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Baska - Checkmate

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Baska - Checkmate Empty Sat Dec 22, 2018 10:31 am



Quest: Checkmate

Rank: A

Type: Bad


  • Questionable Recruitment Practices completed
  • It's a TRAP! completed
  • The Legend of Hamsuke completed

Cain: Cain is a powerful necromancer with a horned skull in place of a face and with glowing red in the sockets of his eyes. He lost his human face due to a magical incident years ago. He is much taller than humans, with the average human reaching to his chest. Cain doesn't speak much and is reclusive because of his inability to relate to most people. The cause of the recent incidents involving the undead are clearly Cain's doing.

Summary: A matter of great interest has emerged for Cain's associate. A girl with mysterious faintly glowing eyes is among the last and most talented party of the raid that was launched onto the recently discovered tomb. Your task is to join those heroes and provide an entertaining battle for your client, after which he wants his hands on the mysterious girl.

Raid Squad: A squad of four: a Spellsword, a Ranger, a Heirophant, and a Sorcerer. They function as a really well-coordinate team and and protect each other from harm. Among them, the Sorcerer is the most loved and protected by the other three, who won't hesitate to give up their lives to save her.

Monmo: An extremely powerful Lich Necromancer, capable of summoning countless undeads and casting devastating spells. To top it all off, the Lich's physical prowess is off the charts too. He is bored out of his mind because of how powerful he is, and have no equal to have a true fight.

Objective: Ensure the mage survives the encounter with Cain's associate and try not to get killed by said associate.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Baska's Outskirts.
  • Join the final party of the raid into the tomb.
  • At some point, after dealing with minor threats, the group will be teleported into an arena deeper inside the tomb and you will all be greeted by an immensely powerful Lich. Your goal is simple: entertain the Lich by giving a good fight and ensure both you and the mage girl survive.
  • After one of the party members die, the remaining two will request you help the mage girl retreat, revealing she was participating in the raid to earn funds to live peacefully with her younger siblings.
  • Help fend off the undead summons from the Lich as the mage girl escapes, and then betray your companions.
  • Upon their defeat, the Lich will praise you for your efforts and offer a final task: capture the girl before she escapes from the tomb.


Baska - Checkmate Empty Thu Jan 21, 2021 4:21 pm

I'd like to take this one please.


Baska - Checkmate Empty Fri Jan 22, 2021 7:14 am


Mikajia has started this quest.


Baska - Checkmate Empty Wed Jan 27, 2021 10:18 pm


  • 15,000 XP (+20% from Malefic Growth, +20% from Emperor Aura, +10% from S-Rank New Years bonus)
  • 300,000 Jewels (+15% from Reputation bonus, +10% from Fire Ferret)
  • +7 to Strength
  • +400 Infamy/Reputation


Baska - Checkmate Empty Sat Jan 30, 2021 8:44 pm


Mikajia has completed this quest. Applied 300k Jewels, 7Str, 15K XP, and 400 Infamy/Fame

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