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2.a. The Class and Equipment Regulations

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2.a. The Class and Equipment Regulations Empty on Sat Dec 22, 2018 10:33 am




  • Users must choose a class when they are creating their character.

  • Classes customize the experience of the character. They determine the type of spells the user can cast, and also the types of weapons and armors that the user can equip without any drawbacks.

  • Modifiers from the feats section in the class page do not stack with any modifiers you may acquire from Limited Magics purchased through the shop.

Spell Proficiency

  • Superior: Spell types mentioned in this section are what the class specializes in, and the class typically have perks that improve these spell types.

  • Normal: Spell types mentioned in this section are those that the class can perform adequately.

  • Inferior: Spell types mentioned in this section are those that the class cannot cast proficiently. These spells have a 120% mana cost and +1 post cooldown.

Weapon & Armor Proficiency

  • Users can equip any type of item. Though, should the equipped item not be listed on the class page, the equipment will suffer a minor drawback, whichever applicable:

    • Damage and all bonuses offered by the item is decreased by 20%.

    • All spells that are associated with the item will have a 120% mana cost and +1 post cooldown.

    • All abilities associated to the item that requires the user's mana will have the mana cost increased to 120% of the original.

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  • Each character has the following slots: Head, Body, Weapon, Earrings, Necklace, Ring, and Relic. These slots can be filled with a single item. Upon purchasing, the item will be added to your profile and clicking on it will result into getting directed to the shop entry to prove it and of course to make it easier for us all to see what someone is wielding.


  • The general shop forum is where the user may make their purchases and it is sub-divided into categories and types of items. Sometimes the user must finish certain quests to be able to purchase a certain item. In case the quests do not exist yet, the user is free to purchase the item without the quest requirement. Below is the list of the rarities and their costs.

    RarityUnlimited PricesLimited Prices
    Mythic 5,000,000J

  • Unlimited Equipment from the shop costs 50% less than the listed price. This reduction does not stack with any other discount.

  • The shop has a capped discount of 50%.


  • In case the user has items that they no longer wish to use or to open up a slot for a new item, they can resell their current item. Reselling is done in the topic listed in the Review forum. The user must state which item it is that they wish to resell. A moderator will remove the item from the profile, post a stamp confirming the resell and refund 20% of what the item is worth to the jewels of the user.

  • Mounts and potions can be refunded for 20% of their value as well.

  • The user never gets more than what they paid for an item. This means that if it was purchased on a discount because of an event or a class, it will be 20% of the discounted price.


  • The durability of an item drops when it clashes against another spell or physical force produced by someone else (including weapons). The durability of an item also drops by the spells cast by the user (own magic, not spells attached to the item) in case it causes them to hit their own gear as well. The damage occurs irrespective of the type of spell that the item comes into contact with. For example, a sword cutting through a defensive shield will still take the respective damage.

  • Headgear takes damage before Earrings. Armour takes damage before Rings and Necklaces. Relics are protected by either Headgear or Armour, depending on where they are worn.

  • Items do not need to be repaired between topics. Even upon complete destruction in one topic, the item is restored and repaired for use in another topic.


  • Two-handed weapons can be wielded in one hand if the user's base Strength is at a certain minimum. The required Strength is different based on the rarity of the weapon and are as follows:

    RarityMinimum Base Strength

  • The Intelligence attribute does not affect the mana cost of spells associated with items.

  • The Strength attribute increase in the Damage section is only added when the user is dealing damage using the weapon, while the attribute boosts mentioned in the Bonus section of an item affects the user's overall attribute.

  • When the user wields items that have spells attached to it with the same elemental alignment as their own magic, the spells on the item of the same element get a 20% mana reduction and a 1 post cooldown reduction.

  • In the event that the user drops their equipment in roleplay, any spells attached to the equipment that were being sustained will be canceled, and all previously used spells that have gone into cooldown will still remain in cooldown.

  • When an item is aligned to a certain element, the damage they receive from the element it is stronger against is halved i.e. when a fire-type spell hits your water-type sword the damage the sword takes is halved.

  • Humans can wear items with any elemental alignment on it. Races that are weak to a certain element (i.e. Daemons are weak to light), cannot wield items of the elemental alignment that they are weak to nor can they wield items that possess spells of the elemental alignment they are weak against.

  • Users can only use a spell attached to an item that is at most two ranks higher than themselves. Though, non-magic classes can do this up to three ranks higher than themselves. This can only be done if the weapon falls under the proficiency of the user's class.

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