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Raging Bull [Quest | Akira]

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With minimal stops and much haste, the two of them made it to Baska in just over two days. A Page was awaiting them at the gates with further intel. It would seem the kind doctor—who they had the pleasure of helping while they were mere Pages—had been investigating the plague and had sent in a letter requesting help once he realized the HQ was sending in reinforcements to contain the situation. Haru took the letter, thanked the Page and read its contents. “The doctor needs a live patient to experiment on so that he can find a cure,” he told Akira. Hearing that, the Page’s face paled in shock. Realizing his words had been interpreted wrongly, he added an obvious but critical information to calm the poor man down. “He wants us to sedate an infected wild boar and bring it to his clinic,” he added quickly, watching the colour return to the Page’s face.

After giving the letter to Akira so that she could read the letter and glean more information out of it, Haru turned towards the recruit and began investigating their approach route. “Where is the lake?” he asked. The Page quickly pointed towards the east of the town, towards the outskirts. “You will reach it a lot faster if you simply went around the town and avoided the crowded streets,” he advised. Haru patted the man, thanked him and dismissed him. Before leaving, however, the Page had a request. “Lieutenant, if I may! Please try not to hurt the boars… They are… I’ve played with them all my childhood. They are very docile usually,” he pleaded. Haru smiled, admiring the compassion he showed towards the animals. “We were thinking the same thing! Weren’t we?” he said, turning towards Akira.


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Akira Shimada
Tsuru's constant encouragement echoed in her mind, to the point that she couldn't discern whether he was actually speaking or whether her ears were ringing. He'd taken it upon himself to spur the duo into completing a journey that took an average of three days, into one that took just over two.

Had she not been quite adept at handling the lack of sleep, the girl would've probably fainted out of exhaustion. Her competitive instinct drove her to continue standing tall as the healer took the lead. She assumed curing people was some sort of an obsession with him, it was one of those rare ways of helping that didn't require either of them to resort to violence and fighting. It worked well for her too, she'd be doing her duty and wouldn't have to deal with any guilt. Nor would she have to be the victim of some ethically dubious or dangerous plan... So it all worked out.

Gerard only seemed to have the time to correspond through letters, either he was really busy or he was simply shirking his duties and expecting the Knights to do all the work for him. She waved her hand indicating that the healer should just summarise for her. She watched the page with mild interest, the flitting expression and his compassion, he reminded her of Tsuru back when they started... 'We'll sure try.' she mumbled in confirmation, but lacking the healer's conviction.


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The Page seemed thankful that they acknowledged his request and saluted them before leaving. Haru began jogging towards the direction he pointed, looking for the lake. In about five minutes they were in the vicinity of the lake and could even see some movement. A few meters ahead and they could clearly see the pack of five boars. “There are five of them!” he said as he pointed towards the pack. “Probably best to lure one away so that we can avoid hurting all five,” he added, as he pondered on how to gain the attention of just one of the boar, while avoiding the rest.

Once they were about fifty meters from the pack, the healer picked up a small pebble and waited patiently for an opportunity. Luckily, one among the five broke formation and approached the lake to drink some water. Haru immediately, threw the pebble at the lone boar. The boar obviously wasn’t pleased at that and charged straight towards the two Knights. That was expected; so, Haru wasn’t looking towards the charging boar, but at the other four to see if they were alerted too. Thankfully, they weren’t so far. So, it was just one boar they had to deal with, at least for now. Haru scurried away a little further from the lake, kiting the charging boar to ensure the ensuing fight doesn’t cause the rest of the boars to attack them too.


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Akira Shimada
She strolled along after Tsuru till they reached the lake. She narrowed her eyes and followed his gaze snorting softly as he stated the obvious. 'Yes... Tsuru, they usually move around in packs, five is actually not so bad.' She said in a hushed whisper. If they had not burdened themselves with the responsibility of not harming the creatures, this would be much easier.

The circumstance grew further in their favour when one of the boars separated itself from the group for some water. All she'd have to do was blast the other four with one of her exploding bullets and subdue this one... But the girl had been working on being less callous about taking lives, even those of animals. In fact in a way, all animals were more innocent than humans anyways, being sick certainly shouldn't condemn them to death... She winced when she realised the implication and was reminded of her mercy-killing, not to mention that time when she thought she deserved death for the magic she couldn't control.

