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Hatsuharu Akimoto

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Name: Hatsuharu Akimoto

Age: Twenty-Two | February 26th, X765

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: A-Rank

Faction: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Purple - Right Scapula

Face: Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach


Height: 6' | 183 cms

Weight: 63 kg | 139 lbs

Hair: Orange

Eyes: Purple

Overall: With bright orange short hair and the obviously missing scar on his face, Haru looks nothing like what he did when he was a happy and naïve nineteen-year-old, who joined the Rune Knights as a mere Page. A final burst of growth had made him stand six feet tall, but despite his continuous confectionary abuse, his high metabolism and the extreme training regime has kept him thin and fit. No longer a teenager, he had begun to develop manly features, which are only further accentuated by his lean muscles. With age, came experience, and experiencing the world had stripped him of his optimism and given him a permanent scowl on his face. His fashion sense hasn’t changed much over the few years. He still wears the traditional Joyan attire, prefers the geta over other footwear, and wears a large black cloak that covers him from neck to toe. The cloak has the purple triquetra symbol on the back, just like the tattoo on his left scapula.

Extra: Purple triquetra tattoo on his left scapula.


Personality: Gone are the days of optimism, hope, and complete lawfulness. Haru had partly become someone whom he once despised. Being a fresh mind at nineteen, after having lost all his memories, the boy was naïve and expected everything in the world to be nice and just. However, his experience with all the injustice and selfishness around him had made him extremely sceptical and prejudiced. The once pacifist healer had turned into a deadly swordsman after embracing the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Haru has anger issues, particularly when it comes to witnessing injustice. Even small crimes make him disproportionately angry. While under the guidance of his master, Zade, he had learnt to control it, tame it, and channel that anger where it is due. However, he still has not mastered the art of self-control and is easy to trigger, especially in the presence of criminals. Nevertheless, he has his priorities set right and never lets his anger come in the way of the safety of innocents. As much as he would like to beat up the criminals, saving the victims will always remain his primary goal.

After spending a year with his partner who was his only friend at the time, and ending up feeling betrayed right before he was about to reveal his feelings for her, most of his extroverted-self had clammed up. He still remains very polite and friendly to anyone he speaks—unless they gave him the slightest reason for him to suspect them. However, he no longer seeks out company and is scared that he will be betrayed again if he lets himself get close to someone. This fear was only bolstered further when he found out that the Captain he served under was a corrupt.

As an extension to his hatred towards the element of darkness, he is also slightly prejudiced against the dark races. His first instinct would be to assume the worst of them, but he is not so stubborn that he would not change his opinion—albeit that would take a lot of effort.

When he lost his pacifistic ways and began to rely on violence to uphold the justice, he flung himself into battles without much thought, his anger taking him over. However, after Zade took him under his wing, he was taught restraint and thorough investigation prior to violence; and the circumstances when taking a life was warranted. Still young and confused, Haru doesn’t understand the philosophy of his master completely, but he follows his teachings and strives everyday to find the balance.


  • Desserts: Just give him a piece of cake or a cup of ice-cream and he’ll call you his best friend—until some else gives him a bigger piece of cake.

  • Travelling: He loves visiting exotic and historic places. Part of the reason he joined the Rune Knights was because he could go on missions all over the country.

  • Hot Springs: There’s nothing like a long dip in a hot-spring before bed. He plans to build and manage a resort around a small hot spring after retirement.


  • Darkness: His hatred for the darkness was not very concrete, considering how his partner used that element and still did good. But after her apparent betrayal, he is convinced that the element is evil and anyone who possesses it cannot help but be evil.

  • Reptiles: Something about the way reptiles move makes him very uneasy. Unfortunately, his craving to see exotic, beautiful places often land him on top of a reptile—especially, the annoying kinds.

  • Naivety: He was once foolish enough to believe everyone’s word to be true; no more. Now everyone is guilty until proven innocent and he is annoyed by anyone who thinks otherwise and easily trusts people.


