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Era - Fight Another Day

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Era - Fight Another Day Empty Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:06 am

Quest: Fight Another Day

Rank: B

Type: Good


  • Detecting Derailers completed
  • Confronting Corruption completed
  • A user with at least 30 in Speed

Lionel Luxar: Lionel is a Captain in the Rune Knights and is of the noble Luxar house. He acts in a proper fashion, always having an air of nobility and conviction. He shows a strict side, giving out accurate assessments of others whether they're good or bad, which is a result to his upbringing as an elite, and in actuality he believes that he and others can do better than they currently are.

Summary: The Rune Knight who resigned willingly holds a grudge against the captain and wishes to get back at him. He has hired thugs to attempt a mass break out from the dungeon cells, while keeping the captain occupied in a duel that he has trapped him into. You must swiftly neutralize the threat against the captain and then aid him in curbing the thugs before they are successful in releasing the criminals that have been stewing in the dungeons.

Ex-Knight Mundo: A vile, corrupt and vengeful man. After being forced to resign from the Rune Knight army by Captain Lionel, the man plotted with the criminals he took bribe from, to exact revenge. While the ex-Knight does not employ magic to fight, he is extremely strong and dual wields two large swords. This, however, leaves him with little defense. The man is extremely aggressive and is prone to losing his balance right after missing an attack.

Hired Thugs: Filthy low-lives who are too dumb to know their own limits. They jump at any opportunity to create chaos and bite more than they can chew almost every time. While they are extremely weak individually, their strength comes from their ridiculous numbers. They will attempt swarming their opponent, but sometimes end up hurting each other while doing so.

Objective: Defend Captain Lionel from the corrupt ex-Knight Mundo and defeat him. Rush to the dungeon cells with the captain and stop the hired thugs from releasing the captured criminals.

Extra Rewards:

  • Speed +3


  • Create a topic in Era City.
  • A scrawny man will run towards you and breathlessly request your assistance.
  • He will tell you that Captain Lionel is cornered underneath a bridge and is fighting Mundo.
  • Rush to the scene and defend the captain.
  • Mundo holds a grudge against you too and will attempt attacking both you and the captain.
  • Defeat Mundo and apprehend him.
  • He will laugh manically and reveal that this fight was a distraction so that his hired thugs can release the inmates the captain had in his dungeon.
  • Run to the dungeon cells with the captain as quickly as you can.
  • You will find five hired thugs attempting to breach the dungeons.
  • Fight alongside the captain and defeat all of them.
  • Once you are done, lock them all up in the dungeon cells along with the other inmates.
  • The captain will thank you for your assistance and reward you.

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