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Baska - Bandits and Scrolls

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Baska - Bandits and Scrolls Empty Sat Dec 22, 2018 12:21 pm



Quest: Bandits and Scrolls

Rank: B

Type: Bad


  • Rat Catcher completed

Godfrey Might: Godfrey is a smith, towering over many with his height and muscles, who crafts swords and armors. He is bit younger than Berthold, but still considers him a good friend. While Godfrey originally only made armors, Berthold noticed his talent and encouraged him to make both weapons and armor. He often rewards one of his pieces at the tournament.

Summary: Godfrey once again requires your help, but this time to do something much less subtle than last time. He has found that a magic scroll, one that tells the reader how to craft an ancient and powerful blade, is currently being held by a bandit clan outside of Baska. Knowing that it will make his name legend if he is able to acquire it, but not able to leave his shop unattended, Godfrey wishes for you to take the scroll from the bandits. As they law breakers and scoundrels, he is fine with you killing them if you deem it necessary, so long as he gets his scroll.

Bandit Leader: The leader of as group of bandits, this man is known throughout the area for being a dirty scoundrel that will kill someone simply for looking at them. In reality, however, this is a facade, as this man is an undercover holy knight told to keep the scroll safe and out of the hands of anyone. A powerful earth mage, using the hills as a medium for his spells, while also being a gifted soldier, this is not a man to be trifled with.

Bandit Clan x10: With no idea of their leader's true allegiance, these simple bandits just enjoy doing what they do: attacking villages, stealing, murder. They are not particularly strong individually, but they will swarm the attacker and overwhelm them with strikes from every angle. They all wield scimitars, and have impressive teamwork for an average bandit clan.

Objective: Steal a magic scroll from some bandits located. outside of Baska.

Extra Rewards:

  • Endurance +3


  • Create a topic in the Baskan Hills.
  • This time, you will simply receive a letter from Godfrey with the details, as he does not want to be linked to this in any way. The letter will tell you the location of the bandits, as well as a description of the scroll.
  • Travel to the location specified, where you will find a collection of tents signifying the bandit camp.
  • The ten bandits will have to be defeated before the bandit leader appears, so kill them all.
  • Once defeated, the leader will come out of one of the tents, concerned about the bandits you killed, and ask why you have come. If you tell him it's for the scroll, his eyes will widen and he will start warning you against 'such dark magic'.
  • Ignore his warnings, fight and kill him. With the bandits all dead, he will use the entire area, and even try to crush the two of you under the earth to stop you from getting your hands on it.
  • Once killed, you will find the scroll inside  a large chest in the tent the leader came out of, as well as journals that reveal he was actually a holy knight tasked with playing the part of a low level bandit to keep the scroll hidden away, due to its evil power.
  • Take the scroll back to Godfrey, who will be thankful and take you through to the back of the shop to look at the scroll and reward you.
  • Once you give him the scroll, he will read it, initially pleased that it does contain the instructions and magic to create such a powerful sword. However, his face will turn to horror as he realises the requirement for creating the blade. He will not tell you this requirement however. Instead he will simply give you your reward and tell you to leave.
  • Take your reward and leave his shop.


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I'd like to take this one please.

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Mikajia has started this quest.


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  • 10,500 XP (+20% XP from new member bonus, +20% XP from B-Rank New Years event bonus)
  • 115,000 J (+10% from Fire Ferret, +5% from Reputation bonus)
  • +5 to Intelligence, +3 to Endurance from Extra Reward
  • +300 Infamy/Reputation

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Mikajia has completed this quest.


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Starting this quest with Ikazuchi


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Aku and Ika has started this quest.

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