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Erebus Cassiel

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Name: Erebus Cassiel

Age: 22 - October 31st, X764

Gender: Male

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergan / Fioran

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Mode: Normal

Rank: B-rank

Guild: Midnight Cult

Tattoo: Hand - Red

Face: Kadoc Zemlupus - Fate Grand Order


Height: 6'2

Weight: 160lbs.

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Gold

Overall: Erebus is tall, and tired, matter of fact; he looks dead. As if he's just some average insomniac, with dark circles around his eyes. It's no question he has trouble keeping those things open. The man's hair; while messy and somewhat greasy, actually parts over the side of his face fashionably. The Mage's body lacks a good posture, partly due to the fact one's spirit has long since been missing, not that he hunches over. He just chooses to slump when able, not really caring about his image in the slightest. The soul, long tormented, no longer holds up a body the way it once did. However, even with a lacking posture; the body itself is in great shape. With muscle definition in the right areas. Calves, pectorals, biceps and abdomen. Multiple ear piercings, and a neck piercing would be the first things noticed and identifiable on his person. Perhaps the husk was a fan of them in it's first life. No matter the case, Erebus has chosen to keep them in. He sports a long robe and heavy fur coat over-top it to keep the body warm. In times of battle, the clothing can be abandoned, if demand calls for better gear.


  • Neck piercing
  • Ear Piercings


Personality: Erebus is a mage with little care for the well-being of the living and innocent. He does what he wants, how he wants. The dead man stopped caring about trivial things long ago when he was just a kid. Now he is not even half the punk, trouble-maker he was, but a mercenary force with a background that doesn't really fit his outwardly image. Nonetheless, he doesn't let this slow him down. In fact, he begs for anyone to question his skill. He is not a foe to trifle with unless one seeks to meet the end of their miserable life.

Regarded as a genius all his life by teachers, failing only by circumstance. That's the gist of how Erebus came up before becoming the infamous 'Strategist' for Grimoire Heart. He obtained such a name because of his innate abilities to plot angles and strike true in any challenge he was issued -- and then later, any battle he got down to, he was a master at creating advantage; simply by manipulating outside factors to his bidding. Erebus was every bit the definition of a natural born combatant-- he was even named such by his guild. To tell you truthfully, Erebus Cassiel never had the things other's did growing up, in fact, he had to hurt others to get what they had. Social Darwinism as it was, survival of the fittest. It was this rule that turned him down a path of crimes and syndicate operations.  

While this did, still does, in light of his situations; make him a bully, it speaks mountains that what he is doesn't please him. Or didn't at one time, before he took to the highroad. Erebus is very quick to snark and backtalk. He's not afraid to insult nobility. Erebus Cassiel was at one point generally known to be a womanizer; making moves against girls with lots of confidence. This would often make him the dominant sadist in a relationship, especially if he saw his confidence as a weapon to control someone's emotions. Nowadays, he has stopped caring much about pursuing a sexual life, and chooses to investigate power in others. Working them into his schemes the best he can.

Erebus is remarkably talented and covert with his hands, this is an affinity of his, his natural prestigious ability. The man could pick up on things faster in different people after having only watched them commit to the acts once. This begs the question to them whether he's actually far smarter and clever than first thought. In short, if he hadn't always been smoking and drowning his sorrows behind materialistic things, he could have amassed to be a devastating force. After his death, and his rebirth, Erebus stopped slowing down his progress in that regard. He now fully puts his goals before his impulsive tendencies.

The cultist-to-be holds a heavy resentment, though also respect, for those whom he cannot equate too, unless they pass onto him some of their wisdom; he'll feel robbed. Above most feelings, Erebus is envious, yet collected, often seething and gritting his teeth under the surface if he finds another with the answers he has sought for. The man spent the remainder of his life angry after all-- so such things rubbed off on his general outlook. The only times he is happy are when he's in the presence of pleasurable company, or excelling in the battle itself. See, that's a fact of life he learned to enjoy very early on, if the physical courts were his to command; and the mystical weren't... Then honor must be a joke, ability a joke too, this is a world meant only for the elite in their chosen field. Not all men are born equal. They're just born into different worlds. Surely, his new goal is to dominate physical and magical combat.

