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Baska - It's a TRAP!

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Quest: It's a TRAP!

Rank: C

Type: Bad


  • Questionable Recruitment Practices completed

Cain: Cain is a powerful necromancer with a horned skull in place of a face and with glowing red in the sockets of his eyes. He lost his human face due to a magical incident years ago. He is much taller than humans, with the average human reaching to his chest. Cain doesn't speak much and is reclusive because of his inability to relate to most people. The cause of the recent incidents involving the undead are clearly Cain's doing.

Summary: With the adventurer crew rallied for the raid, Cain's associate has given proper instructions for the experiment. A new tomb has been uncovered on the outskirts of Baska, but none dares to venture into it due to rumors of powerful undead lurking within.

After accompanying the raid into the tomb, the raid splits up into two different groups who are exploring different sections of the underground maze that is found within the tomb.

The task is a bit more tricky this time, while the four adventurers are very powerful, they are kind of dimwitted and fortunately for you, the area they are in is filled with deadly traps. Unfortunately for them, your task is to see them triggered and get the party killed, while not dying in the process yourself. In the end, you will receive your reward from a mysterious maid working for Cain's associate.

Enemies: Four really strong but dumb adventurers. They are split into two groups, with two in each group.

Objective: Ensure that the foolish adventurers in your party get themselves killed by the traps. If you harm them directly, the other group will be alerted and you will be forced to fight them all at the same time.


  • Create a topic in Baska's Outskirts.
  • Travel with the raid into the underground tomb.
  • Accompany the powerful but dimwitted party into their section of the tomb and trigger traps along the way to get them killed.
  • Receive your reward at the end of the route from the mysterious maid and return to the raid to inform of the loss of your comrades.


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I'd like to take this one please.

Baska - It's a TRAP! Maxresdefault

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Mikajia has started this quest.

Baska - It's a TRAP! MHKs2Uu

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+30% xp from new member bonus please.
+2 to Intelligence please.

Baska - It's a TRAP! Maxresdefault

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Mikajia has completed this quest.

Baska - It's a TRAP! Untitl19
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I am taking this.

Baska - It's a TRAP! F4A22HY

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Completed: https://www.fairytailrp.com/t59116-it-s-a-trapsq#512840

  • 2 Intelligence
  • 200 Infamy
  • 50,000 Jewels
  • 5000 Experience [20% from Race]

Baska - It's a TRAP! F4A22HY

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Kannon has completed this Quest.

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