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Slay Gurl Pt 2 [Quest: Hatsuharu]

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#1Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
The rest of the journey was blissfully devoid of any events. Although the tension still hung thick in the air. Both Fernando and Tsuru were not exactly at ease. Ironically, despite having been the victim on more occasions than the others, she was rather relaxed. Perhaps, it was because she'd chosen to play bait and was rather resigned to her fate. Perhaps she had grown fond of the thrill and adrenaline that accompanied the constant awareness of danger looming. This request had definitely been one of the more demanding ones and she'd picked up quite a few tools and tricks while aiding Fernando, who still did not know of her true identity.

Once they were in Hargeon, they were escorted backstage to their section for the show. Akira noticed that there were other designers who had registered. Jaune's name was on the list too, but had recently been struck out. She nudged Tsuru to bring that part of the itinerary to his notice. They weren't given much time to relax let alone go sightseeing, within moments there were assistants fussing over Akira yet again. Fernando had them deal with her hands and fingers while he dealt with handling the garments for the line up. She could tell from Tsuru's roving eyes that he was being rather vigilant and was on the look out for Jaune. Akira was convinced he would show up. That man's will to sabotage Fernando far exceeded his sensibilities.


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Those few hours of sleep he had on the day of their departure was practically the only sleep he had. After finding out that Jaune had gone so far as to send a hitman after his partner, the healer did not let himself relax even for a minute. Fernando too was shaken by the incident and cancelled many of the planned stops on their way out of fear that they might encounter another assassin. It was obvious that he was worried for his safety, but what truly surprised Haru was that he genuinely cared for the lives of his assistants and the two Knights as well. That was the only time when the swordsman heard him talk about people, instead of his collection.

The crew finally reached Hargeon and Haru joined them after handing the tied-up assassin to the local Knights. When they got to the location, Akira pointed out that Jaune’s name was on the list as well. He should have been worried that the rival designer could be around and would attempt to strike again. But, strangely, he was welcoming the man to try something. The swordsman was confident that he would be there next to his partner all the time to protect her. So, he wanted the foolish designer to try and attack her again, so that he could successfully impale his mana blade into the cretin this time around.


#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
the din and bustle of the ones preparing the stage gave her a bit of a migraine. The concerned assistants offered her various exotic beverages and delectable food upon noticing, however she refused it all. Despite playing it cool, she was just a little concerned about the antics Jaune may try and pull.

Her eyes warily scanned every possible item around her to see if it was something the competitive designer could manipulate and cause harm with. Her gaze flitted often to the large spotlights, any of them could fall and create massive damage. However, he seemed to be the sort of man who particularly wanted to bring down Fernando, not necessarily the entire establishment. However, the young mage had underestimated the feud far too many times to trust her own instincts this time.

On top of all this, she had to keep an eye out for Tsuru, his coldness and expression gave away the temper that she knew to be brewing inside him. When she found a moment between all the chaos, she wrapped a gown around herself and swiftly approached the healer. The lunar mage had to confirm and reinforce the fact that they were not going to hurt Jaune in a way that left them vulnerable to an inquiry. Fernando had been very clear on this, because he was convinced that Jaune would find a way out, with his ample resources.


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The place was packed with many designers and models from all over the country. Haru had to keep a close eye on anyone who approached anywhere within a few meters from his partner, considering Jaune had proven that he liked to have his dirty work done for him by someone else. Any one of these people could be another assassin pretending to be part of the competition or the organization. So far, he had not found anyone suspicious. But he wasn’t going to let his guard down until the show was over and they catch Jaune.

Haru was scanning the area for anyone who was trying to enter Fernando’s section that he knew wasn’t part of his crew, when he saw Akira approach him. He thought she had found something that he had not spotted and was looking forward to getting a lead. However, it would seem she was just worried about the approach he had in mind if and when they do come across Jaune. Her worry wasn’t without reason, of course. Haru would be lying if he said he didn’t think of doing terrible things to the man. But to dissuade her from being concerned about that and allow her to focus on the show, lying is exactly what he did. “Don’t worry. I’m not gonna hurt him,” he said.

The healer knew those words wouldn’t have convinced him, if he were in her shoes. He wouldn’t be surprised if she caught on to the lie. Haru was not very good at hiding his feelings or expressions, after all.


