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Hikaru Nakamura

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#1Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura


Name: Hikaru Nakamura

Age: 12/11/762

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: A-rank

Guild: Rune Knight

Tattoo: Salmon | Right Pectoral

Face: Gilthunder - Nanatsu No Taizai


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 161 lbs

Hair: Salmon

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Hikaru tends to dress in the style of a knight. Usually he wears a tight jet black spandex under his entire body. This gives him the ability to usually put an armor above his uniform giving him the Rune Knight look. If he doesn't have an armor he can usually be seen wearing normal civilian clothes. Regarding his physical appearance overall, he tends to look extremely fit and well trained. Due to his time as a Rune Knight he has gained some muscle mass through his rigorous training. With his pearly white teeth, and his nearly perfect eyebrows, he tends to make the perfect knight and shining armor for ladies. Being raised in a wealthy family, with years in Fiore, Hikaru is often seen well combed, and properly dressed and rarely does he look sloppy.

Extra: Hikaru's Bloodtype is AB positive, making him a universal recipient.


Personality: Hikaru's personality is best described as loyal. He is loyal to his country and that is why he is currently a Rune Knight. Though it's not just loyalty that makes him special, it's his ability to be righteous. He has always been a lawful person. With a few hiccups like any human being, he has a very good sense for the law. However, due to being righteous is his nature, he is one who isn't afraid to challenge the system if it appears flawed.

One key thing about his personality is he tends to welcome challenge, as well as facing adversity with a grin on his face. As a Rune Knight he feels like he is already on a higher pedestal then most people, especially since he comes from a moderately wealthy family. This mentality makes his appear cocky and pompous at times. Furthermore he can be blunt to the point of being harsh, and rarely does he have remorse. In regards to combat, Hikaru tends to avoid getting too bloody, but there are times where he prioritizes his missions over the life of others.

Hikaru doesn't mind working in teams, but he is more of a solo act for the most part because of his ability to hold his own in combat. Furthermore, Hikaru is an extremely competitive mage. He hates to lose, making it so he motivates himself to constantly work hard and become stronger. Being in his mid 20s with years of experience as a Rune Knight, he isn't one to rush into battle on raw emotion, and is often calm when a tricky scenario comes across.  

As a Rune Knight, the main thing Hikaru's peers know about him is, he is an honorable man who is hard working. He truly believes that an individual could have an advantage in terms of size, speed, or raw talent. However, when it comes to heart and effort Hikaru thinks no one can outwork him.


  • Training: Hikaru enjoys pushing himself to the limit. With this mentality that nobody will work harder than him, Hikaru can often times be seen as the first person to enter the training yard and the last person to leave. Training is the only time he can bring his body and spells to a new limit. Whenever he trains he feels good because he walks away a little bit stronger or a little bit smarter than he was the day before. It is one of the most rewarding feelings on earth.

  • Winning: Like everyone, who doesn't like to be on the winning team or winning in general? Hikaru loves winning so much, that he is a sore loser when he does lose. Winning is one of those things that makes an individual feel superior to their antagonist. Even if it's a small card game you can catch a glimpse of his competitive nature.


  • Killing:  One of the worse things about being a Rune Knight is sometimes you won't have a choice and you'll have to make a decision on who lives and dies. Crossing this line, is never a good thing. Killing is never something Hikaru likes, and if possible he'd rather avoid it all together. However, sometimes it is warranted, and he has to make a choice for the good of not only himself, but for others. Therefore Hikaru is 100% opposed against it.
  • Corruption: Corruption is one of the things Hikaru dislikes the most. Those in charge that have power should be working to benefit those who do not. Corruption is disliked because it favors one side of Fiore, rather than the other. Attempting to bribe Hikaru may not end well for the Briber.


  • The Greatest of All-Time:  They say you die twice. The first time physically, and the second time is the last time somebody mentions your name. When it's all said and done nothing will matter more than the legacy you build. Hikaru wants to be known for his accomplishments, and wants to be a mage that children talk about for all of eternity. People can take away your life, your magic can become weaker when you're growing old, but one thing that can never be taken away from you is the legacy you leave behind. Hikaru doesn't want to just be a knight in history, he wants to be remembered as a Legend.


  • Imprisonment:  If an enemy gets the chance to capture and imprison Hikaru he will be terrified. Nothing is worse, than being a puppet that your enemies can choose to kill whenever they want to.
  • Losing a Limb:Hikaru's biggest fear is losing a limb. He loves his body and enjoys every aspect of it. Losing a piece of it would just be horrifying for him due to the fact that he knows he would never get it back. Furthermore it makes combat unlikely or difficult.


