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Lucrezia Arcuri

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#1Lucrezia Arcuri 

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Lucrezia Arcuri


Name: Lucrezia Arcruri

Age: Nineteen | September 15th, X768

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Holy Knights

Tattoo: Underside of her wrist, translucent white.

Face: Saber - Fate Series


Height: 5'7'' | 1.7 m

Weight: 112 lbs | 51 kg

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Sea-Green

Overall: A river of gold tresses cascade down her head and spill over her shoulders. Her hair is usually kept tied up to prevent it from getting in her way. Her forehead is proportionately wide and she's heard that the expansive feature signifies the possession of abundant wisdom. Her eyes are blessed with tentative resolve and a fierce passion, stolen from her faith and chiselled by her upbringing. Her gaze is usually unfaltering and often condemning too. Her cheekbones sit high and then her face tapers to an unassuming chin. Her expressions are usually impassive, but when she does smile, it is always slight and it often hides many things.

She stands at a fairly comfortable height which often gives her the option to maintain eye contact with most and with relative ease and additionally, often the opportunity to look down on others. Her form is lean and well-maintained, her stance is bold and her exudes a cold sort of confidence drawn, no doubt, out of her own sense of purpose. Her stride is usually goal-oriented, but in general, her movement is not devoid of a certain graceful poise and womanly fluidity. In a conventional sense, she would definitely be deemed attractive and beautiful by most, in a cold and an almost unattainable sort of way.

Extra: -


Personality: At first glance, she appears to be just another faithful servant of Illumin, one who has dedicated her life to the church, its rituals and to its teachings, both in strict practice and in undaunted preaching. She will seek to alleviate suffering for those who have proven themselves innocent and faithful, embracing the empathetic and nurturing facets of her layered personality. She will tend to the ones who wish to give up their wicked ways and will guide them to a path of illumination allowing them the opportunity to serve the larger purpose.  

Upon scratching the surface though, her principles are unrealistic and absolute. She believes everyone born is already plagued with sin, in the form of primal instincts, governed by the different forms of the seven sins. Lucrezia is certain that humanity's higher purpose is to endure and attempt to win a lifelong battle against the manifestations of these sins, so that they can control and not be controlled by ungodly desires. She is convinced that this is the only way towards the betterment of society, that humans must better themselves and then seek to help other humans of weaker wills, whatever the cost.

In her essence, Lucrezia holds herself and all those around her to impossible, perhaps even inhumanly high moral standards. She is sure that people need to be tempered to be moulded, into something beautiful and resembling god. Extreme circumstances are the inevitable solution, both as an initiation and as a test of resolve and this will lead to a unified, harmonious and ideal state of humanity. So, the girl is obsessed with the idea of suffering and that it is the only way to truly and slowly absolve oneself of sin. The faithful young girl does not hesitate to be the cause of suffering for those who she (or the voice in her head) deem deserve it. To sculpt... One needs a chisel, to chip away the ugly and the unnecessary and humanity is in dire need of sculpting.

Lucrezia sits on the edge of several opposing qualities. She is as empathetic as she is brutal. She accepts as much suffering as she inflicts. While she is a vigilante, a harbinger of swift and adequate justice, but she doesn't see herself as someone beyond sin. In fact, she actively seeks vindication even if there is (in her own head) ample justification for a cold and cruel act. Despite being convinced that her work is in favour of His will, she is also sure that any emotions of mere satisfaction or joy derived from the process or product, which there is plenty, is an evidence of an impure, human intention and deserve a consequence of their own.

Lucrezia seeks sufferance of her own in an attempt to control the consequences she believes she deserves. She hopes to experience the repercussions in a contained manner that will not deter her from continuing on her quest. In her head, if she can find it herself before it is unceremoniously thrust upon her by fate, it will earn her resolve, strengthen her purpose and better her judgement. Which is why she is very religious in her practice of confession and cleansing. This saves Him time, is more efficient and it allows her to continue practising her faith without fear of judgement. Additionally, it allows her to become an example, her struggles and suffering give her the authority to determine the suffering of others, a licence to be the judge, jury and executioner.

