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Demon Slayer Magic: Water [1,000,000J]

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Demon Slayer Magic: Water [1,000,000J] Empty on Fri 14 Dec - 4:53


Name: Demon Slayer Magic: Water

Elements: Water+Light

Category: Combination

Quantity: Limited

Description: Water Demon Slayer is a powerful magic learned from ancient tomes and scrolls which combines the elemental trees of Water-type and Light-type magic. It does not allow the users to use these trees separately. Water Demon Slayer is immune against Water, but not against Light. The magic they cast is always colored white.


  • Water Demon Slayer Magic spells are a combination of both Water and Light.
  • The user is immune to Water.


  • The user must possess a Water-type magic.
  • The user must be a human.

#2Sofia Serena 

Demon Slayer Magic: Water [1,000,000J] Empty on Sat 20 Jul - 2:05

Sofia Serena

Purchasing this with Guild Rank 2 Discount for 900,000 Jewels


Demon Slayer Magic: Water [1,000,000J] Empty on Sat 20 Jul - 6:17

Sofia has purchased Demon Slayer Magic: Water for 900,000J.

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Demon Slayer Magic: Water [1,000,000J] Empty

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