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Baska - Forging a Blade

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Quest: Forging a Blade

Rank: A

Type: Bad


  • Rat Catcher completed
  • Bandits and Scrolls completed
  • Ore Smuggling completed
  • Brawling Blacksmith completed
  • Competitor Takedown completed

Godfrey Might: Godfrey is a smith, towering over many with his height and muscles, who crafts swords and armors. He is bit younger than Berthold, but still considers him a good friend. While Godfrey originally only made armors, Berthold noticed his talent and encouraged him to make both weapons and armor. He often rewards one of his pieces at the tournament.

Summary: For what he thinks will be the last time, Godfrey has called upon your help once more to create the blade depicted in the scroll you retrieved for him. The forging of the blade is simple enough, using a few rare ingredients that he will need you to fetch. Once the blade is completed, it needs to be charged with magical energy: energy that can only be collected by sacrificing innocents to the blade. No longer caring about morality, and instead only wishing to create the ultimate weapon, Godfrey will request you fill the weapon up and return it to him.

Rune Knights (Optional): Simple knights who enforce the law around Baska City. They will attack if you brazenly kill throughout the day. Being low ranked pages, they aren't too difficult to deal with, but each one carries a spear, shield and a sheathed blade which they use if you get close to them.

Objective: Assist Godfrey in the forging of the 'Cursed Blackblade'

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Baska City.
  • This time, Godfrey will seek you out personally, and insist you come with him to his shop at once, giving you no time to decline.
  • Once you enter the shop, you will notice the back of the shop, where the weapons are forged, has changed slightly from what you remembered. The scroll is now sitting, unravelled, on a pedestal. The ore, hammer and gemstone required will already be in Godfrey's possession.
  • Godfrey will ask you to assist with the actual forging, as the weapon requires a constant stream of mana. During the forging, Godfrey will require you pour almost all your mana into the blade.
  • The blade will glow a brilliant white, before settling down, completed. Godfrey will admire the sword for a time, before going quiet as he tests how sharp it is, only to find it extremely blunt.
  • Having expected this outcome, Godfrey will then say that he needs your help to complete the forging itself, as it was your magic used in the blade, and reveal that to complete the blade's creation, it requires the blood of innocents.
  • At this point you may notice that Godfrey has changed from the man you first met, and his morals have gotten much darker from who he once was. He is now only concerned with finishing this weapon, no matter the cost.
  • Take the blunt weapon and coat it in the blood of ten bystanders in Baska. Be aware that by killing in broad daylight you will likely be attacked by Rune Knights in the area. The rune knights will not count towards the ten you need to kill, as they are not innocent bystanders.
  • With each innocent who's blood touches the blade, it will get noticeably sharper, until the tenth kill, where it will emit a dull, black glow and be extremely sharp.
  • Return the blade to Godfrey, without any suspicion being raised as to who you are or who you were working for.
  • Seemingly uncaring about the lives of those who died, and just pleased to have the weapon in his hands, Godfrey will pay you and thank you, before telling you to leave him alone with his masterpiece.


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I'd like to take this one please.


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Mikajia has started this quest.


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  • 14,000 XP (+20% from Malefic Growth, +20% from A-Rank New Years bonus)
  • 300,000 Jewels (+10% from Fire Ferret, +10% from Reputation)
  • +7 to Strength
  • +400 Infamy/Reputation


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Mikajia has completed this quest.

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