring, just as you would expect a family that established its emporium in Bosco over the last hundred years to be like. But, old Finn, the man that always thought he could get more for his family, and with the luck of a broken mirror designed like a black cat going under a ladder, lost more than they made one day. It was on that day that Fibi's life started to turn upside down.

First her grandpa came home one day, distraught, defeated, deflated, despondent. Double or nothing, he said, double or nothing, he cried, double or nothing, he mumbled, doubled or nothing, he gave up after borrowing from the house to such a degree that when he left, he was given a bill, in the form of a loan to cover him for a while. He kept it secret for nearly a year. Bits of money out of the family revenue here and there, and then, the tipping point.

The shop was losing money finally, for the first time in years at a rate that it was not just the motions of the year, it was revealed just how bad the interest ont hat loan was. Members of the family tried to seek out help, tried to seek out people from those mafias that held the debt, tried to run, but, all were met with being sold off in to slavery themselves to help pay off the debt by their volition or not.

Finn himself was so stressed that he took ill, and his hospital bed became his death bed. The debt should have been forgiven at that point, no, that's not how crime works, instead, it was just passed from family member to family member. Until it came to Fibi's immediate family. They sought to run, they did their best, and, only Fibi was able to get away.

Now the poor girl has no home to return to, and has wandered in to Bosco's neighbor, Fiore, to seek out refuge somewhere while laying as low as possible. But, for how long?

Fibi could be wanted for her ancestry, some say that her family's history was really started thanks to a dryad ancestor, but, those are just rumors, right?

Reference: Google

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Human only, Fibi, no part. There are, of course, half-bloods but yeah. besides that you're good to go.


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This character application has been approved.

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