Magic Name: Lightning Magic

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description: Lightning Magic is a simple magic that allows the user to generate, and manipulate the element known as "Lightning". This magic can be used create high voltage offensive attacks, or increase the ability of nerves to fire at a higher sequences to enhance speed. Moreover, it can be used to fire precise projectiles at at opponents. The user has full control of the lightning they generate, they are capable of altering even altering the voltage expelled.


History: Hikaru's early life was a blur. Much of his early life is mostly a memory. His biological father had married his mom and created him early on, but just as quickly as they had fell in love, they had fallen out of it. The break up was clean, and his dad had moved on fairly quickly establishing a new family. On the other hand Hikaru's mom, Alexandra, had moved on herself finding a step-dad who was a wealthy middle class male. Alexandra had already inherited a lot of money from her own father who had died making the Nakamura Family wealthy. Hikaru's step dad's name was James. Hikaru spent some time with his biological father but for the most part, he spent majority of the time with Alex. After finding James, Alex slowly left her life as a lightning bounty-hunter mage. She was called in for missions that required someone of special talent. To be honest she loved the life, but starting a family was on her priority list. James on the other hand didn't know much about magic, but he loved Hikaru and his mom dearly.

Even though the child was not his own, James still treated Hikaru as his own. Hikaru had gotten one of the best educations, and usually anything he requested was done. This often angered Alex because she didn't want her son growing up spoiler. As time continued to move forward Hikaru continued to gain strength in his magic. Around the age of a teen, he was considered a novice mage. So his parents decided he could begin his adventure at the age of 16. Therefore at the age of 16 he began roaming the world with all the education he needed. As he traveled the world he gained and learned about missions, shops, and guilds. He usually only took minor quest so he could survive.

At the end of his tour, Hikaru was at age 18 where he finally arrived home. His parents were ecstatic to see Hikaru had grown to be 5'9" at that point and had put on some facial hair. He of course was scrawny still but his body frame showed potential for growth. After being on the streets for so long, Hikaru talked to his parents about moving to Era. He talked about the horrors he had seen while going through Fiore.The amount of crime and poverty, he saw made him want to act on it, he wanted to get involved in the military. Hikaru's mom encouraged it saying it would be easy for him to get accepted because his biological dad had formerly been one. With that in mind, Hikaru visited his dad, discussed it with him, and came with the conclusion that he would be moving to Era.

Era was a city with life. So close to the capital it was home for many people. That, and being in direct contact with the Rune Knight made it one of the safest places to live. Upon enrolling he went through a lot of hard trials. At the beginning it was easy, but once he hit Page he began constantly being attacked by his commanding officer. Hikaru was a man to respond to adversity well. Whenever someone in his unit couldn't finish a workout he would take that person's workout for them. If they all had to do 100 push ups, and his squad member was at 50 while everyone else was finish, Hikaru would take all his partner's remaining push ups. This is what made his instructor hate him. His ability to take the worse situation and carry the slack of others. In a world like this his instructor believe the weak should not survive, but Hikaru was helping them survive. So this only made him give Hikaru more work than the rest.

One day, Hikaru had been training for hours with the instructor and the man basically bullied Hikaru. Following that he told Hikaru that his magic was weak and he would never amount to anything. He said he admired Hikaru's work ethic as much as he hated it he respected it. He simply stated with just a plain elemental magic like lightning he wouldn't go far. He said Hikaru had been at the same level for maybe a year and had peaked so early on and plateau. He said in effort Hikaru's effort was still there but that itself wouldn't be good enough to become a Kingsguard. It was at that day Hikaru made a decision. That decision was he would put his all into breaking the threshold and reaching an all time high. However, he needed to reevaluate his purpose for becoming a mage

Hikaru told his mom he would be going on a Journey for 2 years to train with his grandmother. Hikaru mom had heard of the extremity of the training his grandmother did.  She was terrified for him but understood this was what was needed. Hikaru's mom didn't want her son to leave home and train with her, but finally she allowed him to leave.

Hikaru went to go train with his grandmother, Hikari Nakamura, a women who had once been a powerful mage in Blue Pegasus. She forced Hikaru to do extreme physical conditioning for over a year, Returning to the basics. She had a policy to not use magic but rather hone his physical skill.  To use powerful magic, she always stated he needed to be a powerful vessel. The cool part of it was it wasn't normal physical conditioning. Sure he did push ups, and the regular stuff to simply make his body stronger but he also pushed himself to the point of collapse from exhaustion several times. By the time his conditioning was done he began practicing magic. The second part was actually practicing magic. Through practice he learned to use his magic to increase his ability to run faster and supplement hist strength. He followed her training regiment consistently. By the time Hikaru was done his lightning was more powerful and he was a changed man, more disciplined then ever.

