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Magnolia to Hargeon[foot travel; Kazimir]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Magnolia to Hargeon[foot travel; Kazimir] Empty Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:53 am

Kazimir Seiryu
While he had yet to see many of the sights in Magnolia he had lingered here a bit too long.

Staying so close to the rune knight headquarters he eventually was approached and given the task to go to Hargeon to help with a backlog of minor tasks there. Which worked out for him because he grew a tad restless anyway.

He embarked on the journey which was a bit longer than the last. Although this time he was warned to stir clear of dahlia unless he had business there. A place of darkness wasn’t really the sight he wanted to see now anyway but he hoped once he got stronger he’d be able to help them.

The journey was long, and he was lucky he packed a trusty supply of food and a way to make pancakes on the road. He set up camp and built a small fire using his wind magic to stoke the fire. Once it was a bright flame he pulled out his skillet and homemade pancake mix, “Alright, time for a treat.”

He mixed in his water and poured the mixture into the skillet. Pulling out his spatula he gave it a small flip while wondering how much room he could save if he just packed regular rations. He tossed it high in the air catching it in the skillet. One flip sent it high and a natural gust of wind carried it off course.

“What! Get back here.” He shouted after the flapjack, maneuvering the skillet beneath it to catch before giving a sigh and using his magic to set it back inside.

“Well, that was dumb.”The next morning, he arrived in Hargeon. A beautiful town by the sea.
Word count 286/270 word discount from page in rune knights.

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