Erebus has sworn pursuit of as much power as he can to eradicate Demons and close away the Abyss so that he may never have to return. He has become use to picking up and dropping books on magic. Because of this, he is exceedingly versed in the mechanisms making up one's mana, willpower, and the elemental (as well as) arcane sources in the living world. Despite being incapable of using magic once upon a time, his resurrection has granted him the gift of commanding the magic he once envied so well.

Thanks to the addition to magical control, Erebus now gives himself an edge, as he feels balanced against most oppositions. This confidence falls just under arrogance, it makes him a difficult shell to crack. When fighting opponents, Erebus Cassiel will proceed to mock his chosen target, flank them excessively with a rush of attacks, and fluster or enrage them until he can gain a mental advantage. It's all about one-upping them in a game of mind tricks... The tortured mage can safely say he doesn't lose those very often. After all, he's seen some some scary things and his mind is too far astray as is.

For a villain Erebus carries a deep level of animosity, rage, turmoil; even more than your typical bad guy... It is what gives him the dark, cold, violent nature, that he's known for. His view on mages? Erebus actually carries disdain when he meets them. They were blessed with talents in magical arts. He always hungered for what they had and what he was deprived of. For that the deadman will quickly knock them down below himself in some way, believing them to be bimbos in tight skirts, or run of the mill ungratefuls in a world that he so desperately clings too. Maybe because of that he's always been drawn to Organizations like Grimoire Heart or Phantom Lord. Erebus took to Phantom Lord under the guise of Vance before his death, Vance was his alter ego. From there it was history, he'd eventually fail to harvest souls for the Demons and die by ritual contract. Perhaps some souls are just born dark, and the mage himself falls into that category, he never had a chance in this world. At least... Not the first time.

Thanks to his two years spent being tortured by Yumi's God Malum, Erebus fears demons. He fears death, and is paranoid of being followed by these creatures or being hunted down to return to the morbid afterlife. Turning his attempts to brutally murder innocents, and even more grotesque sins in order to convince himself he has what it takes to defend himself. Erebus is in a race against time mentally, which resurrects his impulsive nature. He will murder faster than he will allow one to speak at him with attitude. This is because he has done nothing except watch himself die in terrible ways billions of times in a special personal hell that Malum oversees. He carries PTSD of the Abyss and is provoked to self-harm if he can't kill when he is reminded of that place. If the pain is physical then at least he can appreciate that it's no where near what he's experienced before.


  • Magic: Erebus hungers for knowledge and seeks to master all magic, now that his body allows it.
  • HER: At the time of writing this, Erebus doesn't know of the being that resurrected him. But in time he'll grow to love her. Worship her... Bring her into the minds of others.


  • The Abyss: Erebus has been the experiment of eternal punishment in the abyss, what was two years in our world, was centuries to him in those trenches. Whatever he saw, frightens and sickens him.
  • Demons: Erebus hates demons because he knows one all too well. Malum. A Demon Lord of untold strength. One of the strongest demon lords living in the Abyss, he was worshiped by Yumi, with enough influence to make humans assume he was a God sitting on a Throne of Skulls.


  • LIVE: Erebus appreciates life even more than he enjoys taking it. He understands what a real hell is like, and murders without hesitation simply to linger in the world of the living. Though condemned and on the run from his contract to the Abyss, Erebus seeks to teach those who follow him to envy life. Because it can be taken in a split second, and that makes it a precious treasure to the infinite souls burning or being twisted in different realms. To enjoy life is humanity's ultimate luxury.


  • Descent to Abyss / Malum: Vance signed a contract for Yumi granting him two magic revolvers that became lost to him, when Vance was dragged to the Abyss for eternal torment, Erebus and Vance were finally joined together mind and body and everything became clear; however Erebus was sentenced for his sins' and for Vance's breach of the dark contract. He fears the torture he's endured, and likewise, Malum himself.
  • Death: Death means instantly returning to the perception of hell you may have. Having been damned to a pseudo hell under Malum, Erebus knows the actual Princes of Hell will put him under similar subjugation as are the ways of Hell. For that reason he clings to life as of the moment.


