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Talk It Out [Quest | Akira]

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Haru was extremely pissed that the two gang members who had emptied the poison into the town’s water source got away from them. He couldn’t fathom how the two just appeared and then almost instantly disappeared immediately after poisoning the source. His blood had been boiling ever since that moment, and he had been unable to sleep even a second. Anger welled up at the horrible crime he was witnessing. This time was the most intense, but also the calmest. The swordsman had not burst out into any rash actions. He kept a cold demeanour, and the frown in his face was mean, like he would disintegrate anyone who crossed his path into dust.

Without speaking a word, Haru hurried to the Rune Knight base—with Akira by his side, hopefully—and demanded the Apprentice Knight to hand him the cabinet keys. “Keys to the cabinet with Cold Collier gang’s file,” he said coldly. The unfortunate apprentice fumbled and took almost an entire minute to find it. Haru grit his teeth and stood there, trying to remain patient. Finally, the apprentice found the key and gave it to him, pointing him towards the cabinet. Haru took the keys, opened the cabinet, and took the gang’s file out.

Nothing. The file had literally nothing about the gang’s activities or even speculations on where their base was.

The unfortunate apprentice was taken by shock, as Haru threw the file at the wall next to him. “NOTHING?!” he yelled. “You incompetent idiots. You don’t have any record of the worst gang of your town?” he cried, banging the table. Hearing him yell, another apprentice came through a door and saluted him before handing him a letter. It was from the doctor. Without so much as a ‘thank you’, Haru snatched it off the man’s hand and began reading.


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Akira Shimada
Tsuru was emanating furious rage, in a rather cold and icy manner. She kept her wary distance. It was worse that the day they'd had their little skirmish with Mitya and in a even more focused despite having not found any target for release yet and that made it so much scarier. Never had she thought that her partner would leave her feeling meeker. Suddenly, all the differences between them were far more accentuated, from the age to the difference in strength, in size and in gender. In a way, it made Aki weak and she definitely didn't like it.

She tried to maintain her indifferent attitude and hoped that he didn't recognise the pretence. She didn't really have any reason to feel like she was in danger, since he hadn't made her the target of any hostility. She was just worried for the one he did pick. Once they reached the quarters, the target was indiscriminately chosen. She stood there a little horrified, witnessing a spectacle she'd never have believed the healer to be capable of. She winced when the file was thrown and wondered if she should intervene.

Before she had the chance to make a decision, a loud bang rattled her. Once again, she merely leaned against the wall and narrowed her eyes, making sure her expression remained impassive. This was clearly not what she'd envisioned. Guardedly, she crept up behind the healer to scan over the letter as well. Softly she said her piece, hoping that her tone didn't betray any fear, but neither served to spur him on any further or condone his actions. 'Tsuru... As apprentices how much did we really manage to learn about the towns we were posted in?' she phrased her concern as a question, hoping it'd quell his anger.


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Haru was literally shaking with anger that he had to try very hard to hold onto the doctor’s letter without crumpling it under his tight grip. The frustration had taken over and he couldn’t even comprehend the sentences he was reading, despite going over them multiple times. However, upon hearing Akira’s rational words, the healer calmed down. He let out a heavy sigh and sat down on a chair after handing the letter to her.

The swordsman walked up to the Apprentice he yelled at, who had rushed to collect all the papers he had strewn on the floor when he threw the file, and apologized while helping him with the mess. “I’m sorry… It’s obviously not your fault,” he said, genuinely upset that he had lashed out on a subordinate, bringing shame to his title. He clearly wasn’t Lieutenant material yet. The apprentice, however, was very understanding. “Lieutenant! There is no need to apologize. I’m honoured to serve under someone who is this upset when the people are suffering,” he said. Haru smiled for a moment, but knew the young man was only being nice and he was still at fault.

Patting the man’s shoulder, Haru commanded the apprentice as a superior. “Apprentice. I want you to file a complaint against me. That should remind me to never treat a subordinate this way ever again,” he said. When the Apprentice began to retaliate, he shut him down immediately. “That’s an order and I don’t wanna hear any more of it,” he said sternly. The Apprentice reluctantly saluted him.

