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Rune Knight for a Day [Quest: Kazimir]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Rune Knight for a Day [Quest: Kazimir] Empty Mon Dec 17, 2018 2:55 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir was finally ready for the next level of responsibility. His days of sprinting back and forth on a beach had ended. Before taking on the next stage of assignments, however, Kazimir decided he would take a day to himself.

The dock air was cold and refreshing. Workers loaded small ships with trade goods and fish, while others brought in items to sell at local markets. Smaller private vessels wove between the larger ships. Kazimir’s footsteps creaked with the bowing of warped wooden planks beneath him. The benign lapping of waves against the wooden posts of the port stilled the most rambunctious heart.

Kazimir stopped to enjoy the ambiance as wind wafted the salt water aroma through the air. Like a knife spilling blood, the frantic actions of a man sliced the melancholy atmosphere. He appeared to be a distraught page. His eyes darted back and forth followed by his aimlessly shuffling feet. He reached through his pockets searching for something he couldn’t find no matter how many times he checked them.  

Without missing a beat, Kazimir averted his attention toward the young page. He wanted to enjoy the day off, but none could shun the call of duty. “Calm down. Tell me what I can do to help you?”

The page looked wide-eyed at the unexpected assistance. Even more so when he realized it came from a fellow rune knight. “Oh, uh, hmmm,” he said still gazing around the port. “I was asked by the lord to do a patrol around here. I’m just starting out. It’s a lot to take in, coming from a small village and all. I’m Collin. Collin Simmers.”

It was apparent that Kazimir would have to stop him from talking if he wanted to get a word in. “Okay, Collin. I’m Kazimir. Just relax, you’re doing a routine patrol. Nothing to get worked up about. Just keep a level head and you’ll do just fine alright.” Kazimir tried to calm the page down but it didn’t seem to work as well as he hoped.

The page rubbed the back of his neck vigorously, “Do you think you could help me with this one. I thought I would join the Knights to see the world but now I have this request from the lord of Hargeon already, and it’s just a lot to do and I don’t know if I can handle it. I mean what…”

“Alright. I’ll help you on the patrol. Just tell me where you have left to finish. We can split up and take care of it.” His tone was empathetic as he felt like they were in similar situations, just trying to do the best they could.
Collin’s shoulders sagged down untensed and his eyes filled with relief. He grasped Kazimir’s hands,

“Thank you, thank you. Can you just check over that way?” He pointed to the southern part of the docks.

Kazimir slowly took his hands back, “I’m on it. Let's meet in a few hours.” Collin eagerly ran off to the northern area with renewed vigor.

The docks were a large place and Kazimir could understand his panic in needing to keep an eye on all of it. Especially if he was the only knight here.  

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#2Kazimir Seiryu 

Rune Knight for a Day [Quest: Kazimir] Empty Tue Dec 18, 2018 3:19 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir’s patrol brought him toward a shaded corner of the docks. He was strolling through it like the rest when he glimpsed a curious exchange. Two men stood side by side, one was a heavier set man who looked a little familiar to Kazimir, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. The other man was dressed in a brown tunic and wore a headband.  

The familiar looking man reached out with a small sack of gold and in return received a small bag. The familiar man opened the bag and stuck in one finger. Pulling it out he brought a substance closer to his face and tasted it. The two of them looked around after closing the bag up.

Kazimir dipped behind a group of barrels that were unloaded from a ship. The only others around were workers on the boats, none of whom seemed interested or concerned with what was happening.

It finally struck him, “Reagan Hullston,” he said under his breath. “I’d recognize that mustache anywhere. Just what are you up to?” He leaned forward, edging himself around the barrel to get a better look.

Suddenly they both looked toward a boat and then laid eyes back down on Kazimir.  A man stood on the deck of a boat pointing him out and gesturing the rune knight symbol.

Reagan and the drug dealer dashed off down the docks. There was only one way for them to go through. Kazimir jumped out from behind the barrels and rushed after them. he ducked around hazards and pirates obviously trying to get in his way any way they could.

The three of them were coming towards a divide in the path. Kazimir pushed himself harder, hoping to reach them before they got to the split and diverged into different directions. It was too late though. Reagan took off left and the drug dealer made off to the right.

Kazimir just arrived at the turn to see them sprinting in opposite directions. He at least knew who Reagan was and how to find him. The other he didn’t have a face or a name for. That was the one that became his target. That thought was only a brief moment and Kazimir turned right and gave chase to the drug dealer. All that training running along the beach was finally going to pay off.
“Alright then. Let’s see how fast you are.”

The drug dealer flipped over a platform of crates and rolled under two men moving a large stain glass window without slowing down a step. Kazimir followed as close as he could, placing a hand on the crates and hoping a top them. He chose to leap over the stained glass as the Dealer went below.

Coming down he thrust his hand out but only grazed the brown tunic in his fingers. The dealer slipped away and ran across long log leading onto a ship. He pushed around the ropes tied upward toward the mast.