#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
She shook her head slowly when Tsuru chose to blatantly hide his intent and not very well either. She was well aware that soon, she will be separated and his watchful gaze would no longer serve to protect her. The models were supposed to be dressed and moved backstage ready for their entrance. She decided not to confront Tsuru, since she knew what that rage felt like. She just hoped she was the one to catch Jaune instead of her partner and perhaps if she managed to incapacitate him, Tsuru would see reason and not attack an unarmed man.

In all fairness, she too wanted her fresh pound of meat. He'd threatened her personally and attempted to take her life on two occasions now. While the assistants helped her into the exotic sleek dress, the one that got Tsuru's gaze to linger on her, or at least so she had noticed... It was the one they were going to use to open the show and highlight Fernando's collection.

As expected, she was ushered away by the event's organisation team, the assistants too wore the same garb of anxiety that Tsuru and Fernando shared. It would seem her act as Kiara had won their hearts too, now they were unanimously concerned. She stood in a line of pretty women, her face had quite an extensive layer of make up to accentuate her features, smiling felt odd while she waited for someone to try kill her.


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When the models were taken backstage to get ready for the show, Haru was not allowed to follow them. Even his Rune Knight badge had no effect there. The bouncer at the back entrance wouldn’t budge and asked him to go get an official ‘search warrant’ if he wished to enter. Fernando conveniently avoided eye contact with him, trying to stay out of it and avoid any awkward moments before his big show. Akira had already been ushered in, leaving him with no one to appeal to. So, having no other option, the healer was forced to make his way back to the main seating area. One of Fernando’s assistants had given him a pass that would allow him to sit in the front rows for the show. But, before he could take up that offer, he needed to ensure Jaune was nowhere around.

Haru was glad he decided to patrol the perimeter one last time, because he did find Jaune. The sneaky blonde designer was trying to get backstage too, but through a different locked door that wasn’t guarded. Somehow, he had secured a key and thankfully, Haru caught him just before he unlocked the door. The swordsman knew if he made his presence known, the designer would hurry the hell up and run behind the door, making it impossible for him to follow and catch him. So, to be sure even his footsteps don’t alert the man, Haru cast his Nimbus and floated towards the door. Just as Jaune managed to unlock the rickety door, the Knight caught him by the collar, lifted him and hung him on the lamp hook on top of the locked door. Thanks to his Nimbus, he could reach that height easily. Jaune was about to scream, but shut himself up rather quickly, realizing he would be implicating himself if the security saw him there.


#7Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
It was almost her turn to get onto the stage. She could see the gleaming lights that shined on the wooden platform, in stark contrast to the deliberately darkened green room. She resisted the urge to peek beyond the curtains and scan the crowd for Tsuru. Oddly, she hoped that he had found the time to take a seat and watch the show, even though that wasn't exactly part of his job description. The Lunar mage wondered when this became more than a job to her and when she started enjoying the seemingly admiring glances thrown her way by that particular healer.

She was supposed to ensure no one got harmed and the show went on without a hitch on the inside, while Tsuru had to guard them on the outside. It was vain to expect him to abandon that duty and be there when she walked onto the stage. There was a rhythmic clacking and clicking of the heels that the models wore as they strutted onto the stage. Despite all the reason, as she stood poised waiting to step into the light, she still wasn't able to quench the hope of finding him in the crowd, especially in this dress.

It took her just a moment to respond to the call of Kiara, but that was the only hitch. With all the grace she could muster, she sashayed her way onto the stage. The lights were so bright and she stared into the crowd, no where in particular, yet scanning all the faces that slowly came into view.


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The vibe between the swordsman and the designer was one that was between a predator and a prey, and neither had a doubt about who was who in that analogy. As the Knight’s hand inched towards his lightsabre, the cunning designer began to talk his way out of it. It first began with pleas of forgiveness and eventually went onto threats of suing him. While the healer was a little inclined to let the justice system do its job and not interfere when he was pleading, he was soon considering which arm to cut off once the threats began. Fortunately for the designer, there was one other thing that Haru cared about more than hurting him. When the host announced that the show was about to start, the healer’s urge to rush to the front seats to see Akira was far greater than dealing with Jaune. So, he simply cuffed Jaune, left him hanging on the hook and flew to the seating area.

