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IV. Adyora's Cloak

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IV. Adyora's Cloak  Empty Fri Nov 30, 2018 12:06 pm


Name: Adyora's Cloak

Slot: Armor

Type: Cloak

Class: Unique

Weight: Medium

Quantity: Limited

Element: Arcane

Durability: 1x S-rank

Description: This fine cloak was once worn by a master thief who could bypass any security, steal the prize, and escape without fail. It was auctioned out when the thief had a life-changing epiphany and surrendered to the Rune Knights to atone for her sins. The three gems that hang from the cloak glows softly and denote the three dimensions that the wearer is bound to. When the wearer flattens themselves, one of the gems stops glowing.


  • None


  • Strength: +20
  • Speed: +20


  • Name: Flatten
    Rank: A
    Mana Cost: 200
    Requirements: Adyora's Cloak
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Arcane
    Range: Self
    Cooldown: 4 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The wearer stands still for a second and pours mana into the armor to activate this spell. Once activated, the user flattens themselves to become a two-dimensional being. They remain the same height and width, but become paper thin depth-wise. When sustaining this spell, the user cannot use their weapon.


IV. Adyora's Cloak  Empty Mon Nov 30, 2020 2:42 am

I'm paper mario mom haha

Using my black friday discount on this (20%) as well as the oak military conquest discount (20%) for a total of 40% off


IV. Adyora's Cloak  Empty Mon Nov 30, 2020 5:20 am

Zane has purchased the Adyora's Cloak for 600,000 Jewels.

IV. Adyora's Cloak  Untitl19
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