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Crocus - I'm Only (Almost) Human

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Crocus - I'm Only (Almost) Human Empty on Wed Dec 19, 2018 5:56 pm



Quest: I'm Only (Almost) Human

Rank: C

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Abbadon the Watcher: A homunculus crafted by Lady Merlin herself; he is but a mere prototype that ventures about the shadows at night. Dancing under the moonlit sky as he scavenges the blooming capital night by night, watching, when the Rune Knights are not, the city he was tasked to protect under his handler's orders. He is not only her ears, but her sight as well.

Summary: You find the homunculus, Abbadon, malfunctioning near the artisan building. He seemed to have hurt his left arm and leg and is now muttering almost unintelligibly, leaning against a wall on the outside. From his fragmented sentences, you notice him repeat 'Lady Merlin' a few times. Escort Abbadon to Lady Merlin and then aid her in fixing him up since she is his creator. She'll thank you for your keen observation and willingness to help, and reward you.

Lady Merlin: Merlin was the old king's personal advisor and well-endowed sorceress. She is a woman who possesses inhuman amounts of magical power. So much that she was pardoned by Arthurias after he overthrew the old king, and asked her to stay in Crocus and remain as the king's advisor.

Enemies: None

Objective: Escort the malfunctioning and hurt homunculus, Abbadon, safely to Lady Merlin, and help her fix him.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Crocus Streets.
  • It is late at night, and you will notice a fully armored man twitching while stuck against a wall.
  • When you approach him, he will speak in fragmented sentences that make no sense.
  • However, in all the unintelligible nonsense, he will clearly repeat 'Lady Merlin' over and over.
  • Escort the hurt homunculus towards the Mercurius.
  • He will struggle at times and try to run in the opposite direction, but will never attempt to harm anyone.
  • When you are near the Mercurius gates, the guards will recognize Abbadon and give you directions to Lady Merlin’s mansion.
  • Take Abbadon to Lady Merlin.
  • She will immediately notice what went wrong and begin preparing a potion to rectify the faults.
  • You will find a chair with straps to constrain arms and legs; make Abbadon sit on it and tie his hands and legs so that he doesn’t get away.
  • Assist Lady Merlin with preparing the potion.
  • Once done, she will force the potion down Abbadon’s throat. The homunculus will twitch uncontrollably for a moment, but will quickly recover.
  • After Abbadon recovers, untie him. He will get off the chair and thank you for your help.
  • He will sound much more like a normal human, now that he has recovered.
  • Lady Merlin will thank you too and give you your reward.

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