  • Justice: As idealistic as it might be, creating a world of perfect justice no matter the scale of the crime, is his ultimate goal and the reason why he wakes up every morning.

  • Knowledge: Curiosity is his motivation most of the times. Particularly, after losing control over his magic, he strives to learn new means of healing so that he can continue helping the injured.


  • Failure: As a Rune Knight, he knows his failure would mean the existence of an unpunished injustice, while his success is justice delivered, which is how it should be. So, success doesn’t make him very happy, but he absolutely fears failure.

  • Thunderstorms: This remains his ultimate fear. Even at this age, he still hides under his bed, covering his ears and curling into a ball if there is a thunderstorm.


Magic Name: Density Magic [Dysfunctional]

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: Density Magic allowed Haru to manipulate the density of matter around him. To activate the effect, he either had to be in physical contact with or hit the target using his magical projectile. This magic could be used on both inanimate objects and living beings. By controlling the density of inanimate objects, Haru could make them heavier or lighter, allowing for defensive and supplementary spells. On the other hand, using it on living beings allowed Haru to heal, buff, or debuff them by controlling the density of their bones, muscle, and flesh. By creating drastic and rapid changes in the density of matter around him, he could also explore some offensive capabilities. However, ever since Adragna released the seal on him, he has lost complete control over his magic and it goes haywire every time he attempts using it. To avoid hurting those around him, he refrains from using the magic until he gains some mastery over it.


Marked & Meddled (X765 - X784):
Deep in a forest far from the major cities of Joya, there exists an ancient tribe that worships magic itself. Cut off from the primary civilization and their advancements, this primitive tribe believed that humans who could perform magic were gods descended from the heavens. Unfortunately, however, they also believed gods cannot help them if they came down to Earthland from heaven. So, immediately after a magical baby was born, a ritual was performed, where the baby was sacrificed under the belief that the god is sent back to heaven, from where they were supposed to help the tribe prosper. Over generations, such foolish beliefs have killed several thousand magical babies within the tribe.

Recently, one baby girl, called Ayumu, survived these maniacs thanks to her rare memory-make magic. Her magic manifested automatically every time she was in danger, wiping out the memories of those in the tribe who would try to take her life. Once she was old enough, she slowly learned to control her magic, which made her survival much easier. No one, including her parents, had the slightest clue of what she was capable of. For many years, her secret was safe.

Once Ayumu was twenty years old, she was married off to a man named Kazunari Akimoto within the tribe. And the following year, she gave birth to a healthy boy; this boy, is Hatsuharu Akimoto. Despite her hopes that Haru would be non-magical, she was ready to use her magic to protect him if need be. Unfortunately, the need arose; Haru was very much magical and his magic was extremely hard to hide. Ayumu had to train him to control it very early so that he could stop using it accidentally. Once he was seven years old, the boy learned enough control to use it at his will. Even though his mom prohibited him from using the magic under any circumstance, Haru couldn’t help but use it to help anyone in need. This put tremendous strain on Ayumu, as she had to use her memory-make on several targets to keep Haru safe.

However, unfortunately, Ayumu couldn’t keep this going forever. On a fateful evening, when Haru was nineteen years old, a huge magical explosion of unknown origin occurred at the centre of the village that injured hundreds of people. Despite his mother’s warnings, Haru rushed to the scene to help those in need using his magic. He thought, maybe, saving their lives will change their attitude and they will stop sacrificing the magical babies. However, he was very wrong. The entire village was enraged, and Ayumu’s secret was out. The village elders held down Haru and branded him with an X on his cheek, marking him for death. Ayumu managed to free Haru and ran to the shores, knowing that she cannot wipe the memories of the entire village. To protect Haru, she wiped his memories completely, put him on a raft, and sent him away from the village, while she stayed back to stall the villagers from following her son. Her magic was not suited for combat and she could not last long. However, she lasted long enough to ensure Haru was a safe distance away.

