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Era - Body Gatherer

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Quest: Body Gatherer

Rank: D

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Auron: Auron is a mad scientist who enjoys experimenting on things. He works in the shadows and only sees people at night. He use to work with Dr. Stephen Mabuz in their younger years, but decided to move onto his own agenda.

Summary: Auron loves experimenting, but he has heard of an ancient ritual that requires certain specimens. He needs you to be the gatherer and deliverer.

Enemies: A Rune Knight Page.

Objective: Retrieve and deliver a fresh body of a human male and female.


  • Create a topic in Era.
  • Go around Era during the night and find any woman and man to kill and take their bodies back to Auron.
  • On your way to deliver the bodies, you'll encounter a random Knight. Fight him quickly and be on your way.
  • Put the two bodies on his large long table and he'll reward you.


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I'll take this.


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#5Vali Onfroy 

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Vali Onfroy
Kaiser Bo has completed this quest.

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