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Baska - Price of Success

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Baska - Price of Success Empty Sat Dec 22, 2018 11:02 am



Quest: Price of Success

Rank: A

Type: Bad


  • Rat Catcher completed
  • Bandits and Scrolls completed
  • Ore Smuggling completed
  • Brawling Blacksmith completed
  • Competitor Takedown completed
  • Forging a Blade completed

Godfrey Might: Godfrey is a smith, towering over many with his height and muscles, who crafts swords and armors. He is bit younger than Berthold, but still considers him a good friend. While Godfrey originally only made armors, Berthold noticed his talent and encouraged him to make both weapons and armor. He often rewards one of his pieces at the tournament.

Summary: Godfrey was attacked and his Blackblade was stolen. Now a girl has been possessed by the Blackblade and she is murdering people around the city. If word gets out that this was because of the weapon forged by Godfrey, he will be in great trouble. Search for the Blackblade with Godfrey and retrieve it before things get out of hand.

Lily: An innocent girl who was possessed by the Blackblade, and is now going around Baska murdering any who show her even the slightest amount of disdain. As someone possessed, she is cruel and malicious, and will use any cheap trick in the book to defeat her opponent, including her 'cute' appearance. She is also a masterful swordswoman, due to the influence of the blade itself, and can wield it as if it was simply an extra limb (To be considered Master in Weapon Mastery for Sword).

Objective: Find Godfrey and assist him in retrieving the Blackblade.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Baska City.
  • You will hear of a commotion, either from the noise or from bystanders talking about it, that occurred moments ago at Godfrey's blacksmith shop, causing you to investigate, knowing how much the blacksmith has changed over the last few days.
  • Upon arriving at the shop, you will see that the place has been ransacked. Glass has been shattered, weapons and armours are lying all over the place, and Godfrey is nowhere to be found.
  • Start looking around the back room, which is also covered in materials, for any clue as to where Godfrey has disappeared to, or what has happened. After a few minutes of inspecting the place, you will be no closer to finding out anything other than the fact that the sword has also disappeared.
  • Godfrey will then walk into the shop from the back entrance, staggering and weak as he explains what happened to him. While he was thinking of new ways to improve the Blackblade, someone came up behind him and rendered him unconscious. When he came to, he found that the blade was nowhere to be seen, and that whoever attacked him must've stolen it, so he began searching for information outside as to its location.
  • As you both try to ponder what your next steps will be, you will hear screaming from the main city itself. Running to find out the origin, you will find a woman, her head decapitated and her body otherwise dismembered, with a  trail of blood moving onwards.
  • Follow the trail, until you reach more bodies, each one more gruesome than the last. After around five such bodies, with the final site having three deceased, the blood will lead into the catacombs of the Giant's Tear Ducts. Entering the catacombs, which is surrounded by the bodies of two dead Rune Knights, you will find the blood go down a passage you hadn't seen before. Following the passage, a little girl will come into view, standing over a coffin, the Blackblade in her hand and blood covering her form.
  • As you approach, she will turn to face you and speak with a hollow voice, as she tells the story of the person in the coffin, an ancient and powerful blacksmith who was killed by the weapon he had created. You will realise that the blacksmith in the coffin is the man who wrote the scroll, and the girl has been possessed by the spirit of the sword: a spirit that wishes for nothing more than destruction.
  • Enraged that his blade had been stolen, and not caring about what happened centuries ago, Godfrey will attack the girl, who sidesteps his weak attack and causes a deep gash in his torso, causing him to lose consciousness and fall to the ground, a small pool of blood forming around his body.
  • Turning her attention to you, the girl will attack and try to kill you, at which point you must defeat her. Despite her small form, she will wield the blade like an expert, due to the spirit of the blade manipulating her.
  • Once she's killed, the spirit will return to the blade, screaming as the blade shatters into many pieces, with only the hilt remaining. At this point, Godfrey will regain consciousness, and thank you for disposing of the girl. He will come to regret what he did to become a great blacksmith: both those killed to forge the blade and those killed by it. As he rewards you, his eyes will dart to the entrance to the tomb, and meet those of a horrified Gallant: Godfrey's younger brother who you occasionally saw around the shop.
  • The moment their eyes meet, Gallant will run out of the catacombs, prompting Godfrey to run after him trying to explain. He will have already rewarded you, and so you may stay as long as you like or leave the catacombs. Regardless, you doubt Gallant and Godfrey's brotherly relationship will survive this revelation.


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I'd like to take this one please.


Baska - Price of Success Empty Wed Jan 20, 2021 4:08 am

Mikajia has started this quest.


Baska - Price of Success Empty Thu Jan 21, 2021 2:31 am

  • 15,000 XP (+20% from Malefic Growth, +20% from A-Rank New Years bonus, +20% from Emperor Aura - 50% cap)
  • 312,500 Jewels (+10% from Fire Ferret, +15% from Reputation bonus)
  • +7 to Strength
  • +400 Infamy/Reputation


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Mika has completed this quest.

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