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Tainted Spirit [Quest: Hatsuharu]

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#1Akira Shimada 

Tainted Spirit [Quest: Hatsuharu] Empty Wed Oct 31, 2018 11:53 am

Akira Shimada
She woke up in a cold sweat. She sat ramrod straight and gulped, the nausea had returned with a vengeance much like the migraine  which almost promised to break her skull and tear her brain apart. A wince carved itself on her face yet again, her fingers clawed at the side of her arms. Her chest rose and fell in quick succession as she sat there panting. Why did it have to be spirits? she groaned. It called her.

The freaking creature had the temerity to invade her mind while she slept and then had audacity to summon her like she was a pet it owned. It had to just be her imagination right? But it felt so real, so... invasive like an assault. Why would her own brain cause her such discomfort. She reached for the bottle of water by her bedside drawer, unscrewing the cap she drew in a long draft of water hoping to curb the sensations that caused her belly to churn.

It really didn't feel too great to be alone in her room. Her pride battled her fear, and she remained indecisive about going to her partner for help. Fear and anxiety won out though. She slid of the bed and slunk in the corridor padded foot. 'Tsuru?' she called out softly, with a rap at his door.

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After the spirit escaped without bothering to fully reveal its intentions, Haru dragged Akira to the circus show. The show was excellent, at least according to him. He couldn’t really tell if Akira enjoyed it; however, he did realise the second encounter didn’t go as well for her as he thought it did. When the show ended, they finally reached the quarters almost close to midnight and Haru was looking forward to a good night’s sleep, which he obviously did not get.

The spirit haunted him merely moments after he fell asleep, demanding that he immediately come by the river again. Haru had always had weird vivid dreams, but they have mostly been on a coast he doesn’t remember being in, speaking in a language he no longer understood fully. He thought those were fragments of his lost memories. This one, however, was more convincing than the usual. Nevertheless, he brushed it aside as yet another weird dream and was about to go back to sleep. That was, until, he heard the knock on the door.

It was just a whisper, but he could easily recognise the voice. It was his partner. She might be nocturnal, but she never disturbed him at night. So, if she chose to knock on his door in the middle of the night, he reckoned it was something important. Rushing out of the bed and putting a robe on, he opened the door. “What’s wrong?” he asked, concernedly.

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#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
'Er... I had...' she paused, measuring her words. Her hand awkwardly rose to her face as she considered the best way of couching her words. It was rather odd to confide in such a manner, even though she and Tsuru had gotten to know each other very well she couldn't find a way to just say what she needed to, now that his tall form was looming above her standing in the threshold. Sixteen year olds weren't supposed to have nightmares that affected them in such a manner.

She swallowed and teetered opening her mouth and then closing it again. 'Er... I had a nightmare.' she blurted and then bit her lower lip in an attempt to curb her embarrassment at the revelation. She cleared her throat and assumed a braver tone. 'I think it meant something, I just...' she stepped away from him creating a little distance, almost as though the physical distance would somehow aid her in gaining mental clarity.

'I'm just going to go to the river and investigate something...' she muttered as she retreated from the scene she'd created. Without a backward glance she strode on towards the outside of the building. The fresh air was a welcome change, despite its slightly balmy quality. In the distance, she noticed a man approaching the quarters... This late? she wondered, her stance changed to a more guarded one as she waited for the man to get closer.

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Haru’s eyes widened in shock when Akira told him she had a nightmare. “You too?!” he asked. Maybe he spoke a little too loudly or suddenly that his partner took a step back before talking further. She told him it was something about the river and that she wanted to go back there to investigate something. This would be the third time in less than two days that they had to go to the banks to solve this spirit mystery. He was sure it was the same spirit that spoiled his sleep that was behind Akira’s nightmare too. “Wait up! I’m coming too,” he said, but she was already half way across the hallway.

It took him a minute to change out of his night-robes, but he caught up to his partner soon enough. There was another man, who looked like a local Rune Knight, that approached the duo. “You two must be the Lieutenants Dacol told me about. I’m Inspector Nilan,” he said, extending his hand first to Akira and then to Haru for a shake. “I must apologize for the curtness, but the situation is dire. We must hurry. We shall exchange information on our way to the river,” he said, politely pointing towards the river, but his gesture emphasized the urgency.

Haru turned to look at Akira for a moment, nodded and began walking briskly towards the river. On the way, Nilan asked many questions regarding the spirit, all the while checking the notes that Haru remembers seeing on Dacol before.

