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Welcoming Committee [Quest: Hatsuharu]

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#1Akira Shimada 

Welcoming Committee [Quest: Hatsuharu] Empty Fri Nov 23, 2018 9:05 am

Akira Shimada
The Shimada had been so wrapped up in her own thoughts and dealing with all the guilt that her actions and inaction had caused her to harvest, that she'd lost track of how long they'd been stuck in Orchidia, despite Tsuru's incessant reminders. She'd barely noticed that the week they'd promised to the inspector had now come to an end.

They were free to leave today and head to Era most likely, although she really wasn't looking forward to the paperwork either, she could use the time to keep herself locked up in the room they'd be provided there. She'd roused early, courtesy of yet another nightmare that plagued her slumber... She wrapped up and packed up before ambling to Tsuru's room.

She knocked softly, despite the distance that she'd created between the duo, she hoped bringing him the good news, that they were finally getting out of Orchidia would at least help in maintaining the comfortable silence on through the journey. She called out to him softly, so as to not wake the other knights on their floor. 'Tsuru, we leave today! I'm going to pack us some food, I'll meet you at the gate ok?' she spoke with a certain hushed urgency and stood by the door, waiting for some evidence that at the very least he was awake too.


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Haru had woken quite early that morning, disturbed by his behaviour the previous night. He had noticed a pattern in the manifestations of his anger, and it was obvious that it had nothing to do with his sabre. As much as he would like to blame it, he knew he had to face the truth and accept that this was his flaw. A flaw that he needed to control and eradicate.

The first thing he turned to was meditation. Whatever little research he had done on anger management had led him to believe it was the simplest and most efficient solution. So, he woke early, took a shower and sat on the floor next to his bed to begin the routine. Sit, close your eyes and try not to think of anything. Sounded simple enough, but proved extremely difficult to accomplish. A multitude of thoughts bombarded him as he sat there staring at the back of his eyelids. A rush of emotions, both good and bad washed over him as crucial scenes of his past popped up with no coherence. The harder he tried to not think of anything, the more incoherent his thoughts became.

For almost an hour he struggled with it, but he was glad to learn that frustrations with his own failure didn’t anger him to those disproportionate levels. Small mercies. His attempt came to an end when Akira knocked on his door announcing the end of their long stay in Orchidia. “Finally…” he muttered, smiling to himself. “Yeah! Will meet you there,” he replied.


#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
This truly did feel like deja vu, except the fact that so much had changed... She tried not to dwell on all the uncomfortable memories that had nestled themselves so deeply in her thoughts. Instead she tried to focus on the present, to just exist in the moment, focus on putting one step in front of another. Immediately, her thoughts abandoned the dark past, but raced towards the possibly optimistic future, filling her with hope about what Era might bring and what it'd mean to officially be a lieutenant.

Much like everything, it didn't take long for them to assume their usual darker notes, as her scepticism took over and she struggled to focus on the present yet again. In this struggle, she'd forgotten the food all together and instead found herself at the gate of the city already. Distraction came in form of the man who had introduced the Rune Knight duo to Inspector Nilan, she wondered if he knew of their deal and had come to bid them farewell... It was none of that.

He was quick to thrust a bunch of fliers in her hand, and explain that he needed someone to pass them around while he attended to the newcomers. As he escorted a few people inside, he made it a point to say that there were enough pamphlets for Tsuru too. She sighed and waited for her partner to join... Unsure how happy and willing he'd be to complete this last task.


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Haru packed all of his stuff into his backpack and cleaned up the room before heading towards the town gates. The healer was looking forward to leaving Orchidia and finally hitting the road once again. He was mentally calculating how much ground they could cover if both of them decided to make it to Era as fast as they could. It would be like they were training for a marathon. The little obstacle race they had in the forest along with Seheda had rekindled his itch to be fast. The prospect excited him and shook him out of the guilt he was feeling all along.

Unfortunately, however, his dreams were quashed as he noticed his partner standing at the gates with a bunch of fliers in her hand. He remembers that flier all too very well; he was offered something similar the first time they entered Orchidia. That one had a flowery design to match with the flower festival. The swordsman didn’t complain, but simply shook his head in disbelief. “Please tell me that doesn’t require us to stay here any longer,” he pleaded hopefully, pointing at the fliers. He knew very well what the answer was going to be; so, the question was rhetorical.