Now that he had calmed down, Haru turned towards his partner and spoke casually. “So… What’s the doctor saying?” he asked.


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Akira Shimada
Her words seem to have done the trick, at least for the moment. She was glad to know that he was still capable of logic and rationality even in his... passion. She could see the noble intent at the heart of the frustration, now that he wasn't all hot and bothered. So, his urge to protect was indeed capable of taking this very offensive and aggressive form, she wondered how keenly aware he was of his own instincts and if he still blamed the weapon for his emotions. Now was not the time for that conversation of course. The Shimada kept a mental tally of all the things they two needed to talk about and they were truly piling, even ignoring the ones that she wasn't quite ready to share yet.

He tidied up while Akira scanned the letter yet again, just to ensure she wasn't missing anything too crucial. It didn't reveal much except that he wanted to see them. She could make out what it was about, despite the strange wording, which she assumed was so that no one else could understand it in case it was intercepted. It wasn't too cryptic, just oddly phrased and very vague unless supplemented by their face to face discussions. 'Need to go see the Doc again, maybe he'll have what we want...' Overhearing the conversation between the apprentice and Tsuru she rolled her eyes, when the healer wasn't looking, she merely shook her head at the young man and he nodded in response. The silent exchanged was enough they both knew Tsuru's order wasn't even worth the time it'd take execute.


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Unaware that his partner had convinced the apprentice to not take his order seriously, the healer was expecting and more than willing to welcome whatever punishment his superiors were going to dish out. Nevertheless, that was something he needed to face much later, considering the time it takes for such complaint paperwork to get through. Right then, he had more pressing matters to take care of; like an entire town being ridden by a man-made plague.

It would seem the doctor wishes to speak to the two Lieutenants. While the letter didn’t hold much else information, it was obvious why. There were only two reasons why he would call them; either he found the cure and wishes to disperse it, or he knew where the Cold Colliers were holing up.

“Let’s go then,” he said to Akira, as he handed the cabinet key back to the Apprentice. After that, it was a straight swift walk towards the clinic. Haru’s eyes fell on the doctor the moment they turned into his street. The man was pacing in his foyer, looking extremely tense. It was obvious he wasn’t ecstatic; so, it couldn’t have been the cure. “Ah! There you two are,” he said, noticing the two Knights. “Come on in. I think there might be a way to stop this menace,” he added, as he hurried into the clinic, holding the door open for them.


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Akira Shimada
She followed the healer, still cautious in her approach around him. She hoped he wouldn't lose it at Gerard for not having found the cure yet... They had helped him gain access to that boar, she could only hope he knew what he was doing from then on out. While the healer dealt with the man, her eyes scoured the library the man sure had collected a wealth of knowledge. Not that just possessing all didn't mean he deserved to be absolved of any and all suspicion, but it did make him a less likely target, for some reason. Everyone had their biases, knowledge and apparent wisdom could often be Akira's.

The doctor too, much like Akira, believed that his instinct was hardly enough to convict the gang. So, he had his own request. The lunar mage plonked herself into one of his chairs, in front of his desk. His pacing and his anxious face was not going to work well in calming Tsuru down, besides the doctor himself could use a moment to calm himself, he was positively radiating unease. 'Sit, both of you and we shall discuss this...' She recommended, hoping the two would listed to her advice. Perhaps, if they all put their minds together an effective plan could be hatched.  


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Confused as to how to approach the topic, the doctor continued pacing around the hall even after entering the clinic. Haru was usually a very patient man, but this was no such occasion. Before he could prod the doctor into speaking, his partner diffused the tension by asking both of them sit down. The healer sat on the edge of the chair without getting too comfortable, making it obvious that he was just there for whatever information the doctor has and then he’d be off doing what needs to be done.

After a heavy sigh, Gerard spoke. He went into further detail regarding the accident and concluded with his hypothesis that there may be a way to convince the Cold Colliers—especially their leader, Mattoro—into stopping what they are doing to the water source. “These guys are lunatics. You think they’ll listen to reason?” Haru retorted, but the doctor shook his head. “We have no real evidence to prove that they are the ones behind this. More and more people are getting infected every day and I’m not close to a cure yet. This is worth a shot,” he said, trying to convince the Knights.

