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Era to Magnolia [Foot Travel]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Era to Magnolia [Foot Travel] Empty on Thu Nov 29, 2018 3:20 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Feeling like he had spent so much time around the headquarters of the rune knight, he began to grow restless. There was no doubt that Era had much more to learn about than his brief time offered, but he wanted to see more.

He packed his bag and stood at the gate of the town ready to venture forth to Magnolia. His conversation with the traveling merchant made it seem that there was much to be found there.

"Alright then..here I..." His thought process was halted as he smelled a sweet familiar scent. A peddler was flipping flapjacks at his stand.

He stood once again at the gate, holding a bag over his left shoulder and a bag of pancakes in his right. One flapjack hung from his mouth as impatience caused him to begin eating.

Finally stepping out the gateway he made his way toward Magnolia. The rough mountainous landscape was just as challenging leaving as entering. The path was filled with boulders to maneuver around.

Pulling the scarf tighter around his neck, he breathed into his hands to warm them as it was becoming night.

The next morning led him to the end of the mountainous area and in the distance was a dazzling sight. Sciliora was before him and as was Magnolia. The city on the shore.

He hastily made the last of his trek to the city and eagerly entered the gate.

Word count 240/200

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