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Stop the plague [Quest: Hatsuharu]

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Stop the plague [Quest: Hatsuharu] - Page 2 Empty Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:14 pm

Just as he feared, all six of them were following his exact ground path and had reached his landing point faster than he did. The healer watched helplessly as the six pair of sickly hands reached out towards where he was, hungrily waiting for his slow descent. Just then, he heard Akira’s voice. Immediately, he put his hands together and formed the cloud right under him. His Nimbus could fly up to five meters above ground, which was more than enough margin to ensure that the infected won’t reach them. The moment the cloud formed, he heard the next set of words and turned towards her.

Akira had jumped from the top and two out of the six crazed townsmen went for her. Haru quickly cast his Phase under the two who left the group and half-buried them. Immediately after, he steered his cloud towards his partner and swooped in to catch her before she fell on top of the half-buried zombies. Now that he had his cloud up and flying, he cancelled his Feather-Light and continued steering the cloud, circling the four remaining infected ones, who were desperately trying to reach them.

Gently dropping Akira onto the soft cloud, he shook his head with a smile. “That was reckless,” he said. “But thank you,” he added. Haru knew he had given up in that moment and wouldn’t have thought of casting his cloud if not for her. But what truly shook him was the fact that she threw herself in as a distraction just to give him a little bit more time.


#27Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
She didn't expect to fall in his arms. The cloud, yes... but not him. Even in the danger, blood rose to her cheek and she avoided meeting his gaze till he set her down. She muttered her own gratitude in response, not trusting herself to hold a proper conversation. It was a shame that they'd forgotten about his utilities all this time. The cloud would've proven to be quite useful even in their ventures earlier today.

Perhaps they could have just used this to deliver the medicine in the first place. A cloud that rained the cure... Would've saved them a lot of trouble. However, she was just glad that she reminded him of it in time. Her jumping only served as enough of a distraction to at least prevent two of them from hurting the others. There were still four of them hell bent upon harming each other, now that Akira and Tsuru were out of the way.

She couldn't have that either, she cast her darkness disk under two of them to create some distance between the fighting pairs. Within moments they were at it again. She was looking forward to the safety that the top of the exhaust would provide them, but it would seem that without a target, the plagued men were going to tear each other to pieces. Without warning, she merely jumped of the cloud, to provide them a fresh person to chase.

Tsuru was clearly exhausted, she didn't want to push him anymore. 'Help the doctor.' she said, with more clarity than any of the words that preceded the circumstance driven order. It seemed that the half buried plagued citizens had run out of energy. They just sat their limply trying to claw their way out, while making no real headway.


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Stop the plague [Quest: Hatsuharu] - Page 2 Empty Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:15 pm

All of a sudden, without warning, Akira jumped off the cloud to give the remaining four townsmen a target to chase instead of tearing each other down. He didn’t want her to go through that risk; that was what he was there for. But now that she was down already and the crazies were chasing her, he really wasn’t left with much choice but to take her advice. Cursing under his breath, the healer grudgingly steered the cloud towards where the doctor was and jumped up onto the platform where he was setting up the detonator.

Haru finally noticed why it was taking so long. The poor man was shaking so bad that he couldn’t connect two wires together. The swordsman gently patted the doctor’s shoulder, which startled him as he feared it was one of the infected. “Doc, it’s me. Tell me what to do,” he said, trying to keep his voice calm so that Gerard would calm down too. After a couple of deep breaths, the doctor finally gave him the final instructions and he finished setting up the detonator. “Now, we set it off,” Gerard announced. Haru quickly pulled the doctor onto the cloud and steered it away before Gerard pressed the button to detonate the cure into the air.

Immediately, three blasts occurred in quick succession, with the one they set up recently being the last one. A huge cloud of sparkling dust took over the entire town and from his cloud, Haru could see the townsmen writhe in pain for a few moments before falling unconscious. The healer quickly steered Nimbus towards his partner and pulled her up onto the cloud. Gerard finally relaxed and sat down, breathing heavily. “It’s done!” he sighed. And just as he said those words, the Baskans began to regain their conscious, confused and unaware as to what had occurred to them.


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Akira Shimada
The fact that two remained in their spot definitely aided her, the last thing she needed was to have to deal with six of them again. However, as she crossed them, she realised that the four eagerly reached for their bound buddies. She wondered if they still possessed the instinct to help the two then realised that they were likelier to kill the handicapped ones. She had not bothered to check if Tsuru made headway up until now.

Instead she shot her bullet yet again, to rally them up and away from the buried fellows. While she didn't want to kill them, no one said that she couldn't knock them out with a punch or something... She made sure she wasn't averse to that possibility, although it'd still be a last resort option. She simply knocked the four back with her darkness disk, as they continued in hot pursuit of her, having lost sight of their friends for the moment.

She continued running laps around the exhaust vent. For the time being, they seemed to have lost a lot of energy. But she couldn't keep this up as long as her partner had either. She sighed softly and hoped the group didn't split and come from one side each. Her own breathing turned shallow as she realised how out of practice she was when it came to running. 'Come on, come on...' she chanted, hoping the man was close.

They were catching up to her, despite lacking in speed, their slow movements helped them endure longer than her dashing earned her. She clearly needed to work on her endurance. Unfortunately for her, as she looked over her shoulder, she lost track of where she was and one of the buried men caught hold of her ankle, causing her to trip.

Between the half-buried fellows and a girl who had just fallen on her face, the plagued men chose the latter. As the crowded above her, she merely held up her hands at her face, scurrying in an attempt to get away and get up somehow... Just then, they all fell... She winced, watching them suffer before they finally woke utterly bewildered...


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