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Dahlia - Grave Robbing

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Quest: Grave Robbing

Rank: C

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Adarian the Heretic: Adarian moves around Dahlia in secret with his cult while keeping themselves busy with the taboo magic of Necromancery. Due to the large amount of graveyards in and around Dahlia, it is the perfect location for them to experiment with their magic here. The cult is one of the reasons that there are many undead roaming around the city.

Summary: With cult activity on the rise, so is the need for new corpses to perform experiments. Because of this, Adarian needs you to dig up some recently buried corpses and take them to him.

Enemies: None

Objective: Dig up the bodies and give them to Adarian without alerting the authorities.


  • Create a topic in Dahlia.
  • Adarian will explain what he needs from you and provides you with various digging instruments along with some carrying aids.
  • Examples are shovels, pickaxe and other things used to dig.
  • Go to the cemeteries of Dahlia and dig up the bodies.
  • Retrieve the bodies and deliver them to the Adarian to receive your reward.

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