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#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
She heard him call out, heard him say something about having the same dream, but after their little visit to the circus she wondered if this was his playful way of humouring her and cheering her up... Though his tone didn't exactly sound that way. Perhaps he was just trying to be empathetic. She shook her head and didn't quite put faith in his words, even though if she had given it a little more thought, it'd stack and add up to quite the plausible possibility.

But her mind was failing her, still reeling from the invasion and assault, it was the only place that had never failed her, the only place she'd always felt safe... She wrapped her nightgown tighter over herself, she hadn't even bothered changing. Tsuru's footfall behind her had faded, temporarily before it fell heavy and hard as he caught up. She remained tight lipped while her partner dealt with the Inspector.

Cursory glances towards the fellow Knight revealed a sadness in his eyes, one she was curious about, but was in no state to inquire about it at the moment. She kept pace with the men, in fact leading them on the occasions that they slowed to exchange words. She overheard the conversation to ensure that she was in the folds of the plan and aware of any information exchanged.

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When the three of them finally reached the river, they could see that the spirit they met before had attained a more refined humanoid form. The cyan-auraed boy spirit was on his knees. Seeing how he wasn’t surprised about their presence, it was obvious that he did indeed invade their dreams and summoned them here. The boy pointed towards the river and only then did Haru notice the malevolent looking Tainted Spirit floating over the water. Before there could be any conversation, however, the Tainted Spirit dashed forward to attack the intruders.

Haru thought the spirit would charge straight up to him and he could use his sword to counter; so, he stood his ground. However, when spirit stopped suddenly once it was close enough and cast a beam towards him instead. Having not expected that, it took a moment for his body to react and it seemed as though there was no escaping it. Thankfully, Inspector Nilan was quick on his feet and cast a defensive shield to protect Haru. “Thank you!” he said to Nilan, but didn’t turn away from the spirit. This one was fast and he didn’t wish to divert his attention even for a moment away from it. “Don’t worry about it,” Nilan replied, getting ready to for the battle.

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#7Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Aki sent a scathing look towards the younger boys who sat propped on his knees. He really needed to work on the mechanism he used to communicate, it'd left her drained and less aware than before. If the kid did indeed need their help it really didn't serve well to weaken her in such a manner. She was so focused on staring the humanoid boy down, she didn't even noticed the spirit that loomed by the river. not to mention, she'd let Tsuru and the Inspector take the lead towards the end of the journey, since she wasn't too keen on being the first to greet the spirit that had elicited the nerve-wrecking nightmare.

One couldn't exactly fault her, it looked like a dark plume of smoke and was well camouflaged by the pitch blackness around it. A thick cover of clouds hung over them, effectively obliterating the moonlight. Only the distant and few lights from the lampposts of the town and their fleck-like reflections in the river served to draw attention to the spirit, that was until it swooped towards Tsuru. Usually, her keen instincts would have seen this coming... 'Watch out!' was all she managed, as the inspector defended her partner. She was relieved, but didn't really have the chance to truly experience it.

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The Tainted Spirit was fast, but it wasn’t anything that Haru could cope with once he was on full alert. However, it did have one other trick up its sleeve, which the healer fell into completely. It didn’t occur to him that these were spirits and are completely immune to physical attacks. Since the cyan-coloured boy spirit had done several things that seemed tangible, like knocking them back, he assumed he could land a couple of punches and grapple the spirit down for questioning. And so, he foolishly charged forward, without even brandishing his lightsabre, in an attempt to force the spirit into a fist fight.

He knew the spirit was capable of magical beam attacks. So, he was ready to dodge it and close the distance so that he can end it quickly. However, when he did dodge the second beam and lunge ahead with a punch, his fist simply went through the spirit and he ended up behind it, having dealt no damage. The spirit immediately took the opportunity to hit his back with another beam, which hit its target this time. While the attack stung him a little, it wasn’t anything Haru couldn’t handle. “This things is immune to punches?” he announced, sounding rather dumb.

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#9Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
'Use your freaking sword!' Akira offered, it wasn't her usual mutter either, it was a rather loud suggestion, almost a scream. When engaged in combat, she really didn't want Tsuru to be wasting time in debating his guilt over the weapon. She assumed that was the source of his hesitance, perhaps it was, perhaps it wasn't...

Now was hardly the time to confirm her suspicion, or delve into a dialogue about it. She found herself trudging closer to the boy and the scene of the combat, which instantly intensified the usual headache she experienced when near the kid, it compounded as the spirit charged on. Some how all of Tsuru's attempts at attacking him with his fists didn't work at all.