Magic Name: Ghost Dust

Magic Element: Wind

Magic Description:
 Wind magic with an added flare. Erebus is able to replicate the effects of wind manipulation using his own mana pool, by manipulating his new body's bodily channel. He may release his mana outward in the form of gusts, torrents, and other basic effects simulating forced push or even pull. Because of it's natural ability to create rapid vortex and shapes with applied pressure, it is an effective way to fight on your toes and devise clever ways to sabotage and sting the enemies blind spots. Due to the nature of his abilities, Erebus heavily falls back onto his agility and sleight of hand.
 Due to Erebus having never been capable of magic earlier in life, he is unable to create an invisible wind effect, instead it gives off the effect that it bends light particles surrounding itself. Visually this causes one to witness something akin to thousands of tiny diamonds left scattered into the air that disappear fairly quickly, this aesthetic sidebar effect is benign and grants additional feats, unless one were to be distracted by it's lustrous marvel.



Erebus was born twenty-two years ago, his upbringing wasn't by any means as glamorous as the next, but his story was lengthy. Having started as nothing more than a local kid in the trenches of poverty, no one could guess where he was eventually going to wind up.

Erebus came to get tied up in a string of events concerning vampires, werewolves, and ultimately, to his horror, the demonic... A strategist in this game called life. A character with everything to prove and nothing left to lose, or so he thought.

If we go to square one, you might be interested in learning that he was actually related to heroic families and knights.

Erebus was the only son of female bartender, and an illegitimate son of Boris Sokolov. Sad as it was, he was never going to be known or even accepted into that family. Perhaps that's part of the blame then, for his nature. The boy was related to a great deal of mages and rune knights alike, but because his dad didn't want to believe it, he had to become the opposite. While they aspired to be heroes in stupid fairy tales, he became a syndicate murderer and that's how close he was to being someone great. Someone that would last eternity in a book, a true legend. Yet Erebus was never given that fortunate chance. For the one who came up from the slums, a name meaning Underworld was placed upon him. His mother named him after the bar itself thinking it fitting as that is exactly where she met his father. However, the name like so many other things was a tool to keep him down. He was never meant to be anything, but from a very young age he knew he'd prove them all wrong!

In the beginning, Erebus saw his mother as someone who tried her best. But she'd fail in his eyes, and that meant even further corruption was heading the boy's way. Momma Cassiel was working two jobs to take care of them both for the next five years. But she wasn't just working the bar anymore, she was working the corner. Prostitution plagued a lot of Erebus’ younger life, though he didn’t partake in the extremity. Disgusting men who commit acts on his mother with him in the same room. But... As it was their source of income, his mother ignored her shame.

During the years to come she was with many men, and he'd get two more siblings to be born under him during that time. Their fate even more disgusting than his, born to absolute strangers so she could pay for their shelter. Both of them with different fathers with no idea who's faces they were attached too, yet still the same mom to struggle to raise them on her own. Erebus didn't care if his mother was a whore-- who'd ruined their lives, nor did he care that his own life was ruined in general. But the little girls were different, they needed to live a mostly normal life. How could that be possible the way things were going?

The son left home regularly to take jobs of his own and he was barely ten at the time, but it'd start to change by thirteen. Erebus was fast to learn of the materialistic side-bar habits of a thug. What didn't go towards the home was turned into cigarettes, marijuana, and alcoholic beverages. He learned to pickpocket early and was mentored by older street kids to rob homes and invade buildings for food. Some of these business owners called him a scum bag, but he just wanted some means to cope and some food to eat. Illumin knew he needed something, but Illumin... "God"... Never batted an eye for the streets. The boy came to find that out himself. Momma Cassiel, after realizing her son was putting in quite a bit of work and money for them, however illegal it was. She quit her job at the bar and started seeing men as her full-time job. Allowing Erebus to take over half the bills.

The men brought through their home, that carnal lust that put their family name through the ground, it kept Erebus up at night— very late at night, but honestly, if he dared talk back she'd just make things hard on him so he’d sneak out. After all what rules did he live by? Practically none at all. What couldn't hurt him, was corrupting him. Back then he was still bound to human emotions— but it was slipping; only his sisters mattered anymore. Seeing those girls hurt was like failing to be the big brother he had to be. A light in the dark perhaps came about from leaving home at night. The Deadman met friends who respected him for some of his interesting talents. Erebus was suppose to help them with something important, but couldn't. They stopped being his friend a few months in, too bad. Erebus may have ended up kinder through then and vice versa not becoming the monster he'd later be.

