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Adriano Knightingale

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Adriano Knightingale


Name: Adriano Knightingale

Age: April/15/X769 [18]

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Questioning

Ethnicity, Father: Fioran

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Back of his right hand - Gold

Face: Sorey - Tales of Zestiria


Height: 5'6" | 162.5 cm

Weight: 140 lbs. | 63.5 kg.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Emerald Green

Overall: There is not much that differentiates Adriano from
the average human… aside from, perhaps, his shorter than average stature. Despite being quite lean for his age, much of this is hidden by his baggy, and ragged clothing. For the most part, his outfit consists of a blue shirt under a white cape. His black pants go past ankles, baggy to the point where he is forced to keep on a belt at all times. On his feet are worn out, white boots, with complimenting gloves on his hands. The strangest thing about his attire is possibly his feather earrings, a gift from his late foster mother.

His brown hair tends to be a mess, and naturally stays blown to the side of his face. The shade of his hair somewhat compliments his tanned skin which is a byproduct of spending most of his time outdoors. However, Adriano’s most striking feature would have to be his eyes. They hold most of the emotion he ever dares to portray, and are a beautiful, yet piercing shade of emerald green.

Extra: N.A


Personality: Adriano is, at heart, a kind and gentle soul. His patience and altruism at times seems unmatched, and he simply loathes creating any unnecessary conflict. Above all the else, he prefers to live a peaceful and enlightening existence, especially within the confines of nature. Most of this comes from his upbringing, in which he was isolated from the rest of society. It is because of this that he is also quite reclusive, preferring to keep to himself for the most part whenever he can.

He is antisocial to the point where he does not even talk unless absolutely necessary. If anything, his sentences are very short and sweet. But regardless of his silence or lack thereof, Adriano knows how appreciates the occasional joke or even prank, always willing to laugh and ease any tense atmosphere. His light-hearted disposition also translates to making friends, who he holds close to his heart and would assist in a heartbeat, especially when it comes to cheering them up.

The boy holds a strong sense of duty to protect all life, mainly in terms of nature but people too. He is quite mature and noble for his age, yet holds a stubbornness that could very well get him killed one day. Within him also lies an adventurous streak, for he is always willing to learn and wanting to sate his never ending curiosity, careful to have an open-mind lest his insults or misunderstands someone or something. It is for this reason that despite his background, he is not all that religious, acknowledging the existence of higher beings, but realizing there are a multitude of different religions on Earth that muddy the waters and interfere with one another.

Strangely enough, he does not have the greatest emotional control once he reaches his limit. Like a dam holding back water, once his wall is damaged, a flood is quick to come. What someone else may feel, Adriano feels tenfold, whether it be happiness, love, or sadness. It is due to this that anger more often than not surges through him, a result from the events of his past. He has great difficulty overcoming this part of himself, but strives to eventually do so.


  • Animals: With being surrounded by nature for a majority of his life, Adriano has found a soft spot for animals, especially those on the smaller side. They tend to like him in return, to the point where he can always convince them to play or assist him with certain tasks.
  • Music: No matter where it’s coming from, music tends to ease his soul, especially when he can’t get a grip on his emotions. It calms him down and encourages him to think. He even dabbles in a few instruments himself.


  • Dark Mages (Midnight Cultists): They have essentially ruined his entire life. Their mages stole not only his home away, but also his dear foster mother. It is for that reason alone Adriano loathes the cultists, but is torn between ending them and attempting to find peace through other means.
  • Crowds: Adriano is far from used to being surrounded by multitudes of people, meaning that crowds are something that he especially dislikes. They are confining and the noise is so irritating.


  • Finding Inner Peace: Ever since leaving his home, Adriano has been trying to find himself. He is lost in a way, holding an uncontrollable rage within him due to his tragic background. As such, he is traveling the world in order to get away from his past and find answers to many questions concerning his life.
  • Finding Courage: It is something he didn’t have during the eradication of his home, and is another trait he hopes to attain during his adventures. Never again does he want to stand by and allow the worst to happen, whether that be to him or anyone else.


  • Bonds: Adriano has loved and he has lost, and due to this experience, is frankly terrified of loving ever again. Although he adores those close to him, it is due to his extreme love that the hole left behind when they leave is nearly impossible to heal. He simply doesn’t want to be hurt all over again.
  • Midnight Cultists: Thoughts of them and the pain they have inflicted onto him sets Adriano off into a boiling rage. An untamable inferno of anger. However, that side of himself is a part that he loathes and is quite frankly scared by. He’s not sure what he would do when encountering a cultist, whether he would be able to control himself or act without thought, letting his emotions consume him. This unknown factor alarms him, but what frightens him even more is the fact even thinking about the cult has such a strong effect on his mental state.