Resigning to his fate, he took half the fliers and stood at the other end of the gate, all the while looking extremely displeased. He wasn’t upset with his partner, however. The healer lost that right a long time ago; he had lost count of the number of times he had pulled her into things she wasn’t interested in.


#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
She merely looked at Tsuru meaningfully and allowed a slight downturn of her lips to signify that she empathised and wasn't pleased either. Perhaps she'd have felt the need to be apologetic too, for lingering long enough for Dacol to stop her, but in all fairness he'd barely given her chance to. Besides, it wasn't as though she could shoulder any real responsibility for this delay. The duo had found their plans interrupted only because the healer had befriended Dacol to begin with. She couldn't actually be too sure, it felt like eons ago, but it was safe to assume so, considering their general dispositions, even after the little outburst she'd witnessed against Mitya.

'He's taken the newcomers for some tour... I'm actually glad we didn't have to endure that when we first got here and went straight for the festival.' she mused as a worn out couple made their way to the gate, it was apparent from their shabby appearance and the bags under their eyes that they'd walked through the night. With a sigh she held out the pamphlet for them, the man practically snatched it out of her hand. 'We're regular visitors! We have family here!' he exclaimed. Aki found the sleepy reaction amusing, but bit her lip to prevent herself from giggling at the poor couple. '...catering to filthy tourists.' she heard him mutter as they continued on inside.


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The gate was practically deserted most of the time. Barely anyone left or entered the town. This felt like a good time to have a little chat with his partner. Haru couldn’t shake the feeling that Akira was avoiding any lasting conversation with him. Now, she had nowhere to run to. Put that way, it felt like he was cornering her for interrogation.

One thing he really wanted to know was how the fire happened in the back alley that took a poor man’s life. When he got there, it was already too late to save the man. “So… How did that fire happen back there, by the way?” he asked casually, hoping he hadn’t breached a sensitive topic. He avoided it back then, trying not to be insensitive. However, he was curious what caused the fire. When he followed up with the fire department, they said the cause was magical.

Before she had the chance to answer, however, a couple walked through and Akira offered a pamphlet to them. The man wasn’t pleased at all that he was mistaken for a tourist and he made it apparent with his mumbling. Haru simply shook his head and let them pass without saying a word. Clearly, the two were extremely tired from their travelling. Once the couple was out of vicinity, he turned back to Akira, expecting her to answer his question.


#7Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Akira could almost feel Tsuru's curious gaze on her. She could sense that a conversation was imminent and for the most part avoided making eye contact as much as she could, so as to not give him an opening. She intended to let the topic stew for just a little longer, although this would probably be unavoidable on their way to Era. She chose to push that thought away and hoped that it wasn't anything to do with the festival and especially not to do with demons. It would seem that Tsuru didn't care much for her apparent reservations any more and he finally just broke the silence. The Lunar mage was visibly relieved when he only asked about the fire, although, she had to admit that too was a sour subject, albeit it didn't implicate her as much as the lives she'd taken.

'On the way...' she muttered softly as the people continued on. It seemed she'd chosen well, since they were soon joined by Dacol again. He came bearing yet another large package, she wondered if he had a quota of fliers he wanted them to distribute and opened her mouth the protest. But before she could, she noticed the grin he wore. Apparently, he'd run into the inspector on the way and he'd relayed that the Knights had been promoted and were leaving today. He came bearing some Orchidian delicacies and to wish them a pleasant journey. Aki smiled gently, shaking her head at her own scepticism. She accepted the food and the compensation for their work and waited for Tsuru to say his good-byes.


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Haru immediately put the topic to rest when Akira told him she would explain on their way to Era. A few more people came through and thankfully, these were happy to take the flier and the map unlike the first couple they met. Just killing time while doing absolutely nothing but stand there stupidly waiting for travellers to come was an absolute torture. Haru couldn’t tolerate it for longer than ten minutes. He put the fliers away with a pebble on top to ensure the wind doesn’t take them and decided to swing his lightsabre around out of boredom.

For almost an hour he played with his sword aimlessly, tossing it and then pulling it back into his hand repeatedly, almost showing off to Akira. At the end of the hour, Dacol returned with Orchidian delicacies. If there was anything Haru would miss about that town, it would be their sweets. The swordsman couldn’t thank Dacol enough for being so thoughtful. After the three of them sat there and shared the sweets, the local was so kind to give the Knights another packed box for the road.

He thanked them for all the help and wished the two luck on all their future endeavours as they walked down the long road towards Era.


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