She does do her best to avoid taking lives, for she thinks it is merely burdening Him with the task of choosing appropriate punishments in the afterlife for sins committed while alive. Lucrezia, instead chooses to serve justice through prolonged suffering, but within their life. The sinners must learn better, they must improve even if it is first out of fear and only later derived from faith. This is so that when they do finally meet their maker, He is proud and not disgusted. She hopes that just the way she never gives up on her subject, He too will never give up on her and continue to forgive her and aid her, so long as she remains true to her purpose.


  • Retribution: Her purpose is to ensure sinful acts are met with appropriate ramifications to deter indulgence again this does bring her joy. While she doesn't quite fathom the source of her pleasure, (or perhaps, chooses not to), she is wary and guilty of it and undergoes retribution to rid herself of her own perceived sin (ironically, finding pleasure in that too, but one she chooses not to recognise as such, at all.)

  • Vindication: When a person has finally paid their dues and emerged victorious through the torment they were meant to endure, they are absolved of all guilt. With witnessing or experiencing such vindication, comes a resurgence of vigour and strength towards her purpose.


  • Reprobates: It is fair to say that any body who consistently indulges in actions that are a manifestation of their sins are reprobates and Lucrezia despises them as much as she seeks to correct them.

  • Fugitives: These are not limited to the sort of humans who simply flee from justice, but those who seek to avoid retribution and choose to continue on their comfortable and sinful path, not just out of mere ignorance, but deliberate intent. Lucrezia has a particular disdain for such weak-willed humans who are slaves to their desires and instincts.


  • Reparation:  Since vengeance is a sinful act of wrath, there is no way for the victims of crime to feel at peace unless they're gifted with a divine intervention, Lucrezia hopes to provide this.

  • Reformation: Committing sin does not condemn a human to eternal damnation, in fact sin is inevitable. But, at any point, one may choose the righteous path. They pay for their sins and dedicate their lives to helping others do the same. Lucrezia is steadily pacing on her path already and aims to show others the way.


  • His abandonment Lucrezia fears being abandoned by His voice in her head, for that will be proof that she has strayed off her precarious path and is no longer worthy.

  • Damnation Worse than just his abandonment, she fears His disdain and despite her valorous endurance of consequences in life, she fears that His punishments after death, will far exceed those of her own devices while alive.


Magic Name: His Grace

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description: His Grace blesses her in a manner that allows her to endure more, to help her survive through hardships and continue to share her beliefs with those unfortunate enough to not possess the gift of faith. The magic empowers her, making her stronger so that she is able to physically strike down those that are unjustly in her way. It allows her to harness the power of light, giving her the ability to incapacitate her enemies. His Grace ensures that she may never find her voice silenced and continue to thrive. When using this magic, a halo like aura emanates from her and her eyes turn a steely gold.


History: Lucrezia was born to Alessandra and Ottaviano Arcruri. As far as she can remember her mother was a devout believer, while her father went through the motions of faith far more sceptically. How much of her memory is a product of real events and how much of it is an indoctrination by her mother is difficult to truly determine, since her father played a very small role in her life. Ottiaviano was a victim of a terrible and cruel disease, watching him slowly succumb from a distance was perhaps Lucrezia's first tryst with suffering and it was swiftly coloured by her mother. Her mother chose this milestone to turn to her faith for guidance, convincing her daughter that the man suffered and succumbed because he didn't truly have faith.

Alessandra dedicated her life to the church and sought to raise her daughter in a manner that she'd strictly adhere to faith. Even the smallest misfortunes that either of them experienced, were attributed to any failures and mistakes on Lucrezia's part. The girl was systematically taught to feel the burden of guilt. She was taught the value of confession, so that her mother may appropriately deal with her short-comings as per the will of Illumin. Over time, as Lucrezia entered her teens, the mother was plagued with a very different kind of disease... Ambition. Her goal was to serve with so much vigour that she'd one day have the chance to be the Divine. Lucrezia had to be the perfect, faithful, daughter. Never could the duo be seen as sinful. Anything that could potentially take away from the opportunity for Alessandra to become the Divine was severely punished.

