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LeeAnn Nakamura

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#1Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura


Name: LeeAnn Alister Nakamura

Age: 23 ll October 31st, X764


Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father:

Nicolas Sokolov (adopted):

??? (Blood): Joyan-Kitsune

Ethnicity, Mother:

Elizabeth Sokolov/Nakamura (adopted mother): Boscosi-Human

??? (Blood): Joyan-Kitsune

Class: Hunter

Race: Kitsune (Previously Neko and Human)

Rank: B-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Back of the Neck- Blood Red

Face: Kushina-Naruto


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 160lbs

Hair: Long crimson hair that goes down to her mid-back. Usually in a pony tail, but sometimes down.


  • Left eyed: Black with a blood red ring
  • Right eye: White with a ghostly-pale blue with a gray-ish blue pupil

Overall: The most remarkable feature is her six beautiful crimson tails with a black ring and white tip on the ends, with a matching set of ears. Many people admire her beauty despite her messed up complexion. She keeps her tails together with a band to prevent them from being a tripping hazard or a staring target.

For her physique, she is rather tall and skinny, but toned. She an even toned body that is fit for a Rune Knight. Many can know its her from afar due to how much she stands out from the crowd. Though, she tries not to.

Her form of dress comes in two ways. The first is her military-like appearance. She wears a blue and gold coat her father had given her with a belt of the plus sign. She wears black jeans or slacks with combat boots or hiking boots. The second is basic. She wears a t-shirt with a plus sign on it with blue jeans, sometimes basic black beanie and yes...black and gray tennis shoes

Extra: Parasitic Plague Marking: Due to having an unknown disease or parasite, it causes the odd skin complexion of it turning a plum or deep purple. It appears on her full right arm, full right shoulder, and spreads across her neck. This is permanent and does not interfere with her magic or fight.

Lee in Outfit (w/o ears and tails):
LeeAnn Nakamura Leeann10


Personality:  To the general public, LeeAnn is anti-social preferring to be on the sidelines. She hides behind a facade as to conceal her timid and vulnerable side. LeeAnn is always blunt and straightforward, otherwise, she rather not talk to people. Her social skills are literally not up to par for people her age. When she tries to interact with others, she finds it rather difficult. Lee does not have very many friends outside of her family. She has been known to lash out if pushed far enough, in particular in matters those close to her. In public, LeeAnn is cool, calm, and collected, but in private, she is rather aggressive and hostile, in trying situations.

Getting LeeAnn to do something as simple as, go make a friend, is like pulling teeth as she is very prideful and stubborn. LeeAnn on the inside is very sweet and loving, revealing, in time, she is a true friend, who is loyal and honest. No matter what, she will stand by your side and help you fight your battles, big or small.This bond grows over time, sometimes even years. The closest person she is currently to is her elder brother, Hikaru.

Those close to her would know of her pre-existing condition before she joined the Rune Knights. LeeAnn suffers from a anxiety and depression, forcing her to seek help. Past trauma has lead her to even more distrust in people and even more alert. She thinks someone is always out to get her, until proven. A lot of the time, certain triggers such as cults, being in the dark alone, or even being alone can cause painful flashbacks to come back. A way for her to deal with this stress is through writing. She always carries a small journal full of stories and her thought that helps get her through her day.


  • Fire: Since she was a kid, LeeAnn has always loved fire. She would set grass and her parent’s curtains on fire all the time. So much, there was a rule laid to no magic in or around the manor. Her parents know all too well that she is a pyromaniac. Now she has formed a habit of setting things on fire out of boredom, but does it in a responsible manner.
  • Writing: Leeann was told to write out her feelings. It was one of the only pieces of advice she had followed and has not regretted it. Writing is therapeutic to her, she has healed from her past experiences and learned how to channel negative energy through it. She always carries a journal with her and finds a cozy place to write. If people ask to read her things, most of the time she will refuse unless she feels comfortable with that person. Most people have never read her writings. She has filled several journals with stories and personal narratives. She writes a lot of poetry and stories that help her escape from her life.
  • Her brother: Perhaps the only person left in her life she can fully trust, other than their father. After a little over three years, she has not heard a word from him. She has written letters to him
  • Turquoise: Not jut the color, but the jewel itself. She finds the color and the overall look to it is dazzleing. She really s not a jewerly girl, but she will wear a necklace or a ear rings even if it clashes wit her outfit.