“Back to the ships huh?”

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#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Rune Knight for a Day [Quest: Kazimir] Empty Tue Dec 18, 2018 9:32 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir charged after him and leapt to the leaning log bound by ropes. He moved along the same path until the dealer took out a small knife and cut a rope while grabbing another. The rope yanked him upwards towards the crow’s nest.

Kazimir jumped upward with a strong gust of wind behind him. The mast was too high for him to make in a single bound. He concentrated harder and brought his hands up swirling wind around them. With relaxed muscles he thrust his hands downward blowing a strong gale, propelling him higher. It was hard for him to control the direction, but he veered off only slightly. It was only a powerful gust after all and not a stream to be manipulated.

The dealer looked panicked as the drew closer to the crow’s nest but Kazimir closed the distance even faster. Alas, the direction Kazimir headed in took him to the ropes near the nest as the dealer jumped into the safe position.

“Alright, let’s try that again,” Kazimir said as he dangled from one rope above the ship. One hand grasping it firmly as the other gestured for another surge of wind. The dealer noticed the hand motion and cut another rope to swing down from it and get away.

This time Kazimir had a new trick up his sleeve. He conjured a wind barrier in front of the dealer. It was a technique he designed to shield people from outside harm but made for a good wall to stop people in other ways too.

The dealer swung into the wind barrier ending his movement and sending him careening toward the deck of the ship. Beneath him was a stack of crates ready to break his fall. He hit with a heavy thud crashing through them.

Kazimir dropped down using a last-minute gust of wind to slow his descent. His feet landed firmly with a blast of wind radiating from him. Dust and debris spiraled up from the deck. He crossed over toward the shattered pile of crates.

The dealer’s hands reached through the debris crawling for a way out. Splintered pieces of wood tumbled off and his head emerged with a deep gasp of air. The fall knocked him around and he was shaking his head side to side wincing and blinking his eyes.

“I trust that we are done now, I have some things to talk to you about.” Kazimir stretched forward to grab the man’s wrist. Instead, he was met with a flying piece of wood jabbed at his face. He dodged, narrowly evading the attack meant to blind him.

The dealer stood up and moved to dive into the waves below. The crew on the ship hadn’t made any advances one way or the other on the situation. It seemed they just wanted it to end or at the very least didn’t want the eyes of the rune knights on them.  

The dealer pushed off the railing head first. Kazimir summoned as much magic as he could and dashed forward.

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#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Rune Knight for a Day [Quest: Kazimir] Empty Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:58 am

Kazimir Seiryu
He managed clear the few feet that separated the two of them, but he now found himself over the side of the ship. An intentional calculation. His body passed close by the dealers. Kazimir looked over his left shoulder making eye contact in the blur of the surroundings. He shot his hand downward. Fingers wrapped around the wooden railing that bulged from the strain of slowing down a rapidly moving man.

Kazimir used the leverage created by the railing to swing his feet outward in front of him. The dealer was still midway into his dive, beside the wind mage. Kazimir shot a concentrated blast of air from his legs, sending them rocketing toward the dealer. He curled his knee upward with the rage of the wind at his heels. The strike connected the dealer on the face and smashed him back onto the deck of the ship.

The dealer scrambled backward holding back the blood that streamed down from his nose. Kazimir landed back down with a swift exhale and fixing his scarf.

“Now, I had a few questions for you,” he held his hand out and clinched his fist creating a rush of wind against the dealer that held him pressed against the ship's deck. A move he designed to push people away or slow their movement. “What were you selling, where did it come from and who were you dealing with?”

Once the dealer had squirmed a bit the wind barrier was released when he was ready to talk. , Okay, okay, okay. Look man, I’m dealing drugs from another city to Reagan Hullston. He buys from me and moves it through the town.”

Kazimir blinked slowly and looked partially away from the man, contemplating what this could lead to. “Alright then, by order of the rune knights, I place you under arrest.” He cuffed the man behind his back and led him to the meeting point where Collin would be waiting.

They crossed the docks in silence. The only noises were the faint whispers of sailors and dubious men wondering what was happening. In the distance, he saw the once panicking Collin standing with a bit more ease. Kazimir crossed over to him with the dealer in his hands.

Collin looked wide-eyed shaking his head. His hand came to his forehead as if to stave off a headache. “What happened Kazimir? Is that a prisoner! Things were dangerous around here? I’m so glad you were here.”

Kazimir moved the dealer forward for Collin to take him. “Your job, your responsibility. You have to do some investigating. This guy was dealing drugs to Hullston. They operate from another city and Hullston moves the drugs here.”

Collin timidly grabbed the dealer by the handcuffs and held him to the side, so he could still here Kazimir. “Oh dear. That’s horrible. We have had some rumors about Hullston but I never imagined.” He reached into his bag, “Either way, this is for your help today. Thank you.”

Kazimir took the reward and gave a nod, “If you want any more help in the future just ask me. It’s our job to make this place better after all."

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