As she blossomed, much like any teenager, a sixteen year old Lucrezia found herself entering a phase of rebellion. It manifested itself in the form of love... Despite being told to stay away from a certain lad she ironically met in church, Lucrezia found herself inevitably drawn to his charms. One thing led to another. In the curious joys and innocent passions the young girl ended up losing something she shouldn't have lost and gaining something she wasn't ready for. Perhaps had evidence not presented itself in form of a pregnancy  it'd all have blown over. Her mother was furious beyond belief, as Lucrezia, out of habit confessed to what happened.

While taking the life of the unborn child was not an option either of them could entertain, Alessandra cursed it and the body it grew in every day. When her daughter's appearance had changed significantly enough to be noticeable, Lucrezia was forced to never leave the house. The mother tormented Lucrezia for her indiscretion, both mentally and physically. Alessandra convinced Lucrezia that the child would be born deformed, condemned to a life of shame and agony. She didn't mince her words when it came to attributing the responsibility either, Lucrezia's sin, of having the child out of wedlock would be the reason for such suffering. Eventually, out of fear that she'd lose her chance at the title she craved, Alessandra saw no other option but to denounce Lucrezia and ushered her out of town in the dead of night and sent her on her way to Minstrel, to live with her grandmother. Lucrezia was to never return again.

The journey to Minstrel was a tough one, malnourished, untended and alone, the young Lucrezia suffered for her sins. She prayed for another chance, she hoped she would do better. Upon meeting her grandmother, she noticed very similar traits between the woman and her mother. A young and weak Lucrezia was close to losing her life and that of her child while giving birth. In those moments her faith only intensified and it was then that she discovered her powers which helped her endure the pain. The baby however, didn't make it. She didn't expect to suffer grief the way she did, slowly but surely, her magic gave her the strength to bear the loss too.

Perhaps she had gone mad with grief and loneliness,or perhaps she truly had Him speak to her and slowly guide her towards the path of light. The voice  assuaged her by echoing the words of her mother. It told her how the pain, sorrow and grief were necessary and now that she had paid, she could live wholly again. When she shared her thoughts with the nuns who had tended to her, they were quite ensnared by her ideology, they called her wise, for being able to recognise such a grave loss as divine intervention. Over the next few years, she dedicated her time to exploring her magic and conversing with the voice in her head, solidifying her beliefs and her faith.

Now that she wasn't tainted by the evidence of her sin, her grandmother was quick to send her back to Fiore. But Lucrezia didn't seek out her mother immediately. Instead, she chose to find refuge in churches and make herself worthy of her mother's love again. She found herself lingering on concepts that explained the existence of suffering in any religious text she could get her hands on. Just as a morbid fascination with divine justice festered in her, the voice in her head provided justification for her inclinations. She began entertaining the possibility of practising her faith in more radical ways, to extend her aid beyond just the basics. Things started small, as she requested to aid and join the Holy Knights, who often dealt with heretics and criminals.

Overtime, she insidiously found a way to work with those who were sentenced to death. She asked for time with them, to offer them a chance at redemption and mercy. She ensured that her methods still appealed to the victims of the crime. It seemed to be a lucrative and merciful option for the wrongdoer who now got to keep their lives at least till she got to work. Additionally those who suffered at the criminal's hand and got to witness justice being served appropriately without the burden of being responsible for the loss of a life.

However, it troubled Lucrezia that she found some strange joy in serving justice this way. The line between gleaning satisfaction from dishing justice and simply from inflicting pain got blurrier and it compelled her to confess. Perhaps the time was too forgiving and the institution favoured the radical. Perhaps they simply didn't want her to be plagued by this needless guilt... Those around her were too forgiving, they saw her work as nothing more than enacting the will of Illumin in a merciful manner. Any happiness she received was merely a gift from Him to aid her in continuing her noble work.

The voice in her head however, urged her to go on a quest to valiantly seek her own suffering, to find guidance and a larger purpose. To become stronger and to grow so that one day she may succeed in her struggle against her own sinful joy. So, she started her journey yet again, this time in the hopes that she would run into her mother again. Perhaps the lady could help broaden her perspectives.

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