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#1Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya


Name: T K

Age: 18 July 3, X768

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: C-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Navy Blue Center of chest

Face: Arthur Pendragon (Prototype Saber)- Fate GO


Height:  5'7" (170 cm)

Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Green

Overall:T.K has short blond hair that he likes to keep short and green eyes he wears the standard armor of a knight, the armor parts are silver in color. While the tunics part are blue. He also has a blue and white hood attached to the back of the armor part of his neck. T.K's casual clothing is a long black coat with a red shirt underneath it. He also wears black jeans and black shoes. For events and formal gatherings, he wears an all-black business suit which consisted of a black tie, shirt, vest, and shoes. He also wore black gloves.

Extra: Scars on right shoulder.


Personality: Trust, Hope, and compassion are the three key things that TK tries to stand for when the people are losing their way. After some time he has learned that Trust is not something that can just be given out like candy but must be earned and respected. Compared to how he started out in the Rune Knights he has changed his views on the evil that awaits everyone around each corner. TK's hope is by far his best quality as he never stops looking for the smallest glimmer even when everyone else has given up.
T.K has grown out his shy phase just completely jumped into a phase where he gets flustered when girls around. His needs to follow everything by the book is still present as he gets agitated when things aren't done in the correct order though he will let somethings slide if they explain the reasoning behind it. His about his sister can change at the drop of a hat due to their stressful relationship that only seemed to be a one-sided thing. His feelings towards his brother are a bit more complex as he wants to reform him in some way but into something that could never reach just into someone that can repent for their sins and be better.


  • Plushies: Plushies are the pillows when your out camping and there is nothing wrong with wanting something to cuddle with. Though he doesn't need to have one with him at all times anymore.
  • Rune Knights: Just like his father before him the peacekeepers of Fiore are always there when you need them, It is also just a family thing. What's not to like their here to help those that need it.


  • Pitbulls: Pitbulls are rather still violent towards him so he has added it to the very short list of things that he doesn't like. They are just angry dogs that really need to be kept on their leashes at all times.  
  • Paper Work: Its paperwork no one likes to do mountains of paperwork just to get an accident report. Paperwork should be avoided when ever the chance arises.


  • Becoming a Captian: Its was his fathers goal that he has now passed on to him in hopes that thgat one day he will reach even higher hights.


  • Kon:Konstine is a very scary man that has just left a very frighting image in his head that will more than likely never go away. Fighting and talking to him are really two different things which is just something he rather avoids altogether.
  • Losing Faith: having grown up in a church his faith is the second most important thing to him next to his family.


Magic Name: Seven Light of Hopes

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description: TK use the light of the Havens to aid him in battle by creating an array of different spell's. When he uses some spells four angelic wings behind him as if an Angle was behind him. The depending on the spell the light will change colors in response to the purpose of the spell.


Boot Camp:
After concluding his work in Orchidia TK was invited to a go on a camping trip to a camp deep in the Worth Woodsea with a squad of knights but little did he know that the camping trip was a not just about laying under the stars and campfires, this was a Boot Camp that is meant for those that are still a bit green around the gills. For the first week that he was there they had to make their way to the actual camp while avoiding traps, surprise attacks from other knights, and the wildlife. Honestly it the young knight about three days to arrive at the campsite by that time he was the last one to arrive and due to that he was not allowed to eat until everyone else had finished. The only reason that TK was the last one to arrive was simple, he let his kind nature get the better of him and tried to avoid fighting off the other knights and the wild life.
Week three was nothing short of hell for the young knight was placed on a team which just made matter even more difficult as everyone wanted to do their own thing, this got them penalized and this time they couldn’t shower till they worked as a team to get through the night.  
With the first month over nearly have the original squad that arrived was gone only leaving a handful. The training had only started to die down the more they worked together than and became a unite, though they did have their off days where they had give each other a reality check.

