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IV. Gale Staff

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IV. Gale Staff  Empty Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:16 pm

Name: Gale Staff

Slot: Weapon

Type: Staff

Handling: One-Handed

Class: Unique

Quantity: Limited

Element: Wind

Damage: +30 Strength

Durability: 1x S-Rank

Description: This beautiful winged staff is a very recent creation and is a masterpiece of one of the most famous enchanters alive in Fiore. Chiselled, carved, and polished to perfection, the staff is a sight to behold with its magnificent wing-like extensions and small glowing emerald gems embedded throughout. Every time the wielder casts a Wind-type spell through the staff, the wings flap gently.

Details: The staff is 2 meters long.

Requirements: None


  • Intelligence: +30


  • Spell Cooldown Reduction: Wind-type D-rank, C-rank, B-rank and A-rank spells cast through the staff receive a 1 post cooldown reduction.


  • Name: Guiding Gales
    Rank: C
    Mana Cost: 50
    Requirements: Gale Staff
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Wind
    Range: Self
    Cooldown: 2 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: This spell requires no motion. To activate it, the user supplies mana to the Gale staff, after which the user is capable of flight up to 5 meters above ground.

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