The enraged villagers believed Haru to be a powerful god whose absence in the heaven will cause a great epidemic among the tribe. So, they took it upon themselves to hunt him down and sacrifice him, for the good of the tribe. To accomplish this, for the very first time in centuries, a handful of the tribesmen constructed a boat and sailed into the sea, chasing their target.

Meanwhile, a Fiorian trade vessel found an unconscious Haru on a drifting raft and saved him. The nineteen-year-old boy woke up at a hospital in Fiore, remembering nothing but his name. Hoping he will one day recollect his memories, Haru began his new life in Fiore with optimism. By joining the Rune Knights, he chose to protect the people and uphold justice.
Lost & Found (X785):
Almost immediately after joining the faction, Haru was partnered up with Akira Shimada. A young sceptic girl with darkness magic in her that wasn’t fully under her control. It was obvious that neither of them was ecstatic about the arrangement, but both put their feelings aside and worked together for the sake of doing their duty. However, over the year of their partnership, the two were put through several dangerous missions, and soon their relationship went from ‘tolerating’ to ‘trusting’.

The two rose in ranks relatively quickly, thanks to their performance. Their first victory was against a powerful Daemon during the Grimoire Heart invasion, albeit not alone. Obviously, it was all for naught; while they won that battle, the war was lost. Many think Arthurias did right by the people with that invasion, and it took a while for Haru to see the bigger picture and accept him as the King. However, unfortunately, his reign didn’t last long.

Meanwhile, since Grimoire Heart was disbanded right after the coup, Phantom Lord remained the only dark guild in Fiore, and the council thought they could use this opportunity to root them out. A squad was formed, which included Haru and Akira, and they were sent straight to the guildhall of Phantom Lord to take it down. While they defeated one of the defenders of the guild, they then faced the guild’s new master, Dante, who was far more powerful than any of them could fathom. Dante knew far more about the council than any of the Rune Knights in the squad did, and he spared the squad members as he was unwilling to squash them over the council’s foolishness.

The two were quickly promoted to Lieutenants almost immediately after that mission, to either appreciate their effort or to keep them shut—Haru never really knew which among the two was the real reason. After being promoted to Lieutenant, he was given access to solve more serious crimes, and the files shook his core. It wasn’t that Haru wasn’t aware of the concept of crime. He joined the Knights knowing that there are scoundrels out there who would attempt to harm others because of any of the several twisted reasons they had. However, the part he was terribly wrong about was that he thought he could protect everyone around him without resorting to violence. So, when he witnessed the selfishness and cunning of the world around him day after day, and inevitably failed to protect the innocent because he refused to go on the offensive, it made him feel inadequate and angry. The fact was, even after he gave up on his pacifism and resorted to violence to keep the peace, he still couldn’t protect everyone. This realization sent him on a downward spiral of anger and depression, which he struggled to get out of.

Amidst this chaos in his head, the one thing that kept him sane was his relationship with Akira. No matter the circumstance, she was always next to him as a voice of reason. As he reworked his philosophy and struggled with his anger, his partner became his pillar of support. Of course, he developed feelings for Akira over this period, but harboured it for a long while out of fear that he would lose a good friend if the feeling wasn’t mutual.
Broken & Bent (X786):
Haru finally did ask Akira out on a date, and she agreed too. He was ecstatic and was looking forward to developing a romantic relationship with her. Despite all their differences, the two stuck with each other during the most difficult times, had each other’s back at intense battles, and understood each other even without words. Haru thought the two knew each other really well… Only, he was proven wrong on their very first date.

Akira revealed to Haru that she had murdered a Vampire and a Daemon at the flower festival in Orchidia. The Vampire girl had lost herself to her inherent bloodlust and had killed a father and his child. Haru could see why Akira had to go to the extreme solution in that case. However, he couldn’t understand why she had to do it when it came to the Daemon. It would seem the one who hosted the Demon within her was in fact good and had asked Akira to kill her to prevent the Demon from taking over and being unleashed at the festival. While her motive was noble, Haru couldn’t accept that she didn’t think twice before ending the life of a good person; that she didn’t look for another option to save the woman.

