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Baska to Oak [Foot-Travel]

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#1Akira Shimada 

Baska to Oak [Foot-Travel]  Empty Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:18 pm

Akira Shimada
She slumped against the wall of Tsuru's room, positively exhausted. Saving an entire town without harming any of the sick and aggressive citizen had proven to be a monumental task. The evidence they had against the gang was enough to convict them. which was good news.

There were some left over pancakes, and just getting up to set the table seemed to be a task she could barely find the energy to accomplish. So she sat there and shamelessly eyed the food, hoping to guilt Tsuru into helping out again, though he'd worked far more than she had. But then, on the flip side he'd earned himself a good night's rest, while she sat up sick with worry and anxiety about exactly the sort of outcome they had to ward off today. Eventually, they sat down to eat and she decided to unburden her heart as the filled their bellies.

She didn't quite want to plague a victory with the details about the maidens, but she had held the information for long enough. All the unspoken things were weighing her down. Little did she know that once she shared the details about the Phantom Lord mages, that Tsuru would have them on their way to Oak the very next day...


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With the town saved, neither of the Knights stayed for any celebration. They didn’t have the energy for it and snuck into the Rune Knight quarters before they could get swamped with a million handshakes and thank yous. It wasn’t that the healer didn’t appreciate the town showing its gratitude, but he knew his legs were going to buckle and give in if he stood for another ten minutes. So, they requested the Seated and Apprentices in the house to ensure they weren’t disturbed and went to their rooms for a good meal and rest.

As Akira eyed the pancakes hungrily, Haru shook his head and half-walked, half-crawled to retrieve it from the counter and place it on the table. The two ate and spoke heartily, which ended with the Lunar mage revealing the details of the incident in Orchidia, where a man was burnt alive cruelly by a couple of Phantom Lord members. If only his body allowed it, the healer would have began his journey to Oak already. But he knew there was no way that could happen, so he promised himself and told Akira too that the two of them go to the hometown of that dark guild and attempt to capture the criminals.

And so, there they were at Oak the next evening, trying to seek justice once again.


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