Her philosophy of death over suffering was perhaps a dark one indeed and did need to be put in check. So she bit her tongue and stopped herself from suggesting the bloodier and efficient option, especially when Tsuru had succeeded in increasing the separation between the boar from his pals. She took a few steps towards him as he made it chase him away from the others and still by the banks.


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Once they were almost fifty meters away from the rest of the pack, Haru slowed down and turned to face the rabid boar that was chasing him relentlessly. The wild boar was extremely slow, but it sure looked like it had some strong jaws. Anyone would hate to be on the business end of those large tusks that protruded out of the boar’s mouth. Seeing how angry the animal was, Haru had some serious doubts as to whether these were ever as docile as the Page claimed them to be. The healer saw no potential of calmness in the animal’s approach. However, he realized if the Page was really speaking the truth and the plague’s effect was so severe and adverse, then all the more reason they had to stop this.

The red-headed Knight felt genuinely sad knowing that the animal was probably not going to make it past the experiments it was to be put through, and that he was going to play a direct role in it. In his head, this was worse than hunting, where they are usually killed swiftly. However, he could see the bigger picture and saw no other option but to oblige. As the boar neared him, he apologized to the animal before side-stepping its charge and striking its back with a swift punch. The swordsman thought that would be enough to pin down the animal, but he was wrong. The boar got back on its feet quickly and looked even angrier than before. Realizing the job wasn’t done yet, Haru quickly dashed back to safety.


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Akira Shimada
The Shimada was trying to figure out if a certain observation she made was worth the effort of sharing, especially if it was a difficult one to substantiate. She had a knack for realising details, either when she was needlessly attentive out of boredom or purposefully attentive out of choice. This time, it was the latter that had bought to her attention, the slight change in expression... for the worse after the boar that now chased her partner, lapped away at the water greedily.

It always appeared angry, but post the consumption it seemed more aggressive than before. She warily watched the interaction between the healer and the beast, while she contemplated the possible circumstances that could have led her to her deduction. It could simply be that the beast was too far and she couldn't see its facial contortions and the rage in its eyes when from that distance, but did see it clearly now.

It could also be that the thirst made the beast feel weaker, or simply that it truly was very frustrated at being interrupted by Tsuru... Despite all her attempts at quelling her instinct with logic she failed, but chose to withhold this information from the healer for the time being. She merely clicked her tongue softly at the way Tsuru leapt away from the beast. 'Do something, anything I do will kill it!' she exclaimed.


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“And my sword wouldn’t?” he yelled back, as he frowned at the boar as it charged towards him again. It seemed a lot aggressive than before, but had become visibly slower. He could only assume it was because of the damage he dealt with that punch. So, maybe just a couple more like that and he could knock the poor animal out without. The healer wished he had the strength to do so in just one punch and end the misery of the boar. But, alas, he wasn’t yet.

Dodging the boar wasn’t that difficult, especially after that first attack. It moved in an extremely predictable path and Haru just had to repeat what he did before; sidestep and strike. The boar, however, had learnt a little and didn’t give it to him that easy. While he could still sidestep and dodge the incoming bash, the boar swiftly made a sharp turn and rolled away, avoiding his strike.

“Crafty little animal,” the healer said, almost amused at how well the boar dodged him. Still unwilling to use his sword, Haru grabbed a handful of sand as he missed the strike and his hand hit the ground. Just as the boar came towards him with another charge, he threw the sand at the boar’s eyes, making it groan and stop in its track. The Knight immediately took advantage of the situation; he held the boar by both its tusk and twisted it, making it fall on its back, and then immediately struck its belly, which seemed to be the most sensitive part of the animal. Just as he expected, the boar almost immediately fell unconscious.

Glad that his knowledge of the anatomy made his job a little easier, he dusted the remnant sand off his hands and turned towards Akira to boast. Unfortunately, however, as he turned towards her, his eyes scanned the area where the other boars were… and he saw they were very much on their way towards them. “BOARS,” he yelled, warning Akira, since the pack of boars were closer to her.


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Akira Shimada
'Then don't use the sword...' she muttered not certain if he had the opportunity to even hear her words, let alone heed them. But her own advice aided her in arriving at a rather simple realisation that she too possessed more than just her more powerful weapon. She had not had much cause to use her magic ever since she'd taken the two lives and failed to stop those Phantom Lord girls.