Haru was more in the mood to break their front door open than knock on it. But the doctor reminded him of his pacifist days… The duo’s first mission was to help him hand out medicine for the sick. So, he was willing to give diplomacy a chance. “What do you think?” he asked Akira, turning towards her. Gerard shifted his gaze to her too with a pleading look, as he realized the decision was hers to make.


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Akira Shimada
She shifted in her chair just a little uncomfortably, definitely new to the role of being the calming agent in a group. She sighed softly, upon noticing that the healer was not too inclined to give up his edgy self, in fact while Gerard did indeed listen to her, he too hadn't shed his anxiety with the gesture. She eyed them both carefully as the discussion proceeded. She was rather pleased with Gerard for not having them attack the gang based on his instinct and that he too wished for them to seek evidence. But he presented them with yet another alternative, one which Akira didn't quite see working. Even the usually optimistic healer had his reservations, but given everything else that transpired today, that was hardly worth batting an eyelid.

However, the Shimada did believe that under the pretext of the latter, they could surely achieve the former. If the Knight duo remained vigilant and used their capabilities to the fullest, they could exploit any access they were given. She bit her lip, expecting Tsuru to jump into making a decision for them and was surprised by him too, as he left the choice up to her, clearly he wasn't feeling like his mental faculties, in his emotion driven state, were adequate. His insight and the doctor's were admirable. 'We've heeded the doctor's words so far, I see no harm in trying. You seem to know a lot about them, are you going to be arranging this meeting?' she asked with a nonchalant shrug, but her piercing eyes rested on him with just a tad of darkness to spare. Her decision was probably surprised the healer as much as he'd shocked her.


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Haru was truly surprised that Akira chose diplomacy so quickly. It wasn’t as though he put the decision on her, hoping she would choose violence. So, as surprised as he was, he was also glad that she had the strength to choose peace when even he couldn’t.

The doctor made a very shifty expression when Akira asked if he was in a position to set up a meeting with the gang. “Er… I’m obviously not in collusion with the gang and their actions. But, I’ve patched up some of the gang members when they get hurt. So, I know where they are,” he admitted, half wondering if the Knights were going to pounce on him for being part of the gang. “I can’t not treat a hurt person. I’m a doctor,” he added, trying to defend himself pre-emptively. Haru, being a healer himself, completely understood the doctor’s situation. “It’s fine doctor. You are willing to share their location now that they are suspects, aren’t you? That’s what matters,” he said, dissuading the doctor’s fears.

“Of course,” the doctor replied, quickly pulling a piece of paper and writing down the address of the gang’s base. “There you go!” he said, handing the address to Haru. “Please be careful. They are not known for peaceful talks,” he added, concern obvious in his voice. The swordsman smiled and thanked him for all the help so far. Getting off the chair, he turned to his partner and nodded towards the exit.


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Akira Shimada
She cocked her head and she couldn't help the amused smirk that played on her face. Doctor's really had the best reasons and explanation. It was highly possible that Gerard was being straight with them, it was just that he seemed to have too much information about the gang. She bit her tongue, since Tsuru was calmer in the wake of what the man said and the empathy hopefully would serve to help his gentler side gain footing in this battle within him. Instigating suspicion against the doctor, especially when it didn't have any strong foundations in logic and reason, would certainly not help in their predicament.

However, she was further amused when the man added that the gang wasn't known for reasonable and polite discussions. If that was the case then why had he so readily offered that up as an option? Was he expecting them to find something and attempt to put an end to the gang straight away, or was this a trap of some other kind? She let Tsuru lead them to the address the doctor had given. On the way, she did urge him to remain cautious, considering the two of them were going into the den of the enemy, alone. She wanted to talk about how the doctor was technically breaking privilege and on a hunch too, but her reasoning demanded silence yet again.  


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The chances of their peace talks going well looked meek, but the healer still had hope. They were there to convince the man to stop hurting innocents and they couldn’t hope to do that if they weren’t convinced themselves that it was possible. So, when the duo reached the address, Haru approached the guards and spoke politely. “Hello! We’re here to speak with Mr. Mattoro,” he said. The two guards looked at each other before chuckling. “You and a hundred other kids like you,” one of them replied, trying to shoo him away.