After being gone for over two years, Hikaru returned to the his parental figures and they were ecstatic to see Hikaru's new strength and what he had accomplished. However, he told his parents he would be leaving just as quickly as he came, to join the Rune Knight even though he had just returned. This made them slightly angry because they had just seen him for the first time in 2 years and he was leaving almost immediately. Once they settled down his parents realized he was old enough to live his own life so they agreed to let him go. Upon returning to the Rune Knight academy, Hikaru's body had already gained some muscle mass, he looked much stronger  and was now 6'1". His body looked more conditioned as if his body had gone through rigorous training and something in his aura seemed a bit different to those who hadn't seen him in a while but fought with him. His former classmates were already promoted, and so Hikaru was working with a new class, but that didn't stop him. Hikaru came and almost immediately took on every challenge his old instructor gave him, However, this old instructor never really wanted Hikaru to become powerful, nor did he think he had reached his potential. He simply did not like Hikaru, and therefore he refused to promote him.

By the age of 23 Hikaru reached the feat of A-rank in terms of power but, he was also still marked as a "page". After becoming A-rank Hkaru was assigned his first High-ranking mission by a councilmen who overlooked his rank and simply needed a powerful mage that lacked the prominence and rank in the council to be recognized by enemies. Hikaru fit this perfectly, he was an A-rank mage who was a Page and therefore not as famous as a Rune Knight. Hikaru was sent out on a dangerous mission, where he would go "missing in action". however, during the mission, he had managed to clear his trail, and change his appearance so he could flee the country and enter Bosco with a new identity. As a Rune Knight it was not wise for Hikaru to reenter another country with his regular appearance. Rather he dyed his hair blonder and wore contacts. Moreover he dressed completely differently as a poor man.

Hikaru entered the country at a strategic location. He sat on the side fo the road, by where a military general was suppose to pass by. Hikaru's real mission lied was to be  a spy for Fiore. The military official took interest when Hikaru had begged for food. He had prepared himself for this part by starving himself for 2 days. Hungry for food he would beg, and when the military official's escorts attacked him thinking he was a beggar, Hikaru turned on them and defeated them. The general was impressed and offered him food, asking for where he was coming from and what was he.

Hikaru posed as a dojo owner who had gone through bankruptcy. His fake name "Thorwald Grau" Checked out, and under that name was a series of years of information on the fake dojo and "Thorwald Grau". The general enjoyed Hikaru's skill, and took him as her personal recruit/apprentice. Of course he had to gain the official's trust, and he would start off as a regular troop with high expectations from his official.

Hikaru spent a year working his way up the ranks. At the age of 24, He had become the assistant to that official of the bosconian army. As an assistant he began to gather intel and information in regards to a series of highly classified information. While doing that he would do missions for the Bosconian army. When things began to get too hot, and Hikaru stumbled upon information that posed a threat to Fiore's national security, he faked his own death during battle. He was doing a mission for his bosconian official. He was on a ship transporting an  individual.

Hikaru hired pirates to attack the ship. During a terrible ship fight a whirlpool sucked him up. Hikaru pretended to be righteous and forced his crew on the life boat where they sailed away while he would blow up the boat to "save" the individual they were suppose to be body guarding. once an appropriate distance Hikaru would rig the ship to blow. Once blown, it looked like no one could survive. However, Hikaru fled on the pirate's lifeboat.

Hikaru's story picks up from here at the age of 25. Hikaru has finally returned to Fiore, floating on a small wooden life boat and has information to give the council, not only for his sake, but for the sake of the Nation.

Reference: N/A

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Hikaru Nakamura
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Weapon: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Off-Hand: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Head: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Body: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Relic: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Race: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Companion: Refund / NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 160

  • Strength: 41
  • Speed: 41
  • Endurance: 26
  • Constitution: 41
  • Intelligence: 11

Other Changes

Epiteth: The First Class Singularity

Title: Page

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Hikaru Nakamura
Done! Ready for review!

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Akira Shimada
Hey there, welcome back! I'll be reviewing your application

  • You need to pick a class
  • You are eligible to collect 60 more stat points because of the human perk, please add that and reallocate them too.
  • You need to list and link the total number of posts you have completed as an RK member, in order to claim the title and the aura.

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Hikaru Nakamura
Ready 4 Review

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Akira Shimada
This character application has been approved.

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