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Era - Before the Storm

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Era - Before the Storm Empty Thu Dec 20, 2018 2:22 pm

Quest: Before the Storm

Rank: B

Type: Good


  • Mage and the Beanstalk completed
  • Investigate the Weed completed
  • The Plague completed
  • Behind the Scenes completed
  • Revealing the Unseen completed

Marin Awedin: Marin is a somewhat older Rune Knight that has been around in Era for a while. He has achieved the position of Lieutenant which indicates that he is quite capable. He mainly cares about directing the next generation into a good and just path, ensuring peace and prosperity in Fiore.

Summary: The latest news of the Orchidia City has been delivered to Marin Awedin and now, he's asked for your presence to discuss the matter. Explain the details to him and he will assist you with whatever he can to sort the mess.

Cult Members: The cult members are capable of wielding different elements of magic, however, the highly trained cultists mostly specialize in Darkness Magic. They have the abilities to summon creatures.

Objective: Infiltrate the new hideout provided in the address given in the letter and investigate what the cult members are up to.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Era City.
  • Marin Awedin has received word from Inspector Nilan about the plant that had been causing chaos in Orchidia City. Thus, he's requested your presence in his office at the Headquarters.
  • At your arrival, Marin greets you and will ask you for the details of the incident, from the unusual plant to the hooded stalker you encountered.
  • After you share all the information you know, he requests you to investigate whatever the leader of the group is up to, and begins to map out a strategy to get into their new hideout.
  • The first plan is to disguise yourself with the robes you've stolen from the culprit's hideout and attend the meeting as the member of the group.
  • Upon reaching the location, things fall into place and you discover that it is a cult.
  • Inside, you'll hear conversations of the cult members scheming to summon a demon.
  • For the summoning to begin, each cult member is required to perform a ritual, which you are to sabotage.
  • Realising that they've allowed a stranger inside, they begin to attack you.
  • After watching you defeat the highly trained cultists, the cult leader flees amidst the chaos.
  • Defeat those who come in your way and quickly return to Marin to give the report before enemy reinforcements arrive.
  • Make sure you capture one of the cult members alive to get information.
  • Once you deliver the capture cultist to Marin, he will reward you for your troubles.

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