Magic Name: Darkness Magic

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Description: A type of magic in which the user can control the darkness. Whether that be manipulating it into tendrils or coating themselves in shadows, this type of magic can be quite flexible depending on how it’s used. In Adriano’s case, he has placed a focus on using this magic for offensive purposes, such as shooting waves and beams from a range or covering his sword/body with darkness for increased speed or damage.


History: Alyx could recall the day she first stumbled upon the boy.

It was during her trek deep within Worth Woodsea at the dead of night, on her way back home after a long day of exploration elsewhere. A rancid scent had reached her nose along her journey, but still, it was a scent she was faintly familiar with. The scent of the dead. Curious, she went on to investigate the cause.

The blonde Wood Elf had found two bodies, one that had already passed to the next world, and another that was hanging onto life by a thin thread. It was a man, who had noticed her approach and quickly called out to her. Upon closer inspection, he was cradling something quite small, and it was squirming about in his arms. A baby.

“Please,” he rasped, coughing as he did so. He used what little energy he had left to lift the child up to her, gurgling and all in a red blanket, something likely tainted with blood from the man’s obvious injuries. “Take Adriano… take… my son…”

Although she took the child, Alyx had room to truly protest, no way of responding to the stranger’s request for in that same moment, his eyes had completely lost their light. So there she was, standing before the two dead bodies with... a baby in her arms.

She sighed.

It wasn’t even until minutes afterwards, when she had taken it upon herself to further investigate the area, that she had located a small journal and what was reminiscent to a Midnight Cult's Gospel. Both books laid not too far from what remained of the two strangers, and Alyx could feel her blood run cold.

This time around, she cursed.

Alyx was rather young by Wood Elf standards. Only thirty years old, she was bright and curious about her surroundings, moreso than all the others residents of her home. She went as far as manipulating earth magic openly, intrigued by all of its possibilities. While such things further separated her from her peers, she paid no mind to it. She simply didn’t care about being accepted if it meant having to change who she was and what she was interested in. As such, she stayed isolated, walling herself off from the rest of her village in a way. It was to the point where she lived on very the outskirts, staying in a home made of her own earth magic. She was an enigma and that was okay in her books.

This however, this changed things.

She didn’t have it within her to get rid of the child. After all, she wasn’t that heartless, but she also knew it was likely the other elves wouldn’t want much to do with him. Doing things on her own was something she could manage, but… could this boy grow up and be okay with living a similar lifestyle? Would this limit all that she could do? Could she even properly raise an actual child? What a stressful situation.

Yet each time she gazed into the baby’s green eyes, her worries seemed to melt away.


Adriano loved animals. And he loved music.

Music would comfort him at night when he couldn’t sleep, for Alyx would always play him a lullaby using her flute, and during day, the animals in the surrounding forest would attempt to cure his loneliness.

He wasn’t like the others. It was too obvious for his eyes to miss. The other kids, they all had lighter hair colors, they all were slimmer, and taller than he was. They even had pointier ears compared to his tiny, round ones, and moved with a grace he could only hope to attain. He couldn't even speak their native tongue, as each time they spoke to him, it was in something completely different. But the others, they noticed everything long before even he did.

No one would play with him. No one wanted to even say hello to him, not without looking away awkwardly. He could understand it though. He looked different, and he enjoyed different things, just like Alyx did in comparison to the other adults. He liked exploring, and watching his guardian bend the earth to her will. But despite all his shortcomings, he could still become one with nature, just like everyone else in the tiny settlement he called home… at the very least.

So he stuck to what he loved, and stayed by his mother’s—no, not mother... by Alyx’s side, explored and inspected and learned and loved. And he slowly learned to accept what his life was slowly morphing into.

Especially when Alyx would give out hints of teaching him swordplay. After showing him how to make a sword in the first place.

Once Adriano turned eleven years old, he could recall the day he stumbled upon an intriguing scene.

It was during his daily venturing deep into Worth Woodsea, in the middle of the day with the sun shining down on him through the trees. One of his animal companions, a young wolf, had sniffed out what appeared to be a strange scent. Curious, the boy allowed it to guide him directly to the cause of the smell.

The brown-haired human had found makeshift graves, both not too far away from an all too strange book. His interest piqued, Adriano almost picked it up, not aware of who it belonged to but willing to find out and properly deliver it.

A strange presence, however, had stopped him in his tracks.

