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Visit the Hermit [Quest: Relius, Aegis]

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Visit the Hermit [Quest: Relius, Aegis] Empty Fri Nov 16, 2018 4:17 pm

Relius was stone-faced and silent as he grabbed the parcel of food from Khalash. He was never much of a fan of these kinds of jobs - walk here, go there, deliver this or that; it gave him no peace of mind. He knew there were people out there that might desperately need help, but here he was - a Rune Knight - delivering food on a sunny, windy afternoon because the old man otherwise obligated to see it to its destination had to get his feet caressed for a few hours.

Trying his best to avoid cynicism, Relius let out a deep sigh as he exited the merchant's store just in time to see a bag-carrying gentleman wander in with all sorts of supplies. Relius turned himself inside briefly to look at the clock within the shop.

I suppose it's about that time then.

Moving back outside, he realized how convenient it was that he was to meet his partner on this perilous journey at the same time that the man massaging Khalash's feet was to show up. Timing couldn't have been better, lest Relius would be forced to hear the moans and grunts of an old man having his feet groped.

Hoping his partner was of the punctual sort, he waited outside the magic shop to begin their job, parcel in hand.



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