    • Religion: Due to bad experiences, she hates and defies religion. LeeAnn refuses to step into a church without a very good reason. It causes her to have some anxiety because of being ridiculed for being a ‘ghoul monster’ thanks to her appearance and even more so, due to her race. That was back in the day, even now, she gets odd looks from many people around the church area. Many of the religion claim her to be impure and full of sin. A lot have tried to get her 'puified' but she simply denied it. Though, Holy Knights are a different subject. She does not really mind them, it’s only those who are religious and believe in the system that all should be deemed to follow.

  • Parasitic Plague: Of course, with now being cured from her mana disease. A lot of unexplained problems have vanished. Though, the immunity to alcohol and only eating certain foods does still apply to her. Instead of eating human flesh like before, she has founded ways to go around it. Normally, she eats a lot of pig. Even if things have gotten better with her health, she still hates the pain she goes through or how annoying it is to watch her diet. She still bares the infection marking, which is permanent.
  • Liars: She hates being lied to. It really depends on the situation and reason. Most of the time, she hates being lied to. Even a small white lie that inflicts with her mission or personal life, she will evaluate whether she trust you or not. If someone close such as her father or brother lies to her, she will forgive them no matter what but will take some time.


  • To Heal: She wants nothing greater. No act of revenge. No gifts. Only to feel perfectly happy. Free from anxiety and worry. That's all she wants. She is striving to get help, but it is very difficult especially on her own. The few people she lets in are only 2, Hikaru and her father


  • Abandonment/Betrayal:Nothing in the world hurts more than those closest to you leave. With good reason, or not, LeeAnn has had a repeated history of this. Those lying to her, turn their back on her, ignoring her, and most of all...hurting her. She has been betrayed and let alone for so long. The girl fears those who remain close to her will disappear as well. Much like Hans and Abraxas.

  • Triggering her PTSD:Since she was first recovered from the lab facilities back several years ago. She was diagnosed with PTSD. LeeAnn has gotten better since then and has learned how to manage it. It comes at random. Anything can trigger it, when this happens she goes silent and has a completely meltdown at worse. Minimum, she will go silent and walk out of the room.


Magic Name: Will-o-Wisp

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: A magical fire that is based on the soul and runs ghostly. A kitsune can only have this magic. It burns like any regular fire but its source is more mana based. Most spells are ran based off offensive and supplementary spells as a normal. It can also learn defensive, healing, debuff, and self-buff types of spells but they are considered inferior.


LeeAnn was born in Joya to two parents, whom were of kitsune blood. Her blood father died a long time ago and her mother was a leader of a small group of kitsune. Not long after she was born, her mother sent her to a land far away, where the wage of war would not harm her child. LeeAnn was delivered to a orphanage. Shortly upon arrival, something was off about her. She had emmese power for such as tiny body. They sealed her powers before she arrived at the orphanage. The employees thought she had some mana disease, therefore, abandoning her in the woods. For hours, LeeAnn cried until Nicolas Nakamura, a high ranking Rune Knight, stumbling upon the infant hearing her cries. His kind heart took her in as one of their own. They figured she was very sick. Her adopted parents, Nicolas Nakamura and Elizabeth Sokolov, took her in as one of their own.

Upon the first few months, they had tons of hospital trips and bills were piling up. They knew something was really wrong for her. LeeAnn had tons of health issues early in her childhood. That’s all she knew the first few years of her life. Until she reached the age of her pre-teen years, that all of this stopped. Her parents thought it would be entirely gone. During her childhood, she would have visits from her older brothers, Ryu and Hikaru. She grew close to Hikaru due to their age and affection. LeeAnn looked up to Hikaru even to this day. It was one of the reason why she became a mage. Family became an important thing for LeeAnn.

LeeAnn was homeschooled by her parents, who thought it would of been better with her be as sick as she was. Even when she grew out of that phase, they still continued it. Her father was big on teach her self-defense, magic, the Nakamura family history, and much, much more. Her mother was big on Culture, learning other languages, and other important subjects. Leeann was not short on knowledge. Upon learning magic, she favored towards fire, like her mother. Though, quickly, they learned that this was also a danger since she had a nasty habit ot setting things on fire at such as young age. Many times, her mother would be absent on jobs,whl Lee was left with her father, who retired to be with his only daughter.