He turned around to see a cloaked figure, the only thing visible being their eyes, dark red and peering deeply into his soul. The boy had paled considerably, something very apparent compared to his usual tan. Regardless, he held his ground, hands inching towards his wooden sword to defend himself—

An arrow pierced the air, whizzing only millimeters passed the closest stranger’s face and into the ground beneath their feet. A quick glance in the direction it came from had Adriano’s eyes light up with joy: Alyx had come to help him. But her face was strained, her arms were shaking and sweat was evident on her brow. Before he could speak, she yelled at him to go, and he knew that instant that something was very wrong. However, he listened, and did not contest her decision.

He ran, ran all the way to his small village, ran faster than he ever had before. Yet once he reached his home, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Fire. The village was burning, elves were laid out across the ground, some dead and others making their way to the other side. In the center of it all stood two of the cloaked strangers, with powerful magic auras surrounding their being. It was hidden behind one of the many trees that Adriano stood, frozen, tears coming to his eyes at the destruction of his home.

Being at such a young age, he remained in his spot, too scared to speak, too scared to even move. He watched with wide eyes as the cloaked devils extracted blood from their victims, before searching what remained of the houses. What? What were they searching for and why? Why, why, why?

It was silently that Adriano stayed, crying through the night as he lost all that he knew.

Morning came and with it, the faint scent of dried blood. The cloaked beings had left. All that remained… was ruins.

It was a small village. There was only a population of at most 80 at any time, but it was still home. It was still…

Adriano desperately searched for survivors, wishing for there to be any, but knowing deep in his heart there would be none. But then it clicked. Utterly ashamed of himself, the boy ran back to where he left Alyx to face the cloaked being alone.

He found her indeed. Eyes lacking their usual light, with dried blood covering the entirety of her top, all coming from her neck. Oh, the amount of blood… The only thing missing from the scene was the devil and the black book he had found near the graves. Overwhelmed, Adriano could only collapse, screaming, pounding the ground as tears sprang back up to his eyes.

Staying would do nothing for him. He had to leave as quickly as possible, so he did. The boy salvaged what was left his home, gathered up all that he held close to his heart, especially his feather earrings and Alyx’s journal. But before he truly left, he set Alyx… he set his… mother to rest. He spent as much time as possible making a proper grave for her, praying to the Elven Gods for her sake after all was said and done.

And with that he departed, not knowing what to do with himself, but walking onward all the same.

Only a few years into his travels, he had learned a multitude of new things. For one, the boy had delved further into the art of swordplay. It took quite some time to gather the funds for it as well, but he’d bought an actual sword, finally putting down the old wooden one that he had crafted with his mother. Of course he still carried it along with him, not willing to part with the keepsake quite yet.

He had also discovered his magic, something that felt natural but did not fit his… image, to be honest. Sometimes, he could hear Alyx agreeing with him, believing he is too nice and soft to be found with such a literally dark ability. Regardless, he’d learned to accept it as part of him, and began to try and harness his new power.

Despite all the change that had occurred in his life, the youth still remained close to the forests when he could, and began learning how to play many instruments. The flute was especially included in his arsenal. It wasn’t until the age of eighteen, a whole seven years since the tragedy, that something truly peculiar happened. He was approached by a rather short man, one seemingly around his own age.

Now, this individual was quite frightening, yelling and unnecessarily challenging him. For a moment, Adriano wondered if this was why the elves kept to themselves. He could understand their isolation through and through if that was the case.

After winning challenge upon challenge (it was beyond him to figure out exactly why the stranger had ran up the tree instead of actually climbing it in their tree climbing contest), Adriano was becoming flustered by the man’s antics. Especially when he was so violent. Ripping a tree out of the ground from anger alone? What on earth?

He had even been challenged to tame bears. Of course, he had won, glad to find a friend in the bear, but worried for the well-being of his supposed… opposition. What’s worse, however, is when the white haired stranger passed out thereafter and Adriano attempted to get him water at a nearby river. Now, he had fallen asleep himself along the way, but… goodness gracious, the last thing he expected to see was the man’s face angrily pushed right into his, asking for another challenge.

At that point, Adriano simply chose to walk away from the situation, not quite wanting to deal with someone so insistent on breaking things and hurting his eardrums. But lo and behold, the man, who was apparently named Idran, outright chose to continue following him. Not having to heart to abandon the fellow, he simply beared with it, traveling with the stranger up to this very day.

What a strange life he was living.

Reference: Google lmfao

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Akira Shimada
Hey there! Welcome to the site! Your app needs a few quick changes for approval:

  • Even though your character may not know his parents, we need to know their ethnicity
  • Val’Elvarin is a race specific language, so I'm afraid your human character can't speak in that tongue, so you'll have to tweak that aspect in your history and personality.

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Adriano Knightingale
Baboom. Made the changes.


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Akira Shimada
This character application has been approved.

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