Beyond everything, Haru felt betrayed that his partner had kept these secrets from him for so long, which to him, implied guilt. After reminding Akira that he did not give up on her when she lost control over her magic, Haru expressed his disbelief and disgust at her actions, going as far as blaming her for the violent changes within him. Anger blinded the nineteen-year-old as he refused to listen or understand. The next morning, he left for Era, without his partner.

Judgement still clouded by the anger and betrayal he felt, Haru took the very first opportunity offered to him at the Headquarters. He was to serve as the second-in-command for a Captain, whose squad was stationed at Dahlia, one of the most crime-ridden cities within Fiore. The swordsman was looking forward to venting his frustration at the criminals in the city, and for several months, he was nothing but a drone under the command of Captain Brunetti. He attacked those the Captain wanted harmed, released those he wanted free, and protected those he liked. At first look, it seemed Brunetti was an honourable man who was doing his duty to protect the people of the country. However, in reality, he was a two-faced snake who exploited the system and was corrupted to the last bone.

There were several obvious clues that Haru had picked up while serving under Brunetti that incriminated the man. However, the young Knight refused to believe what he was seeing and told himself that the Captain was a good man and he must have his reasons for what he was doing. The fear of betrayal had taken root deeply and it made him reject the truth that was right in front of him. However, thankfully, his state of denial and the endless corruption by Brunetti wasn’t allowed to last for long. Judgement arrived, when Zade sent a message informing that he was visiting Dahlia and would like to meet with Captain Brunetti.

When Haru heard that the King’s Sword was coming to meet the Captain, it only bolstered his false confidence on the man. The Rune Knights base in Dahlia was decorated and the platoon was assembled to receive Zade. The tall and intimidating man got off his mount, shook hands with the Captain and the feast began. Haru watched as the two laughed and joked about things, until suddenly the topic took a dark turn. Zade asked the Captain how much money he made by selling out the country to the criminals of Dahlia. At first, Haru thought this was yet another joke the two shared, but the sudden change in the Captain’s expression told him otherwise. As Brunetti stammered, trying to talk his way out of it, the King’s Sword began listing all the corrupt crimes he had committed, one by one. As he listened to the list, Haru could no longer hide behind his denial; at that point, it was apparent that Brunetti was indeed corrupt. The swordsman’s blood boiled and it took a lot of self-control for him to not just rush out front and punch the man to death. But beyond his hatred for the Captain, he hated himself more. Despite the evidence staring him in the face, he had ignored it. He was as much at fault here as his corrupt superior.

The scene that followed was life-altering for the young Lieutenant. Zade asked Brunetti to come quietly and face the King’s justice for his crimes. However, Brunetti denied all the allegations and attempted to flip the blame on Zade, highlighting his days as a Grimoire Heart member to make the crowd believe he was the culprit in the room. Zade stood up calmly and offered the man an alternative: trial by combat. If Brunetti beat Zade in combat, he would be cleared of all the crimes he was accused of. Brunetti accepted the challenge, and he shouldn’t have. The fight that ensued was one of the fastest and the most humiliating that Haru had seen in his life. In a blink, Zade’s sword was out and Brunetti’s head was on the floor.

As much as Haru appreciated the justice, he was appalled by the beheading. If the King’s Sword was that powerful, surely he was capable of incapacitating the Captain and put him through the justice system. What was the need to kill him? The crowd was at a standstill as Zade cleaned his sword and sheathed it, after which he called for the Lieutenant to step forward. It took Haru a few moments to realize he was the one being referred to. He stepped forward and Zade simply announced that he was in-charge of the squad now. With that, the King’s Sword left the hall.

Haru followed.
Drilled & Unleashed (X787):
Seeing Haru follow him, Zade stopped outside the hall’s entrance and gave him a questioning look. The young Lieutenant respectfully asked the burning question within him: that if he had to kill the Captain and if he couldn’t have just captured him. An annoyed Zade didn’t see the reason to explain his decision to a mere kid and walked away after asking Haru to mind his business while he minds his. However, the answer to that question would once and for all solve his dilemma: when was violence warranted. So, he pursued relentlessly.