In fact, she had been so reliant on the more flamboyant aspects of her magic, the girl almost forgot about the weaker offensive capabilities that she still possessed. Scoffing playfully at the victory of the healer, she smirked and stood up straighter, with the intent to go help him haul the beast onto that cloud of his, so they could take him back to town.

Before she had the chance to take even a step, the healer's expression changed into one that warned her enough, even prior to the monosyllable supplementing it. She had that fleeting moment to turn and witness the host of creatures in tandem with his verbal warning. 'Damn.' she hissed. She instinctively reached for her gun and recalled the fact that she'd made a promise.

Grunting softly, she watched her targets like a hawk. 'I'll deal with them, you get to the hospital, we shouldn't keep Gerard waiting!' she said, sharply. In case things headed south, she didn't want him to be a witness.


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The healer stood next to the unconscious boar and watched as his partner got ready to defend herself. He wasn’t too happy to see her reach for her pistol immediately, but quickly assumed she was only going to use it to scare the beasts away. Although, he doubted if these rabid animals had the sense of fear anymore. Haru didn’t wish to remind her that they had promised to try and not hurt the boars; he knew very well that she remembered the promise and telling her of that now would only come across as though he didn’t trust her, which wasn’t the case.

He had no doubt that she could handle herself against these boars. However, he still wasn’t willing to leave her alone. So, when she asked him to take the unconscious one to the doctor, he didn’t budge from where he stood. “No! Let’s just make quick work of this and we leave together,” he said, as he began running towards his partner and the incoming pack.

When the fastest of the boars ran a couple of feet ahead of the rest, Haru took that opportunity and cast his Phase right under it, making it fall into the ground. Once it was halfway in, he clenched his fist, cancelling his spell, ensuring the boar was half buried but still alive. The angry boar screeched and wriggled, trying to dig itself out of the pit. Meanwhile, the other three charged forward without flinching. “One down, three to go,” he said, while thinking what else they could do to trap the boars without harming them because he knew he couldn’t try the same trick again for a while.


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Akira Shimada
She suppressed the urge to groan in disappointment when Tsuru decided to stay and help her. Her scepticism and guilt had her wondering if he didn't trust her enough to keep the promise. But then, she had to be honest at least with herself and admit that the reason she wanted him gone was because that promise in her mind was less binding than it was in his. Nonetheless, she sighed and conceded, stepping back and making room for him.

He was swift to use his signature spell to half-bury a boar in the ground. She fired a simple bullet in the air hoping that the sound would scare them. It served to slow the creature that was already trailing, but the other two still charged on vigorously. She took another leap back, her eyes quickly scanning the area to cook up a ploy. She noticed something of a strait between two deeper wells of the lake, it was marshy and rather swampy. She wasn't sure if Tsuru would understand her intent merely through her gestures, so she resorted to explaining as efficiently as she could. 'In the marsh!'

Immediately following her words she lured them towards the muddy puddle. The two that charged towards her, almost seemed to be in some sort of a duel within themselves, as the competed to get to her first, she exploited their primal competitiveness and set them right up. Using her disk, she toppled the two into the marsh. Much like the phase, it was shallow enough for them to survive, but slowed them almost to a halt, as the disease weakened them into inaction. 'Just the one now.'


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Haru followed his partner as she dashed back and ran towards the marshy end of the lake. The three boars chased them promptly, with one trailing behind and the other two competing with each other to prove who the alpha was. He saw his partner take advantage of the boars’ straightforward and narrow-minded approach, knocking them into the shallow marsh. They will get out of there faster than the other boar could dig itself out. But, it still gave them plenty of time to flee the scene before they are of threat again.

Only the last slow boar was left to deal with then. It was aggressive, but not as much as the other four. Normally, they could have just outrun the slow beast without having to encounter it. But given that Haru had to cast his Nimbus and place the unconscious boar on it before leaving, there was no way to avoid the confrontation.

Thinking of Nimbus, the healer got an idea. He put his hands together and cast Nimbus, forming the three-meter wide cloud right in front of him. Once it was fully conjured, he controlled it trajectory with one hand and sent the cloud flying in an arc between their location and the charging boar’s. The soft cloud was not going to do any damage to the animal, but it was solid enough to push it into the lake. He watched as the cloud hit the side of the boar and knocked it into the marsh, just a few meters away from the other boars. Grinning, he called the cloud back to his side. It was then time to deliver the unconscious boar to the doctor.