The dark spirit continued to unleash his bursts of dark beams. Aimed towards the defensive inspector and a few towards Tsuru who was so far being able to dodge them with grace. She could attempt blasting the creature, but Tsuru would get caught up within the effected area. 'Make distance, get your sword out, I'll handle him till then.' she added through grit teeth.

Preparing her spells by balling up her fingers and channelling mana through her arms to the fist. The other hand conjured a light coin and tossed it, not at the spirit, but about a meter beside it, to offer the distraction Tsuru may need. A small explosion of light lit up the scene.

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Haru took his partner’s suggestion. The Tainted Spirit’s attacks weren’t too powerful, but if he keeps taking the damage, it would definitely stack up. So, immediately after he was hit with the beam, the swordsman dashed back, creating a good distance between him and the spirit like Akira wanted. Just as she created a distraction using her small light explosion, Haru pulled the hilt under his belt and activated the lightsabre.

The spirit easily avoided the explosion as it did not cover much area. Haru noticed that Akira was not too shocked about missing, so he reckoned she missed deliberately. He was ready to get back to melee range and give his sword a try. But before he had to risk not dealing any damage again, he figured it would be best to let Akira give it another shot with her magic now that he was out of the way. Dacol looked apologetic about not being able to defend Haru. The healer knew how it felt and made a mental note to tell him not to worry about it, once the fight was over.

When the Tainted Spirit realized the explosion was caused by Akira, it decided to go after her. Turning away from Haru and towards the Lunar mage, the spirit began to charge the beam attack again. He was sure Akira could dodge it too if he could do so easily; after all she was as fast as he was. However, he was still a bit concerned as she seemed a little rattled since the beginning of this spirit business.

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#11Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
When the spirit closed the distance between it and her, Akira clenched her fist again, she couldn't risk attacking with her explosive light anymore since she'd risk hitting herself with it too, timing the attack perfectly so that it'd harm the spirit but give her enough time to leap away was something she hadn't practised or perfected. Attempting such a charade would only cause her to become a burden on the team... So she simply leapt away from the onslaught of beams that he attempted to decimate her with. Unlike Tsuru, who had taken the brunt of one, Akira remained unscathed, but decided to not attack with her magic at all, nodding at Tsuru, hoping he'd catch her eye. It was likely that the magical weapon could destroy the creature, who seemed invulnerable to any physical damage.

She landed in a graceful crouch, far enough for the spirit to have to put effort if it decided her fist still holding onto her spell as she worked on regulating its strength, trying to account for the way everybody was placed. The spirit seemed lazy and chased after the closest target again, which happened to be the defensive inspector. Akira's lips turned downwards rather disdainfully, but swiftly morphed into a thin impassive line again, as Tsuru's sword offered its hopeful glow to the dimly lit area. Come on, Tsuru... she urged in her head. Her magic had the potential to cause a lot more destruction, his sword would be a better option by far.

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With the lightsabre at the ready, Haru was ready to take any opportunity to strike the spirit down after his partner had inflicted some damage. However, Akira didn’t seem inclined to cause any more explosions and instead simply dodged all the attacks the tainted spirit threw at her. He didn’t look away from the spirit for most part, but when he realized his partner was being extremely defensive, his gaze turned towards her and he noticed her nod at him.

Taking that as a cue, the defensive swordsman charged forward at his full speed and slashed at the spirit from behind as it changed its mind and targeted the Inspector. It wasn’t until his hand had already begun the slashing motion that he remembered that the spirit was immune to physical attacks. He couldn’t stop himself from finishing the blow, but he was sure his attack wouldn’t do anything again.

However, surprisingly, his lightsabre made contact with the spirit and dealt serious damage to it. In one wide swing, the weapon left an angry looking bright gash across the spirit and the being screamed in high pitch before it fell down unconscious and begun changing form. Haru looked at his lightsabre with pleasant surprise and turned to Akira to tell her what he just discovered. “This sword is magical! Who would have thought?” he said with a dumb grin, not realizing that would be the first guess of anyone who laid their eyes on it.

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#13Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

Akira let out a sigh of relief when the spirit transformed to a more humanoid form, like the other cyan man. She watched with intrigue the green eyes that stared into nothingness. There was still so much she didn't know about the world. She approached her partner and offered him a pat and a squeeze on his shoulder. 'Looks like we're learning something new everyday.' her voice was soft, but triumphant enough. She turned to a slightly dazed and very grateful looking Inspector Nilan, and smiled reassuringly at him too. Still keeping a wary distance from the boy who sat beside the defeated spirit. 'Thank you all for your help.' he said, and Akira just nodded in acknowledgement, her lips pursed.

