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Magnolia - Montagues and Capulets

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Magnolia - Montagues and Capulets Empty Wed Dec 19, 2018 4:30 pm

Quest: Montagues and Capulets

Rank: C

Type: Good


  • The user's fame must be at least double their infamy.
  • Count the Blessings completed
  • Safe Haven completed
  • Little Exorcism completed

Father Jerad: Father Jerad might be young but his devotion to the teachings of Illumin have made him one of the youngest priests ever in charge of a church. He offers a shoulder to lean on whenever the citizens are distressed, and manages to lift up the spirits of everyone with his kind words, regardless of whether they are a believer or not.

Summary: Father Jerad is supposed to officiate the marriage of a lovely couple, but their families are opposed to it because of an ongoing feud for generations. He has heard about this tale from his predecessor and is aware that it won't be possible to solve their issues. Instead, he wishes to assist the two lovebirds into escaping from Magnolia and sets a plan into motion.

Rome Montague: Rome is a gallant but forlorn lover from the Montague family. Blessed with a handsome face, floppy dark hair and green eyes, he is considered to be the hearthrob of Magnolia, but his heart only beats for Julia. Hailing from a noble family, he dresses impeccably, usually in well-stitched white robes.

Julia Capulet: Julia is a soft-spoken young girl and the daughter of the famous Capulets. Her family takes their honor very seriously and pins their pride and respect on the beauty and innocence of their daughter. Julia has grown up sheltered, overprotected and stifled. Rome has helped her explore a whole new world outside...

Enemies: None

Objective: Assist Father Jerad in setting the plan into motion for Rome Montague and Julia Capulet to get married and flee Magnolia.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Magnolia's Kardia Cathedral.
  • Father Jerad will recognize you and approach you in a hurry. He will guide you to a room in the Cathedral and introduce you to Rome and Julia, who will be waiting inside, dressed up as the bride and groom.
  • The couple will quickly share the story of their family rivalry and the love they share despite it. The Father will request you to keep a vigilant watch as he prepares the altar for their secret marriage ceremony.
  • Keep guard by placing yourself outside the abbey. A few Capulet men brandishing swords will request entry into the Church, in search of Julia.
  • Bring to their attention the fact that they must not carry weapons into the Church, then proceed to stall them and redirect them to another location.
  • Father Jerad will send a cleric to inform you that the wedding ceremony has been completed.
  • Go back to the church and Father Jerad will instruct you to wait with Rome and Julia until its late in the night and leave you with them.
  • Use the time you have with the couple to learn more about their love story.
  • At around midnight, Father Jerad will return and request you to escort the couple out of Magnolia one by one. The newlyweds will have reservations about separating. You must convince them that it is safer this way, to not attract attention.
  • Safely escort Julia to the outskirts first. Sneak around in the alleyways and ensure you are not caught.
  • While escorting Rome, you will notice the same Capulet men, still scouring the streets for Julia. Find a way to distract them so Rome can make a getaway.
  • The Capulet men will chase you. Direct them away from the fleeing couple. Then, find a way to lose them.
  • Once you're sure you are not being tailed, find Rome and Julia on the outskirts of Magnolia. The two will share their excitement to start a new life before they thank you and bid you farewell.
  • Return to Father Jerad, who is anxiously awaiting news. Reassure him and let him know the two lovers have fled safely.
  • Father Jerad will be relieved and reward you for your hard work.


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Steel has started this quest.


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Dropping this quest for now.

#5Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp

#6Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp



  • 62,500 Jewels (Reputation [5%] + Guild Level 2 [20%])
  • 200 Fame
  • +2 Intelligence
  • 8,250 Exp (Emperor Tarot [20%] + Rhadrian's Shelter [10%] + Returning Bonus [15%] + Guild Level 2 [20%])


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Poropo has completed this quest.

Magnolia - Montagues and Capulets NjlPZG5
#ff6666 - Fiorian #cc6666 - Elvarin #996666 - Val'Elvarin

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Reward - Yuurei:
+2 Speed
+200 Fame
+62,500 Jewels (10% Companion, 5% Reputation, 20% Lvl 4 Guild )
+7000 Exp (10% Half-Elf, 10% Companion, 20% Noob Bonus)

#10Khalfani † 

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Khalfani †
Yuurei has completed this quest.

#11Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Taking this quest.

#12Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Completed Quest


Reward - Brone Heavyaxe:
+2 Endurance
+200 Fame
+60,000 Jewels (Empress, 20% Jewels)
+6,500 Exp (30% New Member)

#13Khalfani † 

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Khalfani †
Brone has completed this quest.

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