His move wasn’t subtle at all. Flying to the front seats with his Nimbus didn’t make the other audience like him much. “No fair!” he heard many cry out loud, as they attempted swimming through the crowd to reach their seats. The people next to his seat gave him a wide berth, not wishing to associate themselves with all the hating glares he was subject to. For once, Haru didn’t care. His eyes were fixed on the stage, waiting to see his partner walk in. A large grin spread across his face when the announcer called the name ‘Kiara’ and she walked out gracefully, in the dress that he liked the most. He remembered not telling her that he liked this the most and wondered if she figured it out anyway. Their eyes met and he gave a thumbs-up before beginning to clap loudly. The crowd followed, agreeing that both the dress and the one showcasing it were truly the most beautiful in the vicinity.


#9Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
She had caught the glimpse of nimbus before her eyes locked with her partner. She offered a charming smile which for once, wasn't an act but genuine gratitude. She noticed him initiate the round of applause, and as she turned to flaunt the dress in its totality, she couldn't help but grin uncharacteristically. When she turned again, before commencing her walk back, her gaze briefly rested on Fernando who looked so happy he could cry. Well, he did cry, she just happened not to not witness that spectacle since her back was already turned.

In all that joy, she'd briefly forgotten about Jaune, until she reached backstage. There she met with the one assistant who was allowed back there with her. She was all smiles and congratulations as she escorted Akira back to her section of the green room. The girl was aided out of her first outfit and the second was swiftly fitted onto her. She used the moment to inquire about Jaune carefully. 'So, our assassin pal hasn't made an appearance yet?'

This question somehow only emboldened the assistance joy. She giggled as she relayed the information to Akira. She let the lunar mage know that the man had been found strung up to a lantern hook on the back of some door, cuffed and useless. She did say that these were just rumors though and she had not had a chance to confirm this.


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Haru cheered harder than before every time Akira walked out in a different dress. He, along with the crowd, was completely mesmerized by the elegance and perfection that was on stage. Akira in Fernando’s designs really was the most favourite, and that was obvious even among the panel of judges. With all the happy cheering, the healer had completely forgotten about the vile rival designer, Jaune, and he was thoroughly enjoying the show.

There was no doubt ever that Fernando’s team was going to win the competition hands down. But whatever sliver of uncertainty that might have existed in the corners of the judges’ minds was completely cleared when Akira glided onto the stage wearing Fernando’s masterpiece that he had ensured no one else saw prior to this moment. The crowd went crazy as all the participating models were on stage and the difference in ingenuity of the design between Fernando’s and others became so apparent. Soon enough, the judges announced Fernando as the winner, which came as a surprise to no one.

The ecstatic designer was in tears as he accepted the award, and again surprised Haru by thanking Akira and the rest of his crew, giving equal credit to all of them. Once the show was done, Fernando thanked both Akira and Haru for their help and shared the prize money with them. The healer knew exactly what he wanted to do with that money, but that was a deal he needed to negotiate with Fernando when Akira wasn’t around.


#11Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Dress after dress, walk after walk, gleaming smile after gleaming smile. The routine was more exhausting than Akira, or rather Kiara would've liked to admit. Tsuru's glee was encouraging though and helped her tide through the whole event. Little did she know that this task would take so much out of her. Parading around in these godforsaken heels had really made her legs more resilient than all their training an ordeals put together... That was an exaggeration, but not by much. In her final dress, she did an extra little twirl at the behest of the crowd.

The only other thing that served to keep her going, was waiting for  the very final round and the time that she get to invite Fernando onto stage. The reason she was so eager for that, is because she was waiting to correct the announcer and reveal herself as Akira. She already knew victory was in the bag, and boy was she gloating on the inside. Amidst all the joy of winning this priced competition, she wanted Fernando to know just who dragged him across the finish line. Someone who he had so readily dismissed, not just as unappealing to look at, but possibly inept at her job. Today Akira proved she was neither.

Sure enough when the winner was announced, it was the team from Baska. Which meant her all the assistants and of course the designer. She daintily went and received Fernando, escorting him to the stage. She gave a little speech as they received their award and finished by correcting the announcer as planned. Without a backward glance, she grinned clapped and then exited stage left...


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