Another blow came the same year, the death of a distant Grandfather who chose to stay away because he couldn’t respect what his daughter was doing. However, Erebus always felt they bonded through their mutual disgust in that act. But now that was all gone.

The boy felt a shadow of morbid reality. He grew even further reclusive, it may be that he never recovered from that depression. Well, he did feel excited for something at least, if just for a second. Grandfather was keen to save up money, and left the world with enough insurance to keep the family wealthy for a few years time, finally a shred of hope to a kid who came from nothing. Again— a hope lost. Just as things started to look good, in light of the bad-- a new character emerged into the life of the Cassiel. A con-artist, who turned Erebus down a route of even more sinister altercations in pursuit of rebellion.

Victor Morgrieve, a mage from Crocus. He was in debt to a mob back in the capitol. And rumor had it, Victor was pimping Erebus's mother back in the day, so of course he saw easy cash in knocking up the mother years later after she made back bank off her father. Perhaps out of fear, or maybe out of false-love, the two got married shortly after reuniting. Not a chance was this real, only three months of being together? Erebus was not having that bullshit.

He was not budging, the smell of this swindle was so loud and obvious, so he tried to fight the guy out of the house, scare him off, but this is where magic truly entered Erebus' life. Unable to manifest it himself, he found a pathetic loss to Victor and was cast out by his mom for attacking the con-man. Magic had always seemed like it could be ignored before. In this world, it definitely couldn't and that was now crystal clear... Magic just wasn't fair to normal people with no affinity-- they were on different playing fields if that entered the subject, and so Erebus became disillusioned by it. Lost and in pitiful anger, he left and never went back. Be damned his sisters too.

Erebus swore he'd kill Victor and envied anyone with a sane mother. But that dark wish for ending their lives only came to fruition in his dreams. His mother was endangering his sisters and ruining their only chances in life, but those facets were no longer Erebus's worries. A new day had dawned on him. He gave up trying to be a hero, and accepted that he was going to be something awful. His emotions died there, and his descent towards power and hungering for it truly rose up.

Erebus became obsessed with the mechanics of magic. For the simple fact he lacked the ability to channel such a thing. He studied it to great lengths in hopes of fighting it off in the future. He came to be known for his abilities after that point. A rogue weapon-master. In the ghettos of Era, the projects if you will, Erebus picked mages off simply to flex that he could. He'd take a few jobs and do what he had to, to sustain himself. Somewhere around that time, it's said he took his first life from another, crunching the fool's esophagus down under his boot. Then the next body came up, and so on. Until it was quite obvious morals had left his being, he was a full blown killer with a penchant for brutal scenes.

This small town monster attracted attention fast, but faster than the Rune Knights could find him, something else did. The force known as Grimoire Heart scooped him into their ranks and he was on the high road to becoming an assassin. The guild that had seemingly managed to 'obliterate' the Etherion Cannon, and he craved feats of similar awe. He was now a recruit, promising he'd rise up and stand out in a number of raids.

High ranking members, Yumi in specific, came to know him quickly. His reason for becoming a pawn to the Organization? He sought to complete himself, a way to become stronger than all mages. He envied their strength. He hated them for it. Erebus found his 'fix' when he was attacked by what he thought was just some rabid dog. However, it was a Werewolf. The curse became the strength he yearned for, and he slaughtered whatever stood in front of his captivating blade.

Time would pass then, and months would feel like days. Erebus had come far. Well-above & beyond his brothers and sisters as a soldier for Arthurias. However, being a bit more cunning than his pupil pawns. Erebus knew he would never stand out here, and that inevitably, Grimoire Heart was going to either go down, or win with him a faceless scout in his ranks. He would never see glory for that, and the strength he'd obtained could have been done twice as fast if he were on his own. Wishing to be freed of his ties. The tattoo placed under his tongue was set off. The seal washed his brain of all memories and he was born anew.

