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What It's All About [Quest; Kazimir Seiryu]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

What It's All About [Quest; Kazimir Seiryu] Empty on Mon Nov 26, 2018 2:26 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir had finally arrived in Era. His basic training as a page in the rune knights was coming to its end and before long he would be standing alongside others in an adventure. He was ready to put his newfound knowledge to the test and to see what lies ahead of him.

He had just left the headquarters of the rune knights when he heard the slight whispering of conversations around him. As he overheard their words, unintentionally, he could make out that they spoke of Daragast. He was a servant of the magic council and apparently was wandering around surveying the situation here. Perhaps it was a good chance for Kazimir to gain some insight into the world he was missing.

He moved through the crowd with a watchful eye, searching for the dragon-like creature. “Excuse me, have you seen a small dragon-like creature around here?” He asked a passerby, who responded with a simple gesture over their shoulder as he re-settled the bushel of apples slung across his back. “I think I saw him head towards the poor parts of town a few minutes ago. You hurry, you may be able to catch him.”

Kazimir reached upward toward the man and helped him balance the bushels before giving a nod. “Thank you for your help,”he responded with a small smile and made his way toward the poorer area.

The buildings became noticeably different. Infrastructure appeared to waver from time spent unrepaired. They were smaller and less refined. Children played in the street with whatever the scrounged together for toys, mostly ragtag constructions of sticks and unused equipment. Adults pushed wheel barrels of supplies with weather-beaten faces.  

As he moved through the people with common clothes and calloused hands, he finally saw the small figure of Daragast. His hands clasped behind his back as he roamed the street slowly, soaking in all that was around him. Despite his regal manner, he went almost unnoticed by the populace around him. They were much more preoccupied with the day to day struggle.

Kazimir eagerly approached Daragast and met his pace beside him. “Pardon the intrusion, but you are Daragast, correct?” He asked with a bit of hesitation as he didn’t want to seem rude. He was still getting the hang of formal introductions within the Knights.

Daragast gave a warm smile, “Why yes. I am he,” His answer carried a cheerful tone to it. “A page of the rune knights?” His question was rhetorical as he continued, “Perhaps you can give an old man an ear and some time.”

“Of course. It would be my pleasure,” Kazimir answered, nodding his head once.

“Walk with me then,” Daragast turned to face down the street and continued his nonchalant pace. “You know…the city of Era has a long way to go. The infrastructure here is becoming dated, and they are missing facilities.”

They approached an old two-story building that had been abandoned for some time. Its roof began to fall in and its windows were shattered. The door hung on hinges. There was a grassy field in front of it that had become overrun with growth and brush.
“It looks like that place has been desolate for some time,” Kazimir inquired.

“Yes, it has. Many people look at it as just another ugly marker of the less wealthy area but not I. It would make a great school with some work,” Daragast shakes his head from side to side slowly,
“This is the reason the rich seem intelligent and the poor do not. It is a matter of access. They can afford education. But if we gave the people here that chance, they could prove even more intelligent and raise themselves up.”

Kazimir listened intently to those words. His mind began to form the image of what the school could be like, “You’re right. I am where I am because of the opportunities afforded to me. A part of protecting people his giving them the means to see their own future.” The more he thought the more his idea of what protection meant began to expand.

The two of them passed the old building and moved farther into the area. Daragast looked out at the people who were buying and selling goods. Some debated prices while others tackled opinions of politics and commerce. “I think it would be good for the rune knights to begin recruiting people here as civil servants. That would be a good step to giving this area more income.”

“It would be a shame to miss out on having the best people for a job, no matter their background. Our history should not define us,” Kazimir spoke about his own past here a bit.

Time had passed already so quickly as they navigated the streets. Without, noticing, they had made their way back to the children playing in the street. Now the kids ran around tagging one another and sprinting off. Not saying a word, Daragast walked over to a noodle shop and bought ten cups of noodles.

Kazimir watched the children playing, “All things move in cycles.” The words left his mouth like a gentle breeze lost into the world as Daragast called to the kids.

“Great game of tag! Don’t forget to eat and keep your energy high,” he directed them toward the noodle shop with a wave of his hand. The children charged forward with smiles and began shoveling the food in their mouths.

“It is very important to support the local businesses here. Giving the children money to shop elsewhere wouldn’t help where they live and only create more challenges for them. It is better to help them here, so they can elevate themselves.”

“You are indeed very wise. I will do my part to help whoever I can.” Kazimir said as he sat beside the children for a moment. Reaching into his tunic, he pulled out his flute. The children spun in their seats to see what would happen. Kazimir began to play a simple tune. The melody was light and calming. Appropriate after exhausting themselves in a rigorous game.

Daragast watched the children smile and bobbed his head back and forth along with the melody as the children clapped.

The children finished their meal as Kazimir put away his flute. “Thanks!” The children all yelled together at the two of them, giving Daragast a hug and scouring off to their homes as the sun was setting.

Kazimir returned to Daragast to see him pulling out a small sack from his bag. “This is for you, for listening to the concerns of an old man.”

Kazimir’s hand came up to block the payment, “I can’t. It was my pleasure to learn more about the town around here.”

The bag was pressed into Kazimir’s hand, “Don’t be silly. Any help a servant of the Council of Mages can offer is one deserved.”

“Thanks, Daragast. I look forward to meeting again and learning a bit more about Era.” They exchanged final pleasantries as Kazimir accepted the reward and they went their separate ways. He felt a better sense of the town now and forming his idea of how to help others.

As he made his way back his line of thinking deeply was halted by the sound of music coming from a local pub. His eyes widened with intrigue. Straightening up his clothes, he opened the doors and loosened his scarf, “Nothing wrong with staying out a bit longer.”

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