At least he used his voice this time and didn't intrude into her mind. He particularly turned towards her. 'I apologise for my methods, if you three would...' the boy's gaze flitted towards the other knights present as he went on. 'I would love to make up for it.' he finished extending his hand towards her first. She shirked and then took a small but visible step back. She couldn't help but avoid proximity. It was the inspector who intervened and decided to go for it first, taking the spirit up on his offer almost keenly... Almost like he feared nothing, like he had nothing to lose.

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Now that there was no longer a threat, Haru deactivated his lightsabre and tucked the hilt back under his belt. Once the tainted spirit reverted to its humanoid form, the resulting figure looked so pained and horrific with its wide-open green eyes and ghost blonde hair. Haru made the mistake of staring at the lifeless eyes for a bit too long, and it creeped him out.

The cyan-auraed spirit seemed a lot calmer now and was no longer exuding the tense pressure he once did. Haru’s headache got significantly better and the boy spirit knelt next to the unconscious tainted spirit. He looked down at his old friend for a moment before turning towards the Rune Knights and apologizing. The spirit then offered to make up for all the trouble he put the three through, but neither Akira nor Haru was willing to brave it. After all, the two times they did come into direct contact with the spirit, they have had really bad nightmares and headaches.

Before the spirit could be offended, however, the Inspector stepped forward and took the offer first. Haru watched the Inspector go into a blissful daze as he touched the spirit. His expressions changed from strained to happy in no time. That made Haru very curious and he decided to give it a try.

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#15Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
'I'm going next, then.' she said, warily eyeing the inspector and Tsuru. She still wasn't too enthusiastic, but something about the whole set up made her want to take the risk before her partner was exposed to it. Given that he had the strange affliction in terms of memories she was a little less keen on letting him experiment with this, in her opinion, ill-mannered spirit. She slid between the enthusiastic looking Tsuru and the humanoid spirit, reluctantly offering her own hand. First, she was still greeted by a light headache, she wondered if this was just her own trait, that her mind was just more armoured and any invasion caused more discomfort to her than it did for others... But it was quickly replaced by warmth and a feeling of contentedness.

It wasn't any particular memory that she found herself revisiting, but a fleeting glance at several. Almost since the moment she was born, she noticed her carefree self, happy in the arms of her mother, laughing... The curious eyes, still bright and not as jaded as they were now. She noticed the spark in them with clarity, in moments she had with the few people she cared for growing up and then... with Tsuru. Blood and heat rose to her cheeks as she abruptly broke contact with the spirit and grew rather tight lipped.

Forgetting momentarily, her reservations about her partner having a go, she just stepped away and decided to strike a conversation with Nilan about his memories, instead of offering any details about her own. She was rather touched about what she learned, while Tsuru had his turn. The inspector also offered her their reward and they got into a conversation about the state of the Knights and his place within the ranks in the past. Just as it seemed Tsuru was getting out of his trance, she decided to up and leave, unwilling to discuss her memories with him....

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Tainted Spirit [Quest: Hatsuharu] Empty Wed Oct 31, 2018 6:21 pm

Haru waited impatiently as Akira decided to go next, and he only got more restless as the Inspector told him the spirit helped him remember his long-forgotten memories. That would come in really hand for Haru considering how he doesn’t remember anything before he arrived at Fiore. He listened to the Inspector’s elated monologue, but was distracted by his own thoughts on what he could be discovering that night about his past. He was so deep within his head that he barely noticed the flushed cheeks of his partner.

When she was done, he immediately jumped on the opportunity and held the spirit’s hand, requesting the boy to remind him of everything that happened before he came to Fiore. The boy smiled at him and nodded before sending a surge of mana through the healer’s body. Unfortunately, however, Haru saw nothing but darkness for several seconds after which all the lovely times he had in Fiore began flashing. He experienced every memory very vividly. Most of it was with Akira, and it lingered longer in those memories where the two had hearty conversations. It made him realize how much the Lunar mage meant to him; something that Fenrir had told him that he should express more.

Lying on the grass under the moon next to her was his most precious memory and it lingered there longer than any other. When he finally came to, he found himself smiling. “I’m sorry. It is as though you have no memories prior to the age of nineteen,” the spirit apologized. “Don’t worry. Whatever I have… I love,” he said, looking at Akira dazedly as she walked away from the scene.

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