His first encounter after reviving from that spell. Bianca. A beautiful seductive treat, a vampress of Phantom Lord. She sunk her teeth into him, and he poured his affection into her. Erebus, of Grimoire, was long forgotten. She named the Lycan 'Vance' as he had a very vain chance of living; yet he could thrive in her care and so he joined the Phantoms. The two would fall in love, or at least Vance would...

Vance couldn't handle being ignorant of his past though. believing that if he could find his true self, maybe he could do more for the guild. He was happy with Bianca, but he wanted more than just her love. He wanted her respect, and her admiration. The Phantom desired his memories. While no longer envying power, he envied understanding oneself and upon meeting Yumi under this new face, this new name, he was talked into a corner, into her dark deal. A contract with a Demon God. Collect innocent souls with the guns of the future, and you could tear through anyone keeping you at arm's reach from what you desired. He had seen people slaughtered before, Yumi's strength did not scare him in the slightest. He obliged to her deal, but failed to murder, as he was not half as evil as Erebus had been and did not possess the backbone to act on the orders of his deal. He ignored Yumi's calls for aide and company. So Malum, annoyed by the circumstances, ripped Vance from the realm and carried him to the Underworld, his husk turned to ash, his skull scattered into the masses of skeleton heads at Malum's throne. A pentagram of blood was all that remained in his bedroom.

In the Abyss, torture commenced forever. A day was hundreds of years there. So over two years of pure torment, it's believed that Erebus was mentally scarred by thousands, maybe even millions of years worth of torture. Thus he became this void. This murder machine. Paranoid, shackled to that plane, he saw himself die so many times, he warped those thoughts and feelings around and became lost in the infinite seas of blood beneath his circle in the Abyss. Murderous impulse upon him at any given second, he adopted that to his core and it was in turn something he would do to others if he could. He was quite honestly, near becoming something completely inhuman all together. But his soul held on.  In the abyss, he lacked a body, and so his soul took all the damage. Malum would engage awful sadistic experimentation on the 'ethereal heart' of Erebus Cassiel. Because the phantom was freed of his body, both mind and soul were allowed to transition into one, so his memories were returned together along with his carnal rage. The ghost was damned here. But it could feel everything, and it had a craving for escape. Vance, Erebus, both as one became Malum's favorite to hurt. Every waking moment was a prayer to anything out there that could help him.

Unknown to him then and there, he had just been selected for something many times greater than any demon lord's contract. SHE favored Erebus too. Something about him... Stood out, you could say. SHE was the one who would get him out, and his debt to her, was of more than just his life, it was of her's too. In some weird way, they were alike, chained up. But Erebus didn't know a thing about HER or her circumstances yet. Simply, his own, and he had no clue he was about to be freed.

Erebus stayed in his corner of the Abyss. He began to hallucinate, not his typical hallucinations, but something very strange and... Earthly?

He was in a hallway wearing clothes he had never seen, walking towards a door. His hand pulled it open, nausea instantly hit him when it creaked open. He felt like puking, like the worst kind of sickness imaginable turned his bowels upside down. Erebus opened his eyes. Alive, but in total shock of where he was. A body that was not his, standing now in a room, that looked like a bedroom to a Tavern. He could not control newfound desires to rip and tear people apart, instantly craving murder. Guess that's why demons were so violent, being around violence non-stop?... You become it.

He crawled through his stasis of rigormortis to the bedside, learning the shell and all of it’s movements, embracing the husk’s rhythm. He was fairly exhausted, feeling as if he had quite literally hiked through a desert; when in reality, he had simply possessed some body. Erebus noticed the body was dripping blood from its wrists, and a tub of water was running in the background.... So that was it? This person was commuting suicide. And... to his amusement, he had somehow snatched animation away from whoever this body had belonged too. Peculiar.

Erebus stumbles to the bed, and pulled the drawer aside it open to search for a rag or shirt to stop the running blood with. To his surprise, a tape of gauze and bandages were there instead, much better solution to his messy problem. Grinning ear to ear, Erebus looked to the ceiling. He was back in. This time... oh boy, this time... No one would stop his psychotic shenanigans.

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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: Refund
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points:

  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 11
  • Endurance: 11
  • Constitution: 11
  • Intelligence: 78

Other Changes


Erebus Cassiel  5oJEfCBQ_o

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This character application has been approved.

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