“We are Rune Knights and have proof that you all are poisoning the water. Now, you two could let me go in there and have a conversation about it. Or I could go in there and have a conversation about it after cutting you two down like cheese,” he said calmly, ending it with a soft smile. The two guards’ casual expression changed rapidly, and they grew pale at his threat. The two guards tried acting tough, but it was obvious they were shaken as they began stammering. “Umm… Er-We… Okay! But I can’t let you guys in with weapons,” one of them said.

Haru simply pulled the hilt of his lightsabre from under his cloak and handed it to the guard without any hesitation. “Sure thing. Just wish to speak,” he said, as he gave the hilt away. He gave way for his partner to give up her gun. He knew she was well aware of his ability to summon his sword. So, they weren’t really giving their weapons away.


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Akira Shimada
She noticed the guards in their way. Her mind immediately began cooking up cocktails of stories to offer them. But of course, the healer went straight for the truth. The calm and collected way in which he delivered his threat however, chilled her to the bone. It seemed to have the desired affect. Though there was one little hitch, they wanted the duo's weapons. While Tsuru was used to calling his sword right back, she was left at a little bit of a disadvantage without her gun.

She huffed softly before dropping it at their feet with a grunt. They weren't too happy about having to stoop to pick it up. But the moment they opened their mouth to protest, it was her turn to scare them. 'If I pick it up, I'm not going to hesitate to use it.' she said, if nothing else then to put up a united front with her partner at least for the time being. She glared daggers, playing the bad cop to his... evil.

But once they were ushered in, she did say her piece through grit teeth. 'There were about a hundred other things we could have said that were not the truth!' she exclaimed, despite the hushed nature of her voice. 'You think they're going to consider our offer kindly, when we've basically threatened their guards and opened discussions with the fact that we already know they're behind something sinister?' she continued. For the moment she didn't really care about his anger. He was getting in the way... again.


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Once Akira gave her gun away, the two Knights were allowed to enter the large arena. Haru scratched his head as Akira complained about his approach. She had a point regarding the threatening, but he didn’t see a point in lying to the guards when they were going to be yelling out the truth the moment they were in. Maybe she could have lied convincingly enough for the stupid guards to have let them in without them having to give their weapons away. “Sorry!” he muttered.

Soon enough, they were in the vicinity of Mattoro. The man was seated far from them, in one of the upper floor sections, while they were down on the ground. Mattoro was surrounded by dozens of gang members and he looked down at them with annoyance. “Who are you two? I don’t recognize either of you,” he grunted. “Boss! They are Rune Knights. They wish to speak to you regarding the water situation” the guard who brought them in explained.

Mattoro narrowed his eyes and looked even meaner than before. “What about the water?” he asked, as though he had no idea what was going on, but he wasn’t a good liar. His tone alone got to Haru’s nerves. However, unwilling to spoil the chances, he remained quiet and let his partner do the talking for the time being.


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Akira Shimada
Akira wasn't too keen on the conversation herself, she merely had her eyes peeled for the two men they'd seen tampering with the water source. That would be proof enough, perhaps she could trap them into confessing. In her mind the goal of the little talk was to gather evidence. It'd be ideal if they could get their hands on the plague causing agent itself, but that'd be a tall order. When they were spoken to by the leader himself, she could almost sense Tsuru's ire. Yet she expected him to be the one doing the talking. When he remained silence, she realised it was her cue to take matters into her own hand. Perhaps she'd been a little too harsh and now he didn't want to risk spoiling things even more.

Luckily for her, she spotted the men they'd seen the other night, standing by a few others. It would seen the doctor was right all along. 'Oh, its nothing too serious all sources are being tested for the source of this illness plaguing town, we were wondering if you could help.' she started softly, planting a smile on her face. Her eyes however snapped to the guilty men. She wondered if there was also a way to somehow bait Mattoro into giving up crucial information too. It couldn't be too tough, given everything the doctor had shared. 'Your men were seen around the water systems, do they have any information? I'm sure y'all are merely helping around for a quick buck, given that work is tough to come by...' she paused for effect. 'Especially after what happened at the mine.' she added, almost like she had no idea about the history.  


