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The General Regulations

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The General Regulations Empty on Sat Dec 22, 2018 7:41 pm



The Behaviour Regulations

  • Respect is an essential thing. Even if your partner is not facing you, it does not relieve you of the responsibility to be respectful towards them. Defamatory, racist, sexual and other breaches of the code of ethics will be severely punished.

  • Once again, no sexual images or roleplaying. Upon breaking this rule the moderator does not require to give you a warning before banning you. In some cases another sanction will be given depending on the severity of the case.

The Advertisement Regulations

  • The advertisement forum on the forum is the only section where it is allowed to advertise.

  • In case the advertisement section of the other forum is not guest friendly the advertisement will be removed.

  • Reposting an advertisement or bumping an advertisement can only be done after a month. Other users posting the same advertisement within a month is not allowed and will result in all advertisements getting removed from that forum.

The Ban Regulations

  • The forum reserves the right to ban unwanted users at any time. This includes users who are violating the rules or have another agenda than having fun on this forum.

  • Bans are often character wide. This means that if you get banned on one of your characters, all your characters will get banned. In some cases a single character ban might be considered enough punishment.

  • When you get warned in the chatbox you must have shown certain behavior that was not considered acceptable. Refrain from doing so, continuing will result into a chatbox ban.

  • Do not defend a member when they get banned from the forum or Discord or question a staff member's actions. This is not appreciated and might get you a warning as well. Members who have been banned have the opportunity to appeal their cases themselves. Further drama is not tolerated.

  • Do not start drama or get into an argument. If something happens simply screenshot it and PM it to the founder. If the other person was actually breaking the rules, they'll get banned. If you are trying to get some banned for no reason, you'll get banned. If you both seem to be the cause of trouble, you'll both get banned.

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