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3.b. The Quest Regulations

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3.b. The Quest Regulations Empty on Sat Dec 22, 2018 11:36 am




  • Quests are available to every member to be taken in order to accumulate experience, stat points, and jewels.

  • The user can only take quests that are of the same rank as themselves or lower.

  • Should you take someone with you on a quest that is ranked higher than yourself, you may take a quest that is at most one rank higher than the lowest-ranked member of the party.

  • Should the quest have a requirement of their such as completion of another quest, the user must meet those requirements before taking the quest.

  • Regarding quests as a requirement, the entire party must meet that quest completion requirement to take the quest.

  • Users can be restricted by their guild or faction to take quests from a certain alignment. The restriction can be found in the respective guild or faction page.

  • Guildless and neutral guild members can take both good and bad quests.


  • If the user meets the requirement of the quest, they can post in the quest topic to request starting it. Should the user wish to take others with them, they must state the name of the other users in their request post as well.

  • Completed quests cannot be taken again by the same user.

  • Upon completion, the user requesting the quest must link the finished quest in the quest topic. The review moderator will then post a completion stamp and add the rewards to the profiles of the participants.

Quest Types

  • Good Quests: The quests listed in this section are quests that raise your fame. They require you to do good deeds or in some cases deeds that are simply deemed good in the eye of the public.

  • Bad Quests: The quests listed in this section are quests that raise your infamy. They require you to do bad deeds or in some cases deeds that are simply deemed bad in the eye of the public.

  • Event Quests: The quests listed in this section are either temporarily or ongoing for a while. In some cases, users must apply to participate in the event but if that's the case it will be stated accordingly. The rewards often differ from Good Quests and Bad Quests.

  • Neutral Quests: The quests listed in this section have the option to be done either Good or Bad.

    • Neutral Quests can be completed twice per week.
    • S-rank Neutral Quests can only be completed twice per month and count towards the monthly S-rank quest limit.
    • Neutral Quests can be done alongside other Quests.

Quest Rewards

D-Rank Quests:

  • Minimum Words: 500
  • Basic Rewards:

    • 1 SP
    • 100 Fame/Infamy
    • 25,000 Jewels
    • 2500 Experience

C-Rank Quests:

  • Minimum Words: 1000
  • Basic Rewards:

    • 2 SP
    • 200 Fame/Infamy
    • 50,000 Jewels
    • 5000 Experience

B-Rank Quests:

  • Minimum Words: 1500
  • Basic Rewards:

    • 5 SP
    • 300 Fame/Infamy
    • 100,000 Jewels
    • 7500 Experience

A-Rank Quests:

  • Minimum Words: 2000
  • Basic Rewards:

    • 7 SP
    • 400 Fame/Infamy
    • 250,000 Jewels
    • 10,000 Experience

S-Rank Quests:

  • Minimum Words: 2500
  • Limit: 2x per month
  • Basic Rewards:

    • 10 SP
    • 500 Fame/Infamy
    • 500,000 Jewels
    • 15,000 Experience

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