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Era - Foul Play

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Era - Foul Play Empty Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:00 pm

Quest: Foul Play

Rank: B

Type: Good


  • Individuals taking this request must have completed a minimum of 4 other Margret's requests.

Margret: Margret is a Knight who resides in Era. She has a huge ego and believes she only deserves the best. She hates wasting her time on small duties and things that aren't important. Therefore, she tends to find people to do those things.

Summary: Margret received a letter from the hospital that her grandmother is ill. She isn't really good at picking out gifts or with people in general so she needs you to help her out with her grandmother.

Gilbert: Gilbert is a very strong and beefy sellsword. He wields a large two-handed greatsword and is deceptively fast for his size. With that swiftness, he will always counter any melee attack. However, he does not react quick enough to dodge spells headed straight for him.

Objective: Find out what Margret's grandmother likes and get her some gifts. Figure out the cause of her grandmother's illness.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Era.
  • Meet up with Margret as she'll explain the situation.
  • She will tell you that her grandmother is ill and she needs you to get her some gift that she can take during her visit.
  • Once you figure out the gifts, at the hospital, you will somehow find out that her grandmother has been poisoned.
  • Search the grandmother's house with Margret, and you will find out that it was her water supply being poisoned.
  • You will then hearing footsteps from inside the house.
  • Upon investigation, you will find Gilbert inside.
  • Defeat him and get him to tell you why he was in there.
  • He will soon confess that he poisoned the water because he wanted the old lady to vacate the house.
  • Tie him up and leave him at Margret's mercy. She will then thank you and give you your reward.

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