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Magnolia - Priest in Peril

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Magnolia - Priest in Peril Empty Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:03 am

Quest: Priest in Peril

Rank: B

Type: Good


  • The user's fame must be at least double their infamy
  • Count the Blessings completed
  • Safe Haven completed
  • Little Exorcism completed
  • Montagues and Capulets completed
  • Restless Ghost completed
  • Lados Last Hymns completed

Father Jerad: Father Jerad might be young but his devotion to the teachings of Illumin have made him one of the youngest priests ever in charge of a church. He offers a shoulder to lean on whenever the citizens are distressed, and manages to lift up the spirits of everyone with his kind words, regardless of whether they are a believer or not.

Summary: Father Jerad's friend, Father Malcolm, was supposed to visit him, but still hasn't arrived. He got the message that he had left, so he should have been here already. Father Jerad is somewhat afraid that Father Malcolm might be in trouble in the East Forest due to his tendency to feed wildlife, and needs someone to save him.

Father Malcolm: Father Malcolm is a kind and forgiving soul; a very benevolent man. Father Malcolm has grown out his chocolate colored hair and one can always see a twinkle in his eyes when they meet him. His cheery disposition is warm and comforting, making it easy for people to confide in him. Additionally, he loves the wildlife and spends a lot of time in the East Forest.

Vulcan: This vulcan flaunts dark skin and spotted snow white fur to contrast it. He has large arms, that seem beefy, but are actually made of raw muscle. The strong creature is pretty proud of the spike that grows atop his head and keeps the fur on it well groomed. Despite his scary appearance, he actually has a amiable personality that few get to see.

Objective: Save Father Malcolm in the East Forest from the Vulcan.

Extra Rewards:

  • Mana +50


  • Create a topic in Magnolia's East Forest.
  • Father Jerad will meet you on the fringes of the forest, which is quite far from the Cathedral.
  • He will tell you that he is concerned for Father Malcolm's safety, since he didn't turn up for a planned visit.
  • Father Jerad assumes that his friend is in trouble somewhere in the depths of the Forest.
  • Forage into the forest and find the lair of the Vulcan.
  • Once you do, stealthily peek into it to assess the situation.
  • You will notice that Father Malcolm is standing by a wall and he has a metal contraption around his waist, which is attached to a chain that is fixed to the ground. Much like a leashed pet.
  • Then, you will notice the Vulcan approach the Father. He is carrying something that looks like a large tray, and has a wide, almost hungry, grin on his face.
  • Sensing urgency and danger, you charge into the lair in order to challenge the Vulcan.
  • Upon noticing you, he will hurl the tray towards you and roar loudly, demanding your complete attention.
  • You must try to keep any combat directed away from Father Malcolm to make sure he doesn't become collateral damage.
  • This will be a very noisy fight since the Vulcan will grunt with most of his motions and attacks, and drown out almost everything else.
  • You are about to land a sneaky lethal blow and just then, you will finally notice that Father Malcolm has been protesting all this time.
  • Father Malcolm explains that the creature is actually friendly and was just lonely.
  • The Vulcan will get up and apologize for attempting to fight you since he did not know you were a friend of Father Malcolm. He will introduce himself as Rodney.
  • You will notice that the tray was, in fact, carrying fruits. Rodney will explain that he was just showing Father Malcolm his flower collection.
  • The vulcan, in attempt to prove his amicable attitude, will give you a Pipapebble Berry Potion. Additionally, he will offer some flowers for Father Jerad's healing ventures.
  • Escort Father Malcolm out of the lair and to his friend Father Jerad, for your reward.

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Poropo Poproporp

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Poropo Poproporp



  • 160,000J (Reputation [20%] + Guild Level 4 [20%] + Empress Tarot [20%])
  • 300 Fame
  • +5 Intelligence
  • 11,250 Exp (Rhadrian's Shelter [10%] + Guild Level 3 [20%] + Guardian Nephilim [20%])

  • +50 Mana (Extra Reward)


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Poropo has completed this quest.

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Magnolia - Priest in Peril Empty Wed Feb 16, 2022 1:57 am



Reward - Yuurei:
+5 Constitution
+300 Fame
+50 Mana (Extra Reward)
+140,00 Jewels (10% Companion, 10% Reputation, 20% Lvl 4 Guild )
+10,500 Exp (10% Half-Elf, 10% Companion, 20% Noob Bonus)


Magnolia - Priest in Peril Empty Wed Feb 16, 2022 7:17 am


Yuurei has completed this quest. The correct amount of experience rewarded is 9,000 since the New Member Bonus does not apply to A-Rank characters.

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