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Haru didn’t get enough of a glimpse at the two men who were poisoning the water source. So, he couldn’t recognize any of the faces; however, to him, they all looked like culprits. Even though he didn’t utter a word, maybe his expressions betrayed his prejudice against the gang. It became even more obvious when Mattoro replied rudely to his partner. “My men go wherever they please. No filthy Knight has a right to question that,” he said, completely avoiding all the crucial parts she mentioned and simply resorting to insulting them instead.

Hearing that, Haru frowned and it was not missed by Mattoro. “Got something to say, boy?” he asked, chuckling. “Look at this! Teeny weeny Rune Knight is offended,” he added, laughing with his gang. Haru never liked anyone who mocked the Knights, but at the same time, he didn’t let it get to his head so much that he would get angry about it. However, when he was already angry, it only added fuel to the fire. Nevertheless, he remained calm for the moment and attempted speaking politely. No matter how much he tried, while his words were polite, his tone was not.

“Stop poisoning the water. If you want justice for the accident, this isn’t the way to get it,” he said. Mentioning the accident triggered Mattoro and he became furious. “How dare you? None of you were here to witness it. You know what? Yes! We are causing the plague and we will continue to do so. And I can freely admit it to you two because neither of you are going to leave the arena alive,” he bellowed.


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Akira Shimada
Her words didn't rattle the gang leader as much as Tsuru's. Perhaps it was the passion in his tone, or maybe Mattoro just discounted her like a lot of Akira's male opponents did. He didn't even bother gracing her questions with a real response, but was quick to mark Tsuru for death and her... but only by extension. She narrowed her eyes and smirked. They had taken away her gun, but not her magic. For some reason, having to pretend only made her eventual honest strikes worse.

Since she'd kept all her own disappointment bottled in and had continuously given the gang the benefit of doubt she felt rather betrayed by the rude manners and the callous threat. So while it was entirely possible that the gang kept their word, she'd been through far too much to fear their words. She clenched her fists, mostly out of instinct and realised that she'd poured mana through her arms into her palms. Now she was ready to cast her devastating spells at a moments notice should the need arise.

There were only two things that stopped her from initiating, both stemmed from opposing outcomes however. If they died, it'd all be for naught and the town's folk would die. If they somehow managed to kill the entire gang, they'd win the town's sympathy and this would easily become a case of the Knight's exploiting their powers. For the briefest of moments the corner of her eye searched for Tsuru, to see how he'd taken the instigation.


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Haru wasn’t bothered at all by Mattoro’s threat, but mostly focused on why the gang leader was doing this to the townspeople. “Why the innocent townsfolk? If you are angry at the system, why not the officials?” he asked, but quickly realized the answer himself. “Because hurting the defenceless is easier? Is that it?” he asked, poking Mattoro where it hurt. The healer was truly trying to understand the motivations behind this ruthless attack. If he was genuinely upset about the accident, in which the townsmen would have faced losses equally, how was punishing them equivalent to revenge?

It was either that Mattoro didn’t have answers to his questions or that he was not inclined to answer them. “We will not stop until this town destroys itself and I get to watch it happen,” the maniac replied, before sending half a dozen men to slaughter the Knights.

The swordsman was enraged, but had an extremely calm demeanour. It was as though the angrier he was, the calmer he looked, but more violent his actions were. He simply raised his hand and summoned the hilt of his lightsabre. The hilt slid out of the guard’s hand and he tried holding on to it, which proved to be a fatal mistake. The guard couldn’t stop the hilt from reaching Haru’s hands and was dragged along as he held on to it. Once the hilt was in his hand, the swordsman held the guard’s head by one hand, pointed the hilt towards his face and pressed the button to activate the blade. The blue mana blade shot out of the hilt and went through the guard’s face, horrifying everyone who witnessed it. Calmly, Haru picked up Akira’s revolver off the dead guard’s body and threw it towards her.