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Akira Shimada
The final boar was dealt with by the healer yet again, who used his trustee cloud and literally pushed the poor sod into the marsh. She could already see the first two struggling to reach the safety again. For the time being, it looked pretty futile but they'd find their way out no doubt. She sighed as she ambled towards the unconscious one and held its hind legs, her face contorted as she put in the effort to attempt raising the beast off the ground. She held her breath and barely managed to lift its behind, before dropping it and huffing. 'Wow, I really need to work on getting stronger.' she whispered, mostly to herself.

When Tsuru was by her side again, together they did manage to haul the beast onto the cloud, it was apparent that the healer did more of the heavy lifting. When they were well on their way back to town Akira found herself lost in thought yet again. Her eyes scanned the perimeter as the centre of the town got closer and she was greeted with more memories. There still was a considerable distance to the centre of the town, they'd merely reached the periphery after having ventured into the outskirts for the boars. 'Its harder when we vow to not kill things, I wonder if that's the true burden of ranking up...' she mused softly, observing the slow rise and fall of the big boar's belly as it breathed.

As they finally neared the clinic, Akira found herself reminiscing. All those moments that she spent hiding away in alleyways returned to her. She recalled how much she tried to avoid people, in fear that she'd lose control of her darkness and they'd judge, or worse incarcerate her for it. Despite all the changes that her experience and training brought her, it was sure amusing that she still felt the need to avoid the people. 'Here we are...' She could never forget this place, it was where they were offered their very first requests together after all.


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Their walk to the clinic was swift and easy, thanks to his Nimbus. The most difficult part of the quest was lifting the unconscious boar onto the cloud. He was a little better than his partner, but not by much despite his training regime. It was obvious that he was doing it wrong or was not doing enough. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone around to guide him. He was hoping Fenrir would stick around and give him more personal training. But now that he was no longer a Knight, he couldn’t stick around and travel with them as they moved around the country like nomads.

Haru laughed softly as Akira wondered out loud about how it was a lot more difficult because they promised to not kill. He didn’t hear any annoyance in her tone; just indifferent observation, and that made him laugh. “Protecting is always more difficult than destroying. Never understood why… Especially when they say a kind God exists,” he replied, revealing his scepticism towards religion to his partner for the first time in almost a year they have been together.

When they finally reached the clinic, he found the doctor waiting for them eagerly. He was ecstatic to find that the boar was still alive and requested them to place it on the table. Thankfully, the table wasn’t too high, and he could lift the boar with just his cloud. As Nimbus hovered over the table, he cancelled it and the boar fell with a soft thud. Haru could see it wasn’t gentle enough for the doctor, as he winced inwardly. He brushed it off soon enough and began his work.


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Akira Shimada
She had never been the religious sort and it would seem Tsuru reflected her beliefs, or lack thereof. However, she could never be certain with the healer, considering that a lot of his memories still remained locked away. A fact that she had only been made aware of after they'd already spent a considerable number of months together. Perhaps, she back then, she didn't quite recognise how much potential that little piece of reality had, in destroying everything the two had created between each other. Now that she found herself pondering on it a briefly, it made her grow wary of him. Much like he didn't know who he was, she didn't either and suddenly she found herself wondering what if neither of them, that is the new Tsuru she'd come to know and she herself, didn't like who he really was... As a sceptic of course that is where her mind first went.

She was jolted out of her thoughts as a thud declared that their work was done. Curiously, just so it would serve as a distraction, she lurked for just a little longer as the doctor got to work. 'Is he going to survive what you have in mind?' she asked, almost pointedly in reaction to his exaggerated wince. She'd heard the horror stories of the animals that were experimented on, despite her casual and dismissive attitude, she harboured enough empathy inside to be truly horrified. 'Oh of course he will! In fact, not only will he survive, he'll hopefully be cured!' the man responded, almost equally passive-aggressive in his response as she was in her question. He spoke while sifted through his stuff to gather the jewels and compensate the two for their work. Clearly this was their cue to leave... and he didn't want them in his way.


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