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Magnolia - Lados Last Hymns

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Magnolia - Lados Last Hymns Empty Wed Dec 19, 2018 4:44 pm

Quest: Lados Last Hymns

Rank: C

Type: Good


  • The user's fame must be at least double their infamy
  • Count the Blessings completed
  • Safe Haven completed
  • Little Exorcism completed
  • Montagues and Capulets completed
  • Restless Ghost completed

Father Jerad: Father Jerad might be young but his devotion to the teachings of Illumin have made him one of the youngest priests ever in charge of a church. He offers a shoulder to lean on whenever the citizens are distressed, and manages to lift up the spirits of everyone with his kind words, regardless of whether they are a believer or not.

Summary: Father Jerad needs some scriptures that are in Crocus. They cannot simply be brought to Magnolia since they are still needed in Crocus. Therefore, he has alerted Grand Cardinal Ominus that he will send a representative who will view the scriptures there and copy them by hand. Grand Cardinal Ominus has agreed with this solution.

Enemies: None

Objective: Assist Father Jerad by traveling to Crocus and finding the book in the Cathedral, after which a few pages must be copied by hand and then returned to Father Jerad.

Extra Rewards:

  • Intelligence +2

Note: The total word count required to complete the quest is inclusive of the two travel topics.


  • Create a travel topic from Magnolia to Crocus.
  • Father Jerad will meet you and tell you that the Grand Cardinal Ominus is expecting a representative to copy certain scriptures and he wishes you to be this representative.
  • Create a topic in the Grand Cathedral in Crocus.
  • Meet with a Priest in the Cathedral and state the purpose of your visit. Tell him you are here on the behalf of Father Jerad.
  • He will direct you to the library of the Cathedral and instruct you to be as silent as you can while doing your work.  
  • Scour the large library for the scriptures in question. Once you find them, be gentle with the old manuscript and take it to the study tables.
  • Locate the pages you need to copy and copy them as efficiently as you can. It will take you a few hours to do them correctly since some of the scripts will be faded and require you to predict words based on context.
  • Once you are done, carefully return the manuscript to its original location.
  • Thank the Priest for his assistance and leave.
  • Create a travel post from Crocus to Magnolia.
  • Find Father Jerad in Magnolia and hand him the parchments on which you copied the scripture.
  • He will skim through your work before thanking and rewarding you for your troubles.

#2Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo will be the first to take this quest!

Required Quests:

#3Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp



  • 80,000J (Reputation [20%] + Guild Level 4 [20%] + Empress Tarot [20%])
  • 200 Fame
  • +2 Intelligence
  • 7,500 Exp (Rhadrian's Shelter [10%] + Guild Level 3 [20%] + Guardian Nephilim [20%])

  • +2 Intelligence (Extra Reward)


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Poropo has completed this quest.

Magnolia - Lados Last Hymns Ol6wFcl

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All three topics are part of this one mission and the third link has the final word count of it.

Reward - Yuurei:
+2 Intelligence
+2 Intelligence (Extra Reward)
+200 Fame
+70,00 Jewels (10% Companion, 10% Reputation, 20% Lvl 4 Guild )
+7,000 Exp (10% Half-Elf, 10% Companion, 20% Noob Bonus)

#7Khalfani † 

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Khalfani †
Yuurei has completed this quest.

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