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Akira Shimada
She should have expected his actions to serve as a distraction. Her eyes widened and were pinned on her partner, not unlike the six sent to slaughter them. The one who had kept their weapons as a safe-guard was not part of the group assigned to kill. The poor guard ended up being a casualty for show. If Aki didn't know the healer better she'd have believed this was intentional. With that would come the mingled feelings, leaving her distraught and grudgingly impressed by the strategy.

Intentional or not his act sure served its purpose. The tactic drove fear into the hearts of the assailants, much like the way he drove his weapon through the mans face. All except Mattoro, but he didn't really have his life on the line, sitting there atop his mighty makeshift throne. She was in half a mind to cut the head of the snake right there, but something told her that despite his arrogance, he was smart. The Shimada was convinced that his death would merely ensure that their brutal task was completed.

Tsuru was going to be tough to contain in his cold and bloodthirsty state. She had to think on her feet as the attackers regained their composure and wearily continued down the stairs towards the two. The solution was right in front of her. She held out her hand and opened her fist, sending a ball of light hurling towards the bottom of the steps, her eyes never left Mattoro's 'Teeny weeny is enough to handle the likes of you.' she bellowed.  


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As he pulled the mana blade out of the man’s skull, he watched the other guard run out through the gates, fearing his life. Haru was in no mood to chase him. He would rather have the head of Mattoro. The six thugs who seemed too eager to cut them down mere moments ago, hesitated to descend the staircase all of a sudden. It didn’t matter whether they came down or not; Haru planned on going up there anyway.

The healer walked towards the staircase with his sword in hand and watched as the six men cowered behind one another, trying to be the last in line. With gritted teeth and burning eyes, the swordsman began jogging towards his targets and was about to dash up the stairs to strike them down. However, before he could do so, he witnessed the familiar small ball of light shoot past him and hit the base of the staircase. Knowing full well what was going to happen, he quickly dashed out of the explosion range, leaving the thugs to fall into and be buried by the imploding structure. While her attack was brilliant, Haru wasn’t happy that his access to Mattoro was cut off, who seemed to realize he could be in trouble and was attempting to flee.

Trying to stop him from escaping, Haru quickly threw his sword like a lance towards Mattoro, but the gang leader was long gone before his weapon could reach him. The blade pierced the wall and remained stuck there as he yelled “COWARD!” behind the fleeing maniac. Pulling the hilt back to his hand, he would quickly run outside to try and catch the man before he escapes, but fail to do so. Only after a thorough search of the perimeter and some serious convincing will the healer leave to update the doctor.


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Akira Shimada
She didn't particularly like getting in the way of the healer's noble intentions, especially when she agreed with him on principle. Unfortunately, too much was at stake and not just in terms of reputation but in terms of the lives that depended on this negotiation. She wondered when she'd gotten so prudent and which precise moment through all her experiences helped her achieve such foresight. She'd always assumed Tsuru to be the wiser one. But clearly, seeking to protect at any cost was not always the answer. The cost was an important one to consider and one always had to work towards an option to minimise the cost while also protect.

While they had failed and probably angered the man, the usually pessimistic girl gave into her rare optimism and hoped that their mercy would urge him to reconsider the violence. Just to reiterate that she decided to add that to her corrosive words. 'We spared you, we won't have the luxury to spare you again should you choose to go down the path you've chosen.' she said. The reverence he'd earned from his men was what threw Akira off the most. It only proved that he held much more influence than even the doctor had realised. His death would start a fire that'd be more difficult to quench than the one they were currently dealing with.

Tsuru's proclamations that they should go after the authorities may as well come to pass if this wasn't handled carefully. The last thing the needed was the gang to become a guild like the Phantoms. The healer was mad with rage, her words were supplemented by him throwing his weapon to the spot Mattoro had just vacated. It stuck itself into the wall, just like it tore itself into the veil of hope Akira had so guardedly sewn.

With that last attempt at his life, Mattoro was probably not going to heed their advice at all. She sighed and with one last look ran after the healer, sprinting to catch up with him, which proved almost impossible till he slowed down. It took her a fair bit of time to convince him that they should return to Gerard and urge him to continue working on his cure, since prevention was no longer a viable option.  


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