One night, LeeAnn and her family were walking home from dinner late at night. The air around them felt tense giving Lee a itching, horrible feeling. She told her father, who shrugged it off. AS the three of them were walking, some religious cult members had been stalking them. They seeked revenge on Elizabeth, for putting their leader behind bars. The members knocked out her father and kidnapping her and her mother. All Lee can recall is being in a seperate room from her mother and being tortured for the sake of “repenting for her sins”. The cult members were clearing religious. For about two years, they tortured her and used her for their sacrificial ways. While during one of their ceremonies, a curse was placed on her or backfired. It caused her body to shift to a Wendigo or ghoul appetite. Limiting her to eating certain things such as humans and immunity to alcohol. Her appearance gave her a permanent mark on her right arm, shoulder, and face while messing up her eyes. The process was painful and left a permanent scar forever. No matter how much people would research on this curse, there is not known cure. After a few years, LeeAnn was freed by a kitsune named Hans. They only had enough time together out and could not go back for her mother. LeeAnn, sadly, could not remember the location. The next year, LeeAnn was going through therapy and her father was taking care of her.

One day, her older half-brother, Hikaru, came by to talk to their father. She overheard their whole conversation which was about him joining the Rune Knights. An idea popped into her head as she waited for her brother to leave. LeeAnn and her father talked, she wanted to join the Rune Knights as well. Following her family’s footsteps and a closer step to finding her mother, she joined. Lee was given a very rough time due to her appearance and attitude. Thanks to her father’s and Hikaru’s help, she was able to pass with enough training and determination. The Rune Knights really did not accept her that well,, but those who knew her parents. Many resented her, but many accepted her. She was an inbetween as a page. She rose up in the ranks in a matter of a few short years. During this time, Hans proposed to LeeAnn when she was announced as Seated Knight. Of course, she said yes.

With the disappearance of Hans and the death of her service pet, Abraxas. Lee was devastated with the news. The neko wished she was human again after all the hardships she went through. Though, what good came out of it was her mother was found all in the same day. The Rune Knights announced Hans: Missing in Action. Her captain sent her to a nearby town of Orchida, where her mother lied in the hospital. At first, Lee was happy about her mother’s return, but a part of her stomach churned. It was odd that someone with she has know for 5+ years just upped and left while her mother was found all in the same day. It puzzled her. Though, she kept to herself. LeeAnn and her father, took her mother home. Not too long after, LeeAnn became severely sick.

Her childhood sickness was coming back sending her into a year in and out of the hospital. While doing so, she continued to see her therapist about her PTSD. Her therapist told her to start writing. It has numerous healing powers more than any magic could give. The redhead picked up on writing during that year and has continued that ever since. It has helped her calm her panic and paranoia to only a manageable level. To this day, she keeps around a journal with her at all times. It is required for her daily errands. LeeAnn would write letters to Hans, Hikaru, and Abraxas that she would never send nor let anyone see. Her father would visit her everyday or every other day, while her mother would almost never visit. LeeAnn saw where she lied with her mother. Elizabeth was not the person LeeAnn knew now versus back when she was a kid. Her mother was dead pan cold all the time whereas her father was loving and affectionate.

This caused her mother to divorce her father, not in a happy way. LeeAnn and her father stuck close together, while her mother left. It was not the last of hear as the last year, she has tried to force LeeAnn into an arranged marriage without her father’s notice. Luckily, her father went through extreme measures to exclude LeeAnn from her life for a while. During the middle of the year, Leeann started to feel weird. Weird in a odd way, no good nor bad. Just odd. One day, her body blossomed into her true form. A kitsune. She had 6 tails and two ears. Before she was a Neko, before she was a neko, she was human. Upon this, she questioned her father about it. All he knew was there was something wrong with her since she was a baby, but never thought it would be anything like this. That’s when her father revealed to her that she was really adopted and was founded in a forest alone. Leeann did not seem to take it well and still does not, but she does not hold it against him. A few months later, she returned to work and was given the assignment by her captain...to make friends.

Reference: N/A

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
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Lee Nakamura
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon:  NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: N/A
  • Race: Kitsune (was human original my before picking up neko)
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 49

  • Strength: 11
  • Speed: 11
  • Endurance: 11
  • Constitution: 15
  • Intelligence: 1

Other Changes

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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Include the Ethnicity of your birth parents and if you want I'd recommend adjusting/changing your avatar character picture.

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Lee Nakamura
Done and done

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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This character application has been approved.

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