When Haru insisted that his question be answered, Zade’s annoyance turned into suspicion, and he asked if Haru was trying to defend Captain’s corruption, or worse, if he was corrupt too. Shocked, he retorted by saying he would die before he betray the people. Zade seemed convinced for the moment, but still did not answer his question. Unwilling to push his luck further, Haru did not follow him further that night, but was not willing to let go. So, he returned the next morning to Zade’s quarters with the same question, but was outright ignored. Day after day, Haru went back and was ignored over and over again, until one day Zade broke the silence. However, he didn’t answer Haru’s question, but simply asked why he was so adamant on knowing the reason.

Haru took a deep breath before he began his rushed rant on his anger issues and about how he always felt the urge to beat up criminals but bottled it up because he thought it was wrong to take justice into his own hands. He concluded his rant stating that he needs the answer so that he can find the best way to deliver justice. Zade listened to him patiently and then called for the Seated in the squad. When the Seated arrived, he promoted him to Lieutenant and gave him command of the squad. He then turned to Haru and said he was coming with him to Crocus. Haru swallowed, fearing that he had annoyed the man beyond his patience and was now going to not only be kicked out of the faction, but also be punished for disobedience. However, he didn’t dare speak a word, but simply followed.

It was only after they started their journey to Crocus did Zade tell him that he was not going to be fired or punished, but was going to be trained. The King’s Sword told him that the answer he seeks was not one he could provide over a cup of tea. And hence began Haru’s training under Zade. He had been following the King’s Sword ever since, hunting down criminals and corrupt officials alike. He was taught the importance of thorough investigation, the ethical and unethical investigative methods, when and where to use them, how to apprehend the criminals, and finally, when to use force.

To Zade, learning the philosophy wasn’t good enough. He also demanded that Haru train his body so that he was capable of defending and upholding that philosophy. His training regime was cruel, but very effective. Haru’s physical prowess grew exponentially and sparring every day with a legendary swordsman had improved his techniques with the lightsaber significantly. However, both Zade and Haru noticed that the more he trained, the less effective his magic became, to the point where he could no longer perform his spells properly. Zade also noticed that this was to do with the X-shaped scar on his face. It would seem the scar was not really a scar, but a seal that dampened his magical capabilities the more he used it. Zade sent Haru to one of the council members, Adragna, who specialized in the healing arts, to get it unsealed. Despite Adragna’s warning that she wasn’t entirely certain what the unsealing would cause, Haru went through the process hoping for the best. Unfortunately, however, like Adragna feared, he lost complete control over his magic, leaving him completely incapable of casting any of his spells without causing destructive explosions. To avoid hurting those around him and himself, he refrained from using his magic and focused solely on his weapon skills.

Despite losing his magic, Haru was content training under Zade and fighting crime. However, a two-year-old memory haunted him once again, as he heard news of his ex-partner, Akira Shimada. It would seem her reckless methods had gotten her sacked from the faction, even though she had rose to the rank of Captain-Commander after he left her. Haru wished to find her; not to poke at the open wound, but to talk sense into her and find a way to bring her back into the Rune Knights. Time had mended his heart and he realized he truly did care for her. If all the time with Zade had taught him anything, it was to not have any regrets. And he knew he would definitely regret it if he did not reconcile with Akira.

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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: Blue Lightsaber (Reclaim)
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: Four-Leaf Clover Ring (Refund) [1,000,000J]
  • Race: Human [Perk Applied]
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 333 (Including the AP from ranking up to A and the Human perk)

  • Strength: 71
  • Speed: 101
  • Endurance: 61
  • Constitution: 81
  • Intelligence: 19

Other Changes

  • Aura: Lieutenant's Vigour
  • Epithet: Knight of Zero
  • Faction Title: Lieutenant
  • Faction Level: 4
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