T.K’s unite was tasked with handling a traitor senorio and with him never wanting to see the bad in others couldn’t really play the part well so they picked someone else to play the part. The unite found it to be rather difficult to find the traitor, this made the young knight have to change his mind set in order to help his unite succeed in this senorio. The longer they took to find the mole the longer they couldn’t eat or rest, admittedly the lack of sleep just made the task even harder as everyone started to turn on each other. Days later they finally found the mole and took some much needed rest. This was repeated a number of times during their time in the camp and each go around took less and less time to find the traitor even when T.K was the one doing the backstabbing.

After three months at the camp, everyone that was left was given a certificate stating that they were able to make it through the Boot Camp. TK made his way back home and informed his parents that he may have lost track of his sister once again but she was bound to turn up again at some point, they did care so long as she was safe and was able to feed for herself.
On the day of his birthday he and his father decided to have a friendly little match just to see how far he has come. As the match went on it would seem that the young knight was winning but just as he was about to win a fire broke out at the church and with his mother still inside. TK was able to get her out at the risk of damaging his right shoulder during the escape.

A day after the fire the young knight received a letter telling him to go to the Forsaken Cemetery in Dahlia the in a week if he wanted answers about the fire. He was quite hesitant to do as the letter instruced seeing as accidents happen after all but whoever wrote the letter must have be the one that started it. When he arrived at the cemetery no one was there at first glance but the moment he set foot in the actual graveyard a barrier of sorts went up and a man in red stood before him. It had turned out that the person that that orcastaied the whole thing was his younger brother Cai erased his life with the family and joined a dark guild. The only reason that he decided to remove the spell was to kill him and knowing he was killed by someone he loved, naturally he didn’t want to die or even fight his own sibling so he tried to talk him out of this silly thought but it had no effect. Cai made sure that only one of them be getting out alive as the enter cemetery was encased with runes that will only lift when one dies. T.K nearly lost the fight if it wasn’t their mother coming and distracting him long enough for him to land the final blow releasing the spell though he wish things had gone different he visits Cai whenever he has the chance.

History :
After T.K  was born his parents found that their family was just growing seeing as they had never turned away a lost child that was in need of them.  They ran a church which helped them keep up with their daily lives as they soon got into the habit of making lunches for some of the mages that stopped by the during their quest. By the time that T.K was able to walk his mother had started telling stories of how his father was once a Rune Knight and gave it up to marry her and have him or so he was told. He was the second oldest of three but he never really got along with one of the siblings no matter how hard he tried to get along with them. His mother would often tell him that if he didn’t get along with them that he would never see his favorite plushie again, he could never force himself to do something that he never wanted to do.

As the years went by T.K found that he and one of his siblings didn’t really see each other as siblings even though they had been raised together their whole lives, but on one fateful day T.K was going on a run to pick up some bread when he was pulled into an alleyway by some of the older kids and robbed him for the money that his parents gave him so instead of going back home he chased down the kids to get the money back and had the crap kicked out of him until his sister found him and saved him. He found that she wasn’t all bad after all as she began to show interest in him and his well being, the two started to open up to one another and actually started acting like siblings. T.K soon found that she was the only person who he could talk if he had a problem and didn’t want to consult their parents about it, soon enough the two became best friends. He sometimes left as if she was hiding something from him when he asks about the Vulpix that followed her around.

Their father had wanted to see if they had what it to take in order to become mages. T.K found an interest in light while his sister favored darkness magic as they found it to be more like them to have opposite magics as he thought more of being that ray of light within darkness. The way that he and his sister used her magic was almost like a mimic to his but both with elegance and grace together and as they both advanced in their lessons T.K and his sister kept one thing in mind, that being to make their father and mother proud of them.  The two had the same passion for their magic which lead to T.k telling his sister about how father had magic that was a lot stronger than their own and how he was a Rune Knight and how he went on quests and helped those in need and right wrong. T.K and his sister wanted to follow within their father's footsteps but he also wanted to prove that he can make it out on his own.

Reference: N/A

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#2Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: Refund - 100,000 J
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: Human
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 29

  • Strength: 5
  • Speed: 5
  • Endurance: 5
  • Constitution: 5
  • Intelligence